People born on July 2, fall under the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer. Cancerians are ruled by the moon. Cancer is a water sign, so the individuals under the influence of the zodiac possess a very emotional personality. They are caring, charitable and spontaneous. The water sign also makes them flexible and pliable. They can adapt when they have to, but prefer to make changes on their own terms. Just as the term water implies, they can be very calming. These individuals are extremely creative and owing to their extraordinary ability reach great heights in their career. They are always supportive towards their family members and friends.

Margot RobbieMargot Robbie
29, Australian
Larry DavidLarry David
72, American

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan
33, American

Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale
34, American

26, American
Rapper, Songwriter

Thurgood MarshallThurgood Marshall
84, American
Former Associate Justice of the United States
Jerry HallJerry Hall
63, American
Model, Actress

Ron GoldmanRon Goldman
25, American
American Waiter

Sir Alec Douglas-HomeAlec Douglas-Home
92, British
Former PM of UK
Alex MorganAlex Morgan
30, American
American Football Player

Imelda MarcosImelda Marcos
90, Filipino
Filipino Politician
Elizabeth ReaserElizabeth Reaser
44, American
Film Actress

Medgar EversMedgar Evers
37, American

Patrice LumumbaPatrice Lumumba
35, Congolese
Political leader

Jenni RiveraJenni Rivera
43, American

Owain YeomanOwain Yeoman
41, British, Welsh
Hermann HesseHermann Hesse
85, Swiss, German

Kim Go-eunKim Go-eun
28, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Erin BurnettErin Burnett
43, American
News Anchor

Joe ThorntonJoe Thornton
40, Canadian
Ice Hockey Player
Michelle BranchMichelle Branch
36, American

Shirley SetiaShirley Setia
26, Indian
Kathryn ErbeKathryn Erbe
53, American

Olav V of NorwayOlav V of Norway
87, Norwegian
Former King of Norway

Thomas CranmerThomas Cranmer
66, British
First Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury
Stephen KayStephen Kay
56, American

Hans-Ulrich RudelHans-Ulrich Rudel
66, German
Ron SilverRon Silver
62, American

Yancy ButlerYancy Butler
49, American

Carlos Saúl MenemCarlos Menem
89, Argentinian
Former President of Argentina
Hans BetheHans Bethe
98, American

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Christoph Willibald GluckChristoph Willibald Gluck
73, German
Barbara DunkelmanBarbara Dunkelman
30, Canadian
Voice Actress, Internet Personality

Chris HuhneChris Huhne
65, British
Former Journalist, Politician

Wisława SzymborskaWisława Szymborska
88, Polish
Nobel Laureate in Literature

William SingeWilliam Singe
27, Australian
William Henry BraggWilliam Henry Bragg
79, British
Nobel Prize Winner in Physics
Caitlin CarmichaelCaitlin Carmichael
15, American

Richard AxelRichard Axel
73, American

Ruth BerheRuth Berhe
24, Canadian
Singer, Songwriter

Georgi IvanovGeorgi Ivanov
79, Bulgarian
Mikey BaroneMikey Barone
20, American
YouTuber, Instagram Star

Dave ThomasDave Thomas
69, American
American businessman

Reese HatalaReese Hatala
13, Canadian
Dancer, YouTube Personality

Sulivan GwedSulivan Gwed
19, French
Social Media Personality and Instagram Star

Andre KerteszAndre Kertesz
91, Hungarian
Presley GerberPresley Gerber
20, American

Sebastian OlzanskiSebastian Olzanski
20, Argentinian
Pop Singer
18, American
Instagram Star

24, Canadian
YouTube Star

Christopher FoltzChristopher Foltz
30, American
Corie RayvonCorie Rayvon
23, American
YouTube Star

Kelly Rebecca NicholsKelly Rebecca Nichols
51, American
Animal Rights Activist
Ashley TisdaleAshley Tisdale
34, American
Singer, Model, Singer-songwriter, Composer, Voice

Bret HartBret Hart
62, Canadian, American
WWE Wrestlers

Peter KayPeter Kay
46, British
Comedian, Actor, Screenwriter

Johnny WeirJohnny Weir
35, American
Figure Skater

Elise StefanikElise Stefanik
35, American
Saul RubinekSaul Rubinek
71, Canadian

51, Indian

Ken CurtisKen Curtis
74, American

Richard PettyRichard Petty
82, American
NASCAR team owner, Racecar driver, Politician
Andrea YatesAndrea Yates
55, American

Polly HollidayPolly Holliday
82, American
Kenneth ClarkeKenneth Clarke
79, British

Vince StaplesVince Staples
26, American
Rapper, Singer

Vicente FoxVicente Fox
77, Mexican
Politician, Economist
Peter PopoffPeter Popoff
73, German, American

Keith MorrisonKeith Morrison
72, American
Katie TaylorKatie Taylor
33, Irish

Brock PetersBrock Peters
78, American

Carl FrochCarl Froch
42, British
Wendy SchaalWendy Schaal
65, American

Ryan SerhantRyan Serhant
35, American
Real Estate Entrepreneur
Mark KermodeMark Kermode
56, British
Television presenter, Musician, Journalist

Pierre CardinPierre Cardin
97, French, Italian
Grand couturier

Jimmy McNicholJimmy McNichol
58, American
Actor, Singer

Joe PhilbinJoe Philbin
58, American
American football coach
Anthony McAuliffeAnthony McAuliffe
77, American
Military Leader
Scott AukermanScott Aukerman
49, American

David OwenDavid Owen
81, British, Welsh
politician, physician

Ahmad JamalAhmad Jamal
89, American
Pianist, Composer, Jazz musician

Mohammed AzizMohammed Aziz
65, Indian
Christian von KoenigseggChristian von Koenigsegg
47, Swedish

Kelly EmbergKelly Emberg
60, American

Murry WilsonMurry Wilson
55, American
Musician, Pianist, Songwriter, Record producer,

Lee Chung-yongLee Chung-yong
31, South Korean
South Korean footballer

Andrew DivoffAndrew Divoff
64, Venezuelan
Actor, Stunt performer
Monie LoveMonie Love
49, British
Musician, Radio personality

Muhammad AsadMuhammad Asad
91, Ukrainian
Valentinian IIIValentinian III
35, Italian

Tom SpringfieldTom Springfield
85, British
Musician, Songwriter, Record producer
Clark KelloggClark Kellogg
58, American
Basketball player, Sports commentator
Esteban GraneroEsteban Granero
32, Spanish
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On July 2nd

People born on 2nd of July are determined, focused and very loving. They have a creative streak that is coupled with a somewhat psychic awareness and lots of cerebral vigor. They are generally warm, sympathetic and accommodating with a sensible approach towards life. Being very sensitive, they sometimes erect a wall around their emotions and can react strongly to any form of injustice. Individuals born on July 2 are good at self-analysis, though they may be a little lacking in confidence. They do not like to burden others with their problems, as they usually keep their anxieties hidden. By the time they reach middle-age, they usually loosen up and become more open and unperturbed.

Those born on this day have a good sense of humor and tend to take care of themselves and therefore are rarely ill. They are unlikely to develop and manifest the same weight and dietary problems that are prevalent in other Cancerians. Although a serious physical exercise is always advisable, if they have a sedentary job. In addition to exercise, they must resist their love for sweets to improve and maintain vitality. July 2nd natives should confide more with others about their problems for the wellbeing of their health and to get rid of stress.

Individuals born on July 2 have a habit of spending sensibly, so they rarely come across financial issues. Their responsible financial attitude helps them prepare for unforeseen future events. Their high intellect and skill in analysis in general enables their great business sense.

Natives of July 2nd, have several career options. They have the right instincts for management and other positions of power. They are also great entertainers others and are blessed with an original outlook.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Cancerians born on the 2nd of July believe in a sharing and loving relationship. Their need for emotional and material security makes them take their relationships seriously. They usually possess gentle temperaments, however, at times they are prone to moodiness, but they are always willing to overcome problems and provide comfort and affection to their partner. They thrive in a calm, close and comfy family setting. They need a long term commitment to tempt their heart. They can be slightly oversensitive and can easily forgive and are eager to forget. They are sentimental, tender and wear their emotions on their sleeves at times. They make good parent but at times can be extremely anxious.

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