Persons born on January 7, fall under Capricorn, the 10th sign of the zodiac. The symbol of this sun sign is goat. Like the goat, Capricorns persevere against difficult situations and are patient and reserved. They tend to be conservative while always pursuing success. Respect and accomplishment in their careers are very important to them. Saturn is the ruling planet, and since this is a karmic planet, Capricorns know that everything has a price. Born during the winters, things may be difficult for them at times. Black onyx and jet are lucky gems. The most compatible sun signs are Taurus and Virgo while incompatible signs are Aries, Cancer and Libra.

Jeremy RennerJeremy Renner
49, American
Nicolas CageNicolas Cage
56, American
Actor, Producer

Lewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton
35, British
Formula One Driver

Eden HazardEden Hazard
29, Belgian

Carolyn Bessette-KennedyCarolyn Bessette-Kennedy
33, American

Lauren CohanLauren Cohan
38, British, American
Robert SheehanRobert Sheehan
32, Irish

Millard FillmoreMillard Fillmore
74, American
President of the U.S.A

Rand PaulRand Paul
57, American
US Senator

Linda KozlowskiLinda Kozlowski
62, American
Katie CouricKatie Couric
63, American

Gerald DurrellGerald Durrell
70, British
Naturalist, Conservationist
Vybz KartelVybz Kartel
44, Jamaican

Zora Neale HurstonZora Neale Hurston
69, American
Folklorist, Anthropologist

Lyndsy FonsecaLyndsy Fonseca
33, American
Bernadette SoubirousBernadette Soubirous
35, French

Essie DavisEssie Davis
50, Australian
Jeff RichmondJeff Richmond
59, American
Composer, Director

Sammo HungSammo Hung
68, Hong Konger

Juan GabrielJuan Gabriel
66, Mexican
Dagen McDowellDagen McDowell
51, American
News Anchor

Joseph BonaparteJoseph Bonaparte
76, French, Italian
King of Naples and Sicily
Max RiemeltMax Riemelt
36, German

Raila OdingaRaila Odinga
75, Kenyan
Former Prime Minister of Kenya

Francis PoulencFrancis Poulenc
64, French

Sofia WylieSofia Wylie
16, American
Actress, Dancer
32, Dutch
Kierston WareingKierston Wareing
44, British

Blue Ivy CarterBlue Ivy Carter
8, American
Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s Daughter

Craig ThompsonCraig Thompson
25, British
YouTube Star, Gamer

34, American
Samuel Chao Chung TingSamuel C. C. Ting
84, American

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Weston KouryWeston Koury
18, American
YouNow Star

Donna RiceDonna Rice
62, American

John E. WalkerJohn E. Walker
79, British

Judith BelushiJudith Belushi
69, American
Wife of Late John Belushi
Lauren CurtisLauren Curtis
27, Australian
YouTuber, Beauty Vlogger

Ivan MoodyIvan Moody
40, American
Emily SkyeEmily Skye
35, Australian
Model, Fitness Trainer

Mia DinotoMia Dinoto
17, American

MK CooperMK Cooper
18, American
YouTubers, TikTok ( Star
35, American
YouTuber Gamer

Ryder RobinsonRyder Robinson
16, American
Kate Hudson's Son
Ron RiveraRon Rivera
58, American
American football player

Haley BennettHaley Bennett
32, American

Israel KeyesIsrael Keyes
34, American
American serial killer

Ruth NeggaRuth Negga
38, Ethiopian, Irish

Bipasha BasuBipasha Basu
41, Indian
actor, model, film actor
Johnny LeverJohnny Lever
70, Indian

Supriya PathakSupriya Pathak
59, Indian

Dustin DiamondDustin Diamond
43, American

Kenny LogginsKenny Loggins
72, American
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Composer
David CarusoDavid Caruso
64, American
Actor, Entrepreneur, Television actor

Nick CleggNick Clegg
53, British
Caster SemenyaCaster Semenya
29, South African
Middle-distance runner

Christian LouboutinChristian Louboutin
56, French

Michael SamMichael Sam
30, American
American football player
Reena RoyReena Roy
63, Indian

Erin GrayErin Gray
70, American
Jan OblakJan Oblak
27, Slovenian
Association football player

Aloe BlaccAloe Blacc
41, American
Singer-songwriter, Musician, Artivist, Singer

Mohammad Javad ZarifMohammad Javad Zarif
Diplomat, Politician
Mike McGearMike McGear
76, British

Brett DaltonBrett Dalton
37, American
Charles AddamsCharles Addams
76, American
Draughtsperson, Illustrator, Artist, Painter,

David YostDavid Yost
51, American

Kevin RahmKevin Rahm
49, American

Arnold RidleyArnold Ridley
88, British
William Peter BlattyWilliam Peter Blatty
89, American
Camryn GrimesCamryn Grimes
30, American

Andrew CockburnAndrew Cockburn
73, American

Corrie SandersCorrie Sanders
46, South African

John ThuneJohn Thune
59, American
Political Leader
Davide AstoriDavide Astori
33, Italian
Association football player

Sadako SasakiSadako Sasaki
12, Japanese

Tosin AbasiTosin Abasi
37, American

Andy BurnhamAndy Burnham
50, British

Jann WennerJann Wenner
74, American
Donald BrashearDonald Brashear
48, Canadian, American
Ice hockey player

Liam AikenLiam Aiken
30, American
Albert BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt
72, German, American

John RichJohn Rich
46, American

Ludwig III of BavariaLudwig III of Bavaria
76, German
Clint MansellClint Mansell
57, British
Composer, Guitarist, Film score composer

Alfonso SorianoAlfonso Soriano
44, Dominican
Baseball player
Adolph ZukorAdolph Zukor
44, American
Film producer

Roberto PereyraRoberto Pereyra
29, Argentinian
Association football player

Krishna BharatKrishna Bharat
50, American
computer scientist, engineer

Johann Philipp ReisJohann Philipp Reis
40, German
Physicist, Inventor
Pope Gregory XIIIPope Gregory XIII
83, Italian

Natalie GulbisNatalie Gulbis
37, American
Model, Golfer
Isaac SuccessIsaac Success
24, Nigerian
Nigerian footballer

Shobhaa DeShobhaa De
72, Indian
Journalist, Writer, Socialite, Model
Israel PutnamIsrael Putnam
72, American
Army General

Ivan GlasenbergIvan Glasenberg
63, South African
entrepreneur, entrepreneur
Jeje LalpekhluaJeje Lalpekhlua
29, Indian
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 7th

Capricorns born on January 7 are strong-willed, perceptive and have a strong sense of direction. Since the planet of Neptune rules this date of birth, it gives those born on this day a bit of psychic ability. They display intuitive qualities with a good understanding of other people. Loyalty to friends is very important to them and they never take their promises lightly. They are sociable but value their time alone and are very independent. At times, they can be emotionally cold and detached and only reveal their true feelings to those with whom they are very close. They are cautious with their emotions as they are sensitive and susceptible to pain.

Those born on January 7 generally enjoy good health. However, their sensitive body chemistries are easily upset when problems arise. They tend to suffer from indigestion and are very sensitive to artificial depressants and stimulants. If anything is bothering them, they will have trouble sleeping well and will become tired and may balance in life. They need to resolve worries and difficult situations as quickly as possible to maintain their health. Adequate rest is very important for their physical and mental equilibrium.

Those with January 7th are not materialistic. They are more interested in gaining knowledge than stockpiling money. Their goal is to have a meaningful purpose in life. People and issues are more important to them than wealth, although they are good money managers and are always willing to work harder if extra income is needed.

Professions that require creative minds would be good career choices for persons born on January 7. However, their sensitivities to criticism might steer them away from the creative arts and may affect their output. They understand people and work well with others whether in a position of authority or in a more subservient role.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
Capricorns born on January 7 have a wide circle of friends but can be very reserved when it comes to forming close relationships. They are not easily accessible and are quite shy at times. Their personal space and times of solitude are very important to them. However, once they form close relationships, they are very loving and passionate. They have an idealistic view of love and will seek partners who share their intellect and views of the world. They are very nurturing and loving as parents and bring out the creative and imaginative side of their children.

Lucky Colors: Brown, Black & Indigo
Lucky Numbers: 1 & 2
Lucky Days (of the Month): 7th & 8th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday & Monday