People born on January 28th constantly need to be the center of attention and need to have adventure, thrills and creativity in their lives for a sense of fulfillment. They are happy-go-lucky people but at times; try really hard to be noticed or to stand out in a crowd. They open up to people who are on the same wavelength and who are charming. These people are strong-willed and determine to go the extra mile to make it big; be it their career or in their personal lives. They are also very realistic about their own capabilities and avoid unnecessary day-dreaming. They are always striving for perfection and maintain a positive outlook towards life.

Henry VIIHenry VII of England
52, British
King of England
Rick RossRick Ross
43, American
Rapper, Songwriter

J. Cole J. Cole
34, German, American
Rapper, Record Producer, Singer-Songwriter

Elijah WoodElijah Wood
38, American

Alan AldaAlan Alda
83, American

Gianluigi BuffonGianluigi Buffon
41, Italian
Ariel WinterAriel Winter
21, American

Will PoulterWill Poulter
26, British

Camila AlvesCamila Alves
37, Brazilian, American

Carlos SlimCarlos Slim
79, Mexican
Thomas AquinasThomas Aquinas
49, Italian
Philosophers, Theologian

Gregg PopovichGregg Popovich
70, American
Basketball Coach
Jackson PollockJackson Pollock
44, American

Calum WorthyCalum Worthy
28, Canadian
Actor, Writer, Producer

Sarah McLachlanSarah McLachlan
51, Canadian
41, Irish
Professional Wrestler

51, American
Rapper, Songwriter, Singer
Nicolas SarkozyNicolas Sarkozy
64, French

Jessica Ennis-HillJessica Ennis-Hill
33, British
Track & Field Athlete

Lala Lajpat RaiLala Lajpat Rai
63, Indian
Freedom Fighter
81, French

Barbi BentonBarbi Benton
69, American
Former Girlfriend of Hugh Hefner
John BannerJohn Banner
63, American

Kathryn MorrisKathryn Morris
50, American

Alexandra KrosneyAlexandra Krosney
31, American

Charles George GordonCharles George Gordon
51, British
British soldier and Administrator
Rick WarrenRick Warren
65, American
Henry Morton StanleyHenry Morton Stanley
63, British, American, Welsh

Lee Yoo-riLee Yoo-ri
39, South Korean

Ty OlssonTy Olsson
45, Canadian

Marcus DobreMarcus Dobre
20, American
25, Colombian

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Alex HayesAlex Hayes
21, Australian
Instagram Star, YouTuber

Harvey CantwellHarvey Cantwell
20, British

Nick CarterNick Carter
39, American

Alyssa BustamanteAlyssa Bustamante
25, American
Adelaine MorinAdelaine Morin
21, Canadian
Youtube Star

Robert W HolleyRobert W. Holley
71, American
Jose MartiJose Marti
42, Cuban

Lucas DobreLucas Dobre
20, American
Vine sensation

Charles TaylorCharles Taylor
71, Liberian
Former President of Liberia
Misa CampoMisa Campo
31, Canadian
Import Model

Ashley PurdyAshley Purdy
35, American
Chandler CrockettChandler Crockett
18, American

22, American

Peyton CoffeePeyton Coffee
15, American
TikTok Star

That Girl Lay LayThat Girl Lay Lay
12, American

Shruti HaasanShruti Haasan
33, Indian
Actor, Singer, Composer, Model
Joey FatoneJoey Fatone
42, American
musician, singer, actor

Andre IguodalaAndre Iguodala
35, American
Basketball player

Roman KempRoman Kemp
26, British, American
Radio host

Jamie CarragherJamie Carragher
41, British
Association football player
Freddie GibbsFreddie Gibbs
37, American
rapper, singer

Frank DarabontFrank Darabont
60, French
Film director
Hiroshi KamiyaHiroshi Kamiya
44, Japanese
Voice actor

Siem de JongSiem de Jong
Association football player

Daunte CulpepperDaunte Culpepper
42, American
American Football Player
Emperor Taizong of TangEmperor Taizong of Tang
51, Chinese
Emperor of China

Jeanne ShaheenJeanne Shaheen
72, American
Political Leader
Patrice MotsepePatrice Motsepe
57, South African
Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Sam PhillipsSam Phillips
57, American

Lee InglebyLee Ingleby
43, British
Marthe KellerMarthe Keller
74, Swiss
Actor, Stage actor, Singer

Arthur RubinsteinArthur Rubinstein
95, American
Classical pianist
Robert WyattRobert Wyatt
Drummer, Singer

Takuma SatoTakuma Sato
42, Japanese
Racecar driver

Mo RoccaMo Rocca
50, American

Claes OldenburgClaes Oldenburg
90, Swedish, American
Artist, Sculptor, Painter, Graphic artist
Frederick VI of DenmarkFrederick VI of Denmark
71, Norwegian
Sister SouljahSister Souljah
56, American

Acker BilkAcker Bilk
85, British
Clarinetist, Jazz musician

Ismail KadareIsmail Kadare
83, Albanian
Novelist, poet, essayist

Suman KalyanpurSuman Kalyanpur
82, Indian
Actor, Singer, Composer
Nabih BerriNabih Berri
81, Lebanese

Auguste PiccardAuguste Piccard
78, Swiss
Physicist, Explorer, Balloonist, Privatdozent,

Tim FlanneryTim Flannery
63, Australian
Biologist, Paleontologist, Zoologist,

Lionel CrabbLionel Crabb
47, British
Military personnel

Rosalía MeraRosalía Mera
69, Spanish
Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Raja RamannaRaja Ramanna
79, Indian
Physicist, Politician

George Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of AberdeenGeorge Hamilton-Gordon, 4th Earl of Aberdeen
76, British
Former British Prime Minister
John TavenerJohn Tavener
69, British
Composer, Poet, Musician

Dan SpitzDan Spitz
56, American
Musician, Guitarist

Mustafa IIIMustafa III
56, Turkish
Vsevolod MeyerholdVsevolod Meyerhold
66, Russian
actor, theatre director, playwright

Loren LegardaLoren Legarda
59, Filipino
Journalist, Reporter, Presenter, Model, Activist
Ronnie ScottRonnie Scott
69, British
Jazz musician, Saxophonist

Dick TaylorDick Taylor
76, British
Guitarist, Bassist, Songwriter, Record producer

Ali BoulalaAli Boulala
40, Swedish

Arnaldur IndriðasonArnaldur Indriðason
58, Icelander
Suehiro MaruoSuehiro Maruo
63, Japanese
Artist, Illustrator, Mangaka, Painter

Anthony HamiltonAnthony Hamilton
48, American
Sergio AraujoSergio Araujo
27, Argentinian
Association football player

Hiroshi TeshigaharaHiroshi Teshigahara
74, Japanese
Film director, Sculptor, Potter
Johannes HeveliusJohannes Hevelius
76, German, Polish
Astronomer, Entrepreneur, Cartographer

Safee SaliSafee Sali
35, Malaysian
Association football player
Władysław RaczkiewiczWładysław Raczkiewicz
62, Polish
Politician, Jurist, Lawyer

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 28th

The people born on January 28th are under the influence of the ‘Sun’, attributing to their fiery personality, their innovative thinking and their high spirit. Having the sun dominating their lives also means that these individuals are extremely warm and compassionate towards others, but can also be rather blunt, short-tempered or gauche. They need to be reassured that they are important for their friends and their loved ones, which can make them look extremely ‘needy’ or ‘demanding’ at times.

People born on the 28th of January are known for maintaining their health from very early on in life and rarely face any major illnesses. However, they are easily stressed out and are easily bogged down by emotions, which they need to learn to control and sort, in order to eradicate all problems from their life.

People with this birthdate find that they can earn good money in their lives but could also find themselves in a situation where they might have income fluctuations for a number of reasons. These people are always in a rush to spend their money and need to be told time and again to save in order to have a steady flow of income in the house.

The natives of this birthdate find that they do well in creative or intellectual professions pertaining to languages, the sciences or even mathematical professions. They are extremely realistic about their careers and at times, even find that music-related professions are rewarding. These people are also known to change their careers frequently.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
As lovers, these individuals put themselves in the forefront which could be a ‘death knell’ for a perfect relationship. Although some tend to put themselves ahead of their partners, there are others who get overtly emotional in a relationship and can be quite demanding of attention. These people usually regard their lovers as friends and love spontaneity in a relationship. As parents, they are extremely gentle and protective towards their children.

Lucky Colors:  Sky blue, Gold, Copper
Lucky Numbers: 1, 2
Lucky Days (of the Month): 1st and 2nd
Lucky Days (of the Week):  Saturday and Sunday