People born on February 1 are enthusiastic and optimistic about their future. They have a strong-minded spirit, as do most people born under the sign of Aquarius. Astrologically, the Sun rules this day; this means those born on February 1 are quite passionate, while at the same time honest. These Aquarians take a strong stance against dishonesty and deception because they are born humanitarians. They are intuitive and creative by nature. Although those born on this day can be a bit unruly and disobedient, they are also very respectful and hold high values. These individuals are forthcoming, confident, yet humble. Relying on their logical sense and sharp instinct is what helps them find their way towards the future.

Brandon LeeBrandon Lee
28, American
Ronda RouseyRonda Rousey
32, American
Professional wrestler

Harry StylesHarry Styles
25, British

Lisa Marie PresleyLisa Marie Presley
51, American

Clark GableClark Gable
59, American

Lauren ConradLauren Conrad
33, American
Reality TV Personality
Michael C. HallMichael C. Hall
48, American

Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass
77, American
American orator

Rick JamesRick James
56, American

Boris YeltsinBoris Yeltsin
76, Russian
Princess Stéphanie of MonacoPrincess Stéphanie of Monaco
54, Monacan
Model, Singer

Sherilyn FennSherilyn Fenn
54, American
Langston HughesLangston Hughes
65, American
Poet, Novelist, Playwright, & Columnist

Lee Thompson YoungLee Thompson Young
29, American

Gabriel BatistutaGabriel Batistuta
50, Argentinian
Retired Argentine Footballer
Hussain Muhammad ErshadHussain Muhammad Ershad
89, Bangladeshi
Former President of Bangladesh

Linus RoacheLinus Roache
55, British
John FordJohn Ford
79, American
Film Director & Producer

Joy ManganoJoy Mangano
63, American

Heather MorrisHeather Morris
32, American
Garrett MorrisGarrett Morris
82, American

Hynden WalchHynden Walch
48, American
John NapierJohn Napier
67, Scottish
Inventor of Logarithms

20, British
Youtube Star

Jessica SavitchJessica Savitch
36, American
News Anchor

Shelby ChongShelby Chong
71, American
Bibi BeschBibi Besch
54, Austrian, American
Nisrina SbiaNisrina Sbia
20, Dutch
Instagram Model

Susan PompeoSusan Pompeo
54, American
Wife of Mike Pompeo

Meg CabotMeg Cabot
52, American
American author

Melia McEneryMelia McEnery
43, American
Eric Clapton’s Wife
Leymah GboweeLeymah Gbowee
47, Liberian
Peace activist

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Anastasio Somoza GarcíaAnastasio Somoza García
60, Nicaraguan
President of Nicaragua

Richard WiskerRichard Wisker
24, British
Actor, Singer

Paris SmithParis Smith
19, American
Actress, Singer

Stormi WebsterStormi Webster
1, American
Kylie Jenner's Daughter
Jacob RoggeveenJacob Roggeveen
69, Dutch
Explorer who discovered Easter Island

Alex ClarkAlex Clark
34, American
YouTube Star
Rahart AdamsRahart Adams
23, Australian

Myles TruittMyles Truitt
17, American
TV Actor

Alejandro SilvaAlejandro Silva
17, American
TikTok ( Star
Danny BlakeDanny Blake
19, American
TikTok ( Star

Marina JoyceMarina Joyce
22, British
Justin Drew BlakeJustin Drew Blake
19, American
TikTok ( Star, YouTuber, YouNower

Landon CubeLandon Cube
21, American
Singer, Music Producer

Noah JacobNoah Jacob
18, American
Youtube Star

Jackie ShroffJackie Shroff
62, Indian

Sherman HemsleySherman Hemsley
74, American
American actor
Pauly ShorePauly Shore
51, American
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Musician,

Jason IsbellJason Isbell
40, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer

Terry JonesTerry Jones
77, British
Actor, Comedian, Film director, Screenwriter,

Shoaib MalikShoaib Malik
37, Australian
Big BoiBig Boi
44, American
Musician, Disc jockey, Composer, Rapper, Singer,

Andrew UptonAndrew Upton
53, Australian
Film director, Screenwriter, Librettist
Matt LattanziMatt Lattanzi
60, American

Takashi MurakamiTakashi Murakami
57, Japanese
Sculptor, Painter, Artist, Film director

27, Japanese
Ajay JadejaAjay Jadeja
48, Indian

Andrew BreitbartAndrew Breitbart
43, American
Bill MumyBill Mumy
65, American

Rachelle LefevreRachelle Lefevre
40, Canadian
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Jani LaneJani Lane
47, American
Brian KrauseBrian Krause
50, American

Rutina WesleyRutina Wesley
40, American
American film actress
Exene CervenkaExene Cervenka
63, American

Giuseppe RossiGiuseppe Rossi
32, Italian, American
Association football player

Darren FletcherDarren Fletcher
35, British
Association football player

Stuart WhitmanStuart Whitman
91, American
Actor, Television actor
Edward CokeEdward Coke
82, British
politician, judge, barrister, lawyer
Tony Leung Ka-faiTony Leung Ka-fai

Graeme SmithGraeme Smith
38, South African

Laura MarlingLaura Marling
29, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer

Valentín ElizaldeValentín Elizalde
24, Mexican
25, Brazilian
Association football player

Tego CalderónTego Calderón
47, American
Musician, Singer

Costel PantilimonCostel Pantilimon
32, Romanian
Association football player

Sara Malakul LaneSara Malakul Lane
37, Guamanian, Thai, British

Thomas ColeThomas Cole
47, British, American
Claude FrançoisClaude François
39, Egyptian, French
Singer, Music executive, Composer, Songwriter

Andrew KehoeAndrew Kehoe
55, American
Spree killer
G. Stanley HallG. Stanley Hall
80, American
Psychologist, Science writer

Frank BucklesFrank Buckles
80, American
Military personnel

Ben WeiderBen Weider
85, Canadian
Aino KishiAino Kishi
31, Japanese
AV idol, Glamor model

Joe SampleJoe Sample
75, American
Pianist, Jazz musician
Alfreð FinnbogasonAlfreð Finnbogason
30, Icelander
Icelandic footballer

Renata TebaldiRenata Tebaldi
82, Italian
Singer, Opera singer

Yevgeny ZamyatinYevgeny Zamyatin
53, French

Louis St. LaurentLouis St. Laurent
91, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Mike BrantMike Brant
28, French

Delwar Hossain SayeediDelwar Hossain Sayeedi
79, Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi Politician
Christian ZiegeChristian Ziege
47, German
Association football player

Hugo von HofmannsthalHugo von Hofmannsthal
55, Austrian
Novelist, Librettist, Poet, Playwright, Writer,
Roger Y. TsienRoger Y. Tsien
64, American

Mark RecchiMark Recchi
51, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Ion Luca CaragialeIon Luca Caragiale
60, Romanian
linguist, poet, writer, journalist, playwright

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 1st

People born on this day are ruled by the Sun and are also influenced by the Uranus. These two heavenly entities combine to formulate unparalleled characteristics and innovative thinking. Individuals born on this particular day are trustworthy, determined, and have great instincts. This makes for an optimistic and positive advancement in life. Patience is not a virtue for those born on first of February. It would be of great benefit, if they can practice patience and take it slow with important life decisions. It would be wise for those born on February 1 to put time into getting to know themselves, especially since they have taken time to get to know others so well. People born on this day have the uncanny gift of attracting success so they should make the most of it.

Unfortunately, health is not a priority for Aquarians. They are not fans of seeing their doctors on a regular basis because they prefer to “listen” to their body. Practicing some type of yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises would help tremendously because less stress with more relaxation would help balance their emotional state.

People born on this day are not very good at managing their finances. Their attitude towards money is often impulsive; they have expensive tastes and enjoy splurging. Often, their money goes towards purchasing gifts for their family. They also love to buy things for the household.

These people love to be in active jobs and careers. They seek jobs that require fast reaction, such as firefighting, ambulance work, or perhaps a career as a physician. They may not do well in daily routine and redundant jobs because they prefer constant change and transition.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
People born on this day find those with similar intellect quite attractive. They tend to be faithful and quite dependable, and hence make for a very strong and successful relationship. They communicate openly in their relationships and thrive in those relationships that allow them to be themselves. If their significant others give them love, appreciation and respect, these Aquarians will be very happy, loyal and loving companions.

Lucky Colors: Orange, Lavender/Lilac, Aqua
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3
Lucky Days(of the week): Saturday, Sunday
Lucky Days(of the month): 1st, 3rd