February 15 individuals tend to be creative and have an intuitive business sense. These individuals have the ability to overcome obstacles quickly with a touch of charisma. Even if they find themselves in situations where they come off as too trusting of others, they understand the importance of self-expression and individuality. They know how to communicate ideas with style. They embrace life to its fullest and constantly find ways to reinvent themselves. A trait that makes them stand out is that they thrive on the unexpected surprises in life.

Megan Thee StallionMegan Thee Stallion
24, American
Chris FarleyChris Farley
33, American

Galileo GalileiGalileo Galilei
77, Italian
Astronomer, Mathematician, Philosopher, Rebel

Griselda BlancoGriselda Blanco
69, Colombian
Drug Trafficker

Jane SeymourJane Seymour
68, British

Harvey KormanHarvey Korman
81, American
Louis XV of FranceLouis XV of France
64, French
King of France

Robert HansenRobert Hansen
75, American
Serial Killer

Matt GroeningMatt Groening
65, American
Cartoonist, Animator

John BarrymoreJohn Barrymore
60, American
Adam GranducielAdam Granduciel
40, American

Susan B. AnthonySusan B. Anthony
86, American
Women’s Rights Activist
Jeremy BenthamJeremy Bentham
84, British

Janice DickinsonJanice Dickinson
64, American

Christopher McDonaldChristopher McDonald
64, American
Cesar RomeroCesar Romero
86, American

Shepard FaireyShepard Fairey
49, American
Contemporary Artist
Greer GrammerGreer Grammer
27, American

Zachary GordonZachary Gordon
21, American
Actor, Voice Actors

Irena SendlerIrena Sendler
98, Polish
Conor OberstConor Oberst
39, American

Amber RileyAmber Riley
33, American
Actress, Singer
Alfred North WhiteheadAlfred North Whitehead
86, British, American
Mathematician, Philosopher

Brooks WackermanBrooks Wackerman
42, American

Gloria TreviGloria Trevi
51, Mexican
Singer, Songwriter, Actress

Megan DoddsMegan Dodds
49, American
Erica HermanErica Herman
35, American
Girlfriend of Tiger Woods
Cyrus McCormickCyrus McCormick
75, American
Inventor of mechanical reaper

Haley TjuHaley Tju
18, American

Emil KraepelinEmil Kraepelin
70, German

Anna EbersteinAnna Eberstein
36, Swedish
Girlfriend of Hugh Grant
50, American

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Todd JonesTodd Jones
31, American

13, American
Rapper, YouTuber

Sir Ernest ShackletonSir Ernest Shackleton
47, British
Antarctic explorer

Charles Édouard GuillaumeCharles Édouard Guillaume
77, Swiss
Discoverer of Invar and Elinvar
Chance MorrisChance Morris
25, American
Gamer, Twitch Star

Bryce XavierBryce Xavier
17, American
TikTok (Musical.ly) Star
Nicolas BetchelNicolas Betchel
14, American

Lil PoopyLil Poopy
16, American

Therese LindgrenTherese Lindgren
32, Swedish
Tyde LeviTyde Levi
19, Australian
YouTuber, DJ, Singer

Codee YountCodee Yount
26, American
YouTube Personality
Brandon Charles BoydBrandon Charles Boyd
43, American

Claire BoomClaire Boom
88, British

Iris FerrariIris Ferrari
16, Italian

13, American
TikTok Star

Corinne FoxxCorinne Foxx
25, American
Alex BorsteinAlex Borstein
46, American
Actor, Screenwriter, Singer, Television actor

Roger B. ChaffeeRoger B. Chaffee
31, American
Officer, Aviator, Astronaut

Randhir KapoorRandhir Kapoor
72, British Indian Ocean Territory

59, American
Radio personality
Russell MartinRussell Martin
36, Canadian
Baseball player

Meera JasmineMeera Jasmine
37, Indian
Graham HillGraham Hill
46, British
British racing driver

Ashutosh GowarikerAshutosh Gowariker
55, Indian

Miep GiesMiep Gies
100, Austrian
41, South Korean

Nusli WadiaNusli Wadia
75, Indian, British
Businessperson, Politician
Marisa BerensonMarisa Berenson
72, American

James ForrestalJames Forrestal
57, American
Officer, Banker, Investment banker

Lillian DisneyLillian Disney
98, American
Philanthropist, Secretary, Artist
Ali CampbellAli Campbell
60, British
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist

Jarryd HayneJarryd Hayne
31, Australian
Rugby league player, American football player
Jessica De GouwJessica De Gouw
31, Australian
Actor, Film actor

Brendon SmallBrendon Small
44, American
Composer, Singer, Animator, Screenwriter,

Douglas HofstadterDouglas Hofstadter
74, American
Philosopher, Writer, University teacher, Computer

Gina LynnGina Lynn
45, Puerto Rican
Adult Film Star, Model, Glamour model
Rodolfo PizarroRodolfo Pizarro
25, Mexican
Mexican footballer
Art SpiegelmanArt Spiegelman
71, American
Cartoonist, Writer, Editor, Educator

Paul EkmanPaul Ekman
Psychologist, Anthropologist, Sociologist,

Nathaniel Bar-JonahNathaniel Bar-Jonah
51, American
Serial killer

Robert LeyRobert Ley
55, German
Jake E. LeeJake E. Lee
62, American

Johnny CuetoJohnny Cueto
33, Dominican
Baseball player

Wilhelm BurgdorfWilhelm Burgdorf
50, German
military personnel

Heurelho GomesHeurelho Gomes
38, Brazilian
Association football player

Harold ArlenHarold Arlen
81, American
Composer, Songwriter, Music arranger, Film
Hastings BandaHastings Banda
99, Malawian

Sarah WynterSarah Wynter
46, Australian
Leland D. MelvinLeland D. Melvin
55, American

77, Italian
Astronomer, Scientist

Dzhokhar DudayevDzhokhar Dudayev
52, Russian
Valeri BojinovValeri Bojinov
33, Bulgarian
Association football player

James YapJames Yap
37, Filipino
Basketball player
Niklaus WirthNiklaus Wirth
85, Swiss
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer,

Elihu RootElihu Root
91, American
Former Secretary of State

Tsui HarkTsui Hark
68, Hong Konger
film director, film producer, screenwriter, actor

Rachida BrakniRachida Brakni
42, French
Actor, Theatre director
Li HongzhangLi Hongzhang
78, Chinese
Diplomat, Mandarin

Angelica BellaAngelica Bella
49, Hungarian
69, Italian

Jane ChildJane Child
52, Canadian
Singer, Record producer, Composer
Matthieu RicardMatthieu Ricard
73, French
Molecular biologist, Photographer, Bhikkhu,

Gabriel PalettaGabriel Paletta
33, Argentinian
Association football player
Graham KennedyGraham Kennedy
71, Australian
Actor, Television presenter, Radio personality,

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 15

February 15 people are typically imaginative, highly creative, and free spirited; but at times their coldness has the tendency to repel others. Their greatest joy lies in spreading love among others. Part of their thrilling personality is the fact that they crave freedom, compassion and become emotionally involved with various causes, yet at the same time they can showcase decisiveness, independence and competitive nature.

People born on February 15 enjoy being active and spending time with other people. They may have some skin and acne related issues so it’s important that they get plenty of rest and drink enough water. Most of the health related issues that these people face are mainly a result of emotional distress.

February 15 natives are typically generous with money especially with their families and those who are less fortunate. They can be generous financially but do need to learn to spend money judiciously.

February 15 people want their career to be challenging, varied, well-paid and fast paced. These individuals have great leadership potential and are highly competitive in nature. But, they are unable to stick a job for a long time.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
These individuals believe in following tradition in terms of settling down with children. They are loving and nurturing parents. However, they do not easily give up the single life and developing personal relationship is not very high on their priorities. They are likely to be attracted towards individuals who match their intellect and appreciate their personality. They are firmly committed in their marriage.

Lucky Colors: Green, White, Blue
Lucky Numbers: 4, 5, 6, 13
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday, Saturday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6th, 8th