Individuals born on February 11 are governed by moon. Such individuals have a bright, alluring, and authoritative nature. These individuals are focused on their ambitions and responsibilities. They are very competitive in nature and tend to endure disappointments in life with much resilience. Their innate charm and authoritative behavior help them to go places in their life. These people are able to use their charm to get along well with most individuals. Generally, individuals born on this day are welcoming, trustworthy, and assiduous.

Jennifer AnistonJennifer Aniston
50, American
Thomas EdisonThomas Edison
84, American
Inventor, Businessman

Burt ReynoldsBurt Reynolds
82, American

Elizabeth of York Elizabeth of York
37, British
Queen Consort of England

Damian LewisDamian Lewis
48, British

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner
27, American
Sheryl CrowSheryl Crow
57, American
Musician, Singer-songwriter

Sarah PalinSarah Palin
55, American
Former Governor of Alaska

Nicki ClyneNicki Clyne
36, Canadian

Natalie DormerNatalie Dormer
37, British
Brandy NorwoodBrandy Norwood
40, American
Singer-songwriter, Composer, Actor, Record

Alex JonesAlex Jones
45, American
Radio Personality
Leslie NielsenLeslie Nielsen
84, Canadian, American

Varg VikernesVarg Vikernes
46, Norwegian
Musician & Writer

Kelly RowlandKelly Rowland
38, American
Ken ShamrockKen Shamrock
55, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Tina LouiseTina Louise
85, American
Author, Actress
Mike ShinodaMike Shinoda
42, American
Musician, Record Producer & Artist

Carey LowellCarey Lowell
58, American

Manuel NoriegaManuel Noriega
83, Panamanian
Former Panamanian Dictator
Jeb BushJeb Bush
66, American
Former Governor of Florida

Kelly SlaterKelly Slater
47, American
Shanina ShaikShanina Shaik
28, Australian
Model, Actress

Dennis SkinnerDennis Skinner
87, British
Political Leader

Sonny LandhamSonny Landham
76, American

Mary QuantMary Quant
85, British
Fashion Designer
Catherine HicklandCatherine Hickland
63, American
Actress, Businesswoman, Author
Mishal HusainMishal Husain
46, British
News Presenter

Joseph L. MankiewiczJoseph L. Mankiewicz
83, American
Writer, Director, Producer

Dianna RussiniDianna Russini
36, American
Sports Journalist

Khalid (Singer)Khalid (Singer)
21, American
Henry Fox TalbotHenry Fox Talbot
77, British

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Evan EckenrodeEvan Eckenrode
22, American

Christofer DrewChristofer Drew
28, American
Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Leó SzilárdLeó Szilárd
66, American

Sophdoesnails (Sophie)Sophdoesnails (Sophie)
22, British
Youtube Star
Paisley McKnightPaisley McKnight
8, American
Daughter of Shaun & Mindy McKnight

Greg HoranGreg Horan
31, Irish
Niall Horan's Brother
Beulah Louise HenryBeulah Louise Henry
85, American
Lady Edison

Jack HowardJack Howard
27, British
Filmmaker, comedian and YouTube star

Yaris SanchezYaris Sanchez
28, Dominican
Video Vixen, Model
Roseanne ParkRoseanne Park
22, Australian

Cody HerbinkoCody Herbinko
20, American
Instagram Star
Sierra DeatonSierra Deaton
28, American
Pop Singer

Sunny KellerSunny Keller
16, American

Mehgan JamesMehgan James
16, American
Reality Star

Always ArdenAlways Arden
14, American
TikTok ( Star, YouTuber

Caleb JohnstonCaleb Johnston
7, American
Charlie OldmanCharlie Oldman
20, British
Gary Oldman's Son

Georgette FalconeGeorgette Falcone
9, American
Melissa McCarthy's Daughter

Marilou York HamillMarilou York Hamill
64, American
Mark Hamill’s Wife

Isaiah MustafaIsaiah Mustafa
45, American
Eva GaborEva Gabor
76, Hungarian, American
Actor, Voice actor, Socialite, Stage actor,

Georgia GroomeGeorgia Groome
27, British
Matthew LawrenceMatthew Lawrence
39, American

Deborah MeadenDeborah Meaden
60, British
Businessperson, Investor

Aritz AdurizAritz Aduriz
38, Spanish
Association football player
Tina AmbaniTina Ambani
62, Indian

Rafael van der VaartRafael van der Vaart
36, Dutch
Association football player
Marc WarrenMarc Warren
27, Australian
Australian football player

Steve McManamanSteve McManaman
47, British
Association football player

Farouk of EgyptFarouk of Egypt
45, Egyptian
Politician, Coin collecting
Gerry GoffinGerry Goffin
75, American
Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter

Sidney SheldonSidney Sheldon
89, American
Writer, Screenwriter, Novelist, Playwright, Film
Tammy BaldwinTammy Baldwin
57, American
Political Leader

Diane FranklinDiane Franklin
57, American

Lymari NadalLymari Nadal
41, Puerto Rican, American

Gene VincentGene Vincent
36, American
Lloyd BentsenLloyd Bentsen
85, American
Casey DellacquaCasey Dellacqua
34, Australian
Tennis player

Mike RichardsMike Richards
34, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Rajat KapoorRajat Kapoor
58, Indian

John SurteesJohn Surtees
83, British
Formula One driver, Motorcycle racer, Manager
Paul BocusePaul Bocuse
91, French

Ben McLemoreBen McLemore
91, American
Basketball player

Georgia May FooteGeorgia May Foote
28, British

Antony FlewAntony Flew
87, British
Philosopher, University teacher

Hans-Georg GadamerHans-Georg Gadamer
87, German
Philosopher, University teacher
Anushka ManchandaAnushka Manchanda
34, Indian
singer, actor

Larry MerchantLarry Merchant
88, American
Poggio BraccioliniPoggio Bracciolini

Maxime TalbotMaxime Talbot
35, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Yukio HatoyamaYukio Hatoyama
72, Japanese
Politician, Engineer
Dan OsmanDan Osman
35, American
Rock climber

Hudson MohawkeHudson Mohawke
33, British
record producer
Ioannis KapodistriasIoannis Kapodistrias
55, Greek

Ciro FerraraCiro Ferrara
52, Italian
Association football player, Association football

Arne JacobsenArne Jacobsen
69, Danish
Danish architect

Lydia Maria ChildLydia Maria Child
78, American
Novelist, Poet, Journalist, Writer
Daniel James Jr.Daniel James Jr.
58, American
General, Pilot

Richard HammingRichard Hamming
82, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,
Trevor GuthrieTrevor Guthrie
46, Canadian

Javier AquinoJavier Aquino
29, Mexican
Association football player
José Mari BakeroJosé Mari Bakero
56, Spanish
Association football player, Association football

Melville FullerMelville Fuller
77, American
lawyer, judge, politician
Thomas Alva EdisonThomas Alva Edison
84, American

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 11

People born on this day are strong and have a tremendous amount of appeal and presence. They are capable of fulfilling their dreams and posses the ability to encourage and influence others. They tend to have a unique perspective, which sometimes can cause these people to feel that they are not fully understood. They tend to have the fortitude to take risks in their lives and to experiment. These people believe that going through transformations in life and periodically renewing their lives helps them to be a better individual. These people are naturally very ingenious and whimsical.

People born on this day have an emotional need for sleep. Ailments for these people are primarily a result of inadequate sleep. They are prone to catch the most recent virus if their sleeping routines are frequently disturbed. These people depend on their sleep to spark creative impulses while dreaming. They get their creative activity during the night. They depend greatly on prayers and meditation to help facilitate their state of mind while dreaming. Daily exercise and maintaining a healthy diet that matches their level of activity is important for their health.

People born on this date are skillful in handling their finances. They do not face much financial problem and are able to handle their cash in a mature way, which allows them to financially plan ahead.

It is important for individuals born on this day to reach to the top in their chosen career option. Their determination and competitive behavior causes the need for advancement. They also need a career that allows them to gain recognition.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
They tend to look for a soul mate that is compatible with their ideals of intimacy and trust. They also look for someone who is able to understand their ambitions, and can match up with them intellectually. These people are totally committed when in a marriage. They tend to start family later rather than earlier. When these people become parents, they are great at keeping up with the tasks of raising children.

Lucky Colors: White and cream
Lucky Numbers: 2
Lucky Days (of the week): Saturday, Monday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4th and 9th