Evan Eckenrode Bio

(YouTube Star)

Birthday: February 11, 1997 (Aquarius)

Born In: Smithsburg, Maryland, United States

Evan Eckenrode, better known as ‘dwarf mamba,’ is a popular YouTuber with more than a million subscribers to his channel. He often collaborates with another famous YouTuber named Logan Paul. He is also popular on Vine as he posts videos including sketch comedies on the video hosting service. He is equally famous on Instagram where he has gathered over 2 million followers. Evan faced a lot of problems during his childhood and also encountered many bullies who ridiculed him for being a dwarf. But today, he is no less than a celebrity. Apart from being a famous social media personality, Evan is an excellent athlete too. He also plays basketball and hockey, and is an avid traveler.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Dwarf Mamba

Age: 27 Years, 27 Year Old Males


father: Jim

mother: Kerry

Born Country: United States

Height: 1.06 m

Notable Alumni: Salisbury University

U.S. State: Maryland

More Facts

education: Salisbury University

The YouTube Story
Evan became active on social media after finishing his high school. He was always into sport and played basketball and hockey during his school days. His life changed after he met Logan Paul, a famous YouTuber. They met in 2014 at the Dwarf Athletic Association in San Diego. Logan even shared his room with Evan during his stay at San Diego and the two became good friends.
Logan’s friendship would later prove beneficial to Evan in his YouTube career. Evan had a funny side to him which was identified by Logan. Logan convinced Evan to create a YouTube channel in order to showcase his talent to the world. Evan then created the channel and named it ‘Dwarf Mamba.’
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Initially, Evan was worried about the response of his viewers. He thought being a dwarf might make him a laughing stock. But his flaw turned out to be a blessing in disguise. His efforts to showcase his talent to the world through a social media platform encouraged and inspired others. Evan then decided to make videos that specifically focus on dwarfism. Thanks to his wit, he also made people laugh through his videos.
He then collaborated with Logan Paul and together they came up with many comedy sketches and in no time, Evan was a star. However, his parents were not happy with his career choice. They did not understand the concept of making videos on YouTube and thought it was some lowly profession. But when they saw people approaching their son for interviews and autographs, they were convinced.
From then, there was no looking back for Evan. He posted many comedy videos on his channel and Logan Paul was a part of many of these videos. One of their popular videos is titled as ‘Smuggling a dwarf to Paris in a Suitcase!’ In the video, Logan literally packed Evan inside a large suitcase and traveled to Paris.
Evan too, has been featured in a lot of videos that have been posted by Logan on his YouTube channel. Some of them are ‘Dwarf mamba gets stuck inside a pumpkin,’ ‘Dwarf attached to 12-foot paper airplane,’ ‘our first fight as roommates,’ ‘Logan Paul vs Dwarf Mamba Vine battle’ and many more. Evan posted a video after winning gold in Dwarf Olympics. In the video, he shared his thoughts of winning the gold with his fans.
He was then featured in a music video of the song, ‘Post Malittle - Why Dwarfism.’ This song was dedicated to the dwarfs all over the world. Evan went on to become famous on other social media platforms like Instagram and Vine. Logan continued his collaboration with Evan on Vine. Evan’s extremely funny vine videos have helped his channel to earn a host of followers.
In one of his vine videos, he was seen making fun of himself for being a dwarf. Through his videos, he spreads the message of self-acceptance. Evan serves as an inspiration to many. Despite his physical disability, Evan has managed to emerge as a celebrity and a great athlete.
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Personal Life
Evan Eckenrode was born on February 11, 1997, in Smithsburg, Maryland. He was raised by his parents, Jim and Kerry. Jim is a retired football coach, who was working at a high school in Smithsburg. Evan is the only member of his family affected by dwarfism. He graduated from Smithsburg High School. He made many friends during his high school days and they later helped him shape his career in YouTube. Evan owned a pet dog named Arya. The dog died in 2018 and Evan posted a video about the same.

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