People born on February 10 fall under the Sun sign of Aquarius. Aquarius is a water carrier and is primarily ruled by the planet Uranus. Those born on February 10 are highly energetic and  curious in nature. February 10 natives are often humanitarians because as water carriers, they want to take on others' problems. They have a great need to help others and tend to take on the battles of less fortunate people.

Emma RobertsEmma Roberts
29, American
Laura DernLaura Dern
53, American
Actress, Director

Elizabeth BanksElizabeth Banks
46, American

Bikram ChoudhuryBikram Choudhury
76, Indian, American
Yoga Teacher

Harold MacmillanHarold Macmillan
92, British
Former British Prime Minister

Yara ShahidiYara Shahidi
20, American
Model, Actress
Robert WagnerRobert Wagner
90, American

Stephanie BeatrizStephanie Beatriz
39, American

Holly WilloughbyHolly Willoughby
39, British
Television Presenter, Model
George StephanopoulosGeorge Stephanopoulos
59, American

Cliff BurtonCliff Burton
24, American
Bass Guitarist for the American heavy metal band
Jimmy DuranteJimmy Durante
86, American
Actor, Comedian, Singer, Pianist

Bertolt BrechtBertolt Brecht
58, German

Glenn BeckGlenn Beck
56, American
CEO of TheBlaze

Lee Hsien LoongLee Hsien Loong
68, Singaporean
Third Prime Minister of Singapore

Roberta FlackRoberta Flack
83, American
Singer, Pianist
Trevante RhodesTrevante Rhodes
30, American

Makenzie VegaMakenzie Vega
26, American

Jim CramerJim Cramer
65, American

Karen FukuharaKaren Fukuhara
28, American
Boris PasternakBoris Pasternak
70, Russian, Russian
Poet & Writer

Mark SpitzMark Spitz
70, American
Barry SloaneBarry Sloane
39, British

Ha Seok-jinHa Seok-jin
38, South Korean

Gregory John NormanGreg Norman
65, Australian
Australian Golfer
Son Na-eunSon Na-eun
26, South Korean
South Korean Singer

Justin Gatlin Justin Gatlin
38, American
Stella AdlerStella Adler
91, American
American Actress & Acting Teacher

Lee Soo-geunLee Soo-geun
45, South Korean

John Villiers FarrowJohn Farrow
58, Australian, American
Film Director, Producer, Screenwriter
Charles LambCharles Lamb
59, British
Writer & Essayist

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Daryl JohnstonDaryl Johnston
54, American
American football fullback
Vic FuentesVic Fuentes
37, American
Singer, Guitarist

Jordan MaronJordan Maron
28, American
YouTuber & Games Expert

Chloe Grace MoretzChloe Grace Moretz
23, American

Walter Houser BrattainWalter Houser Brattain
85, American
Edith ClarkeEdith Clarke
76, American
Electrical Engineer
Faze KayFaze Kay
24, British
Youtube Star

Emily BustamanteEmily Bustamante

John Franklin EndersJohn Franklin Enders
88, American
The Father of Modern Vaccines

Rob CzarRob Czar
39, American
YouTube Star
Lee CarsonLee Carson
21, Scottish
YouTube Gamer

Dominique PireDominique Pire
58, Belgian
Cleric, Educator

Monica ChurchMonica Church
25, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Fleur Adcock Fleur Adcock
86, New Zealander

Joshua SuarezJoshua Suarez
21, American
YouTube Prankster
Bradley ColburnBradley Colburn
33, American
YouTube Gamer

Shelby ChurchShelby Church
25, American
Bekah MartinezBekah Martinez
25, American
Reality TV Star

Emily MorrisEmily Morris
38, American

Mia KhalifaMia Khalifa
27, Lebanese, American
Sports commentator
Keeley HawesKeeley Hawes
44, British

Radamel FalcaoRadamel Falcao
34, Colombian
Association football player
Kumar VishwasKumar Vishwas
50, Indian

Vince GilliganVince Gilligan
53, American
Television producer, Screenwriter, Television

John CalipariJohn Calipari
61, Dominican, American

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne
59, American

Uzo AdubaUzo Aduba
39, American
Lenny DykstraLenny Dykstra
57, American
Baseball Player

Jerry GoldsmithJerry Goldsmith
75, American
Conductor, Composer, Musician, Film score composer

Philip GlenisterPhilip Glenister
57, British

Lon Chaney Jr.Lon Chaney Jr.
67, American
Don OmarDon Omar
42, Puerto Rican
Singer, Actor

Payel SarkarPayel Sarkar
42, Indian
Lisa Marie VaronLisa Marie Varon
49, American
Professional wrestler, Model, Actor, Television

Judith AndersonJudith Anderson
94, Australian
stage actor, film actor

Michael AptedMichael Apted
79, British
Film director, Television director, Trade unionist
Luis Donaldo ColosioLuis Donaldo Colosio
44, Mexican
Politician, Economist

Leontyne PriceLeontyne Price
93, American
American soprano
Nigel OlssonNigel Olsson
71, British

Dana WinnerDana Winner
55, Belgian

Claire GooseClaire Goose
45, British
Lorena RojasLorena Rojas
44, Mexican

Lexi ThompsonLexi Thompson
25, American
Adrienne ClarksonAdrienne Clarkson
81, Canadian
26th Governor General of Canada

Abel MeeropolAbel Meeropol
83, American
Poet, Songwriter, Writer

Tom SchillingTom Schilling
38, German
Stage actor, Film actor

Hazel CourtHazel Court
82, British
Chick WebbChick Webb
34, American
Viktor TroickiViktor Troicki
34, Serbian
Tennis player

Bill TildenBill Tilden
60, American
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Francesco HayezFrancesco Hayez
90, Italian

Francesca NeriFrancesca Neri
56, Italian
Roberto Jiménez GagoRoberto Jiménez Gago
34, Spanish
Association football player

Tiffany EspensenTiffany Espensen
21, American
Actor, Film actor, Television actor

Scott ElrodScott Elrod
45, German
Actor, Television actor

Enzo MarescaEnzo Maresca
40, Italian
Association football player

Piero PelùPiero Pelù
58, Italian
David ParnasDavid Parnas
79, American
Computer scientist, Engineer

Larry AdlerLarry Adler
87, American
Haruna KawaguchiHaruna Kawaguchi
25, Japanese

Adelina PattiAdelina Patti
76, Spanish, Italian
Opera Singer
Natasha St-PierNatasha St-Pier
39, Canadian
Singer, Actor
William Allen WhiteWilliam Allen White
75, American

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 10

Those born of February 10 normally have reserved personalities. They are hard working with a strong work ethic. People with this birth date often take criticism very personally and also try to please others, especially their seniors. Integrity is very important for February 10 natives and if you question their integrity, you have opened a bee's nest of wrath in most situations. Many times, Aquarius natives struggle to find themselves and to release their inner selves. These people are loyal, honest, intelligent and independent.

Those born on February 10 may have problems related to their legs, especially from their knees to their ankles. Leg cramps and poor blood circulation are just a couple of health concerns that an Aquarian might have. They also often have nerve problems. Because February 10 natives often let their emotions overwhelm them, they tend to have lot of physical illnesses.

Those born on February 10 have an instinctive desire to be in control of their finances, and lose sleep if that is not the case. Luckily, people born on this day can easily achieve financial success. Frugality and rationality help these people in making great financial decisions and it often reflects in their bank accounts.

Because people born on February 10 need to be stimulated in their work environment, they are more likely to excel in technology or intellectual jobs. A challenging job would keep them happy in their careers. Their humanitarian nature would make them great political activists, mediators or social workers but for the more reserved Aquarians, a career in science, accounting or engineering is more suitable.

Relationships, Marriage and Children
In relationships, Aquarians are fair and level headed as long as you don't try to control them. As a parent, a February 10th native would be a great nurturer. As a spouse, they feel very deeply and sometimes, they worry too much about nothing. Although natives demand much from their partners, once they can realize how to be reasonable with their family, they can gain a happy balance.

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