Died On January 7th

Discover the most famous people who died on January 7. The list includes people like Nikola Tesla, Hirohito, Catherine of Aragon, Murray Rothbard, Trevor Howard. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, physicists, journalists and mathematicians and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Japan & Australia and many more countries.

Nikola TeslaNikola Tesla
10 July 1856, Austrian, American
Inventor, Father of Radio
Catherine of AragonCatherine of Aragon
16 December 1485, British

29 April 1901, Japanese
Former Emperor of Japan

Rosemary KennedyRosemary Kennedy
13 September 1918, American
John F. Kennedy's Sister

Rod TaylorRod Taylor
11 January 1930, Australian, American

Heinrich HarrerHeinrich Harrer
06 July 1912, Austrian
Trevor Howard Trevor Howard
29 September 1913, British

Murray RothbardMurray Rothbard
02 March 1926, American

Edmund BartonEdmund Barton
18 January 1849, Australian
Former Prime Minister of Australia

Jože PlečnikJože Plečnik
23 January 1872, Slovenian
Vladimir PrelogVladimir Prelog
23 July 1906, Swiss

Arthur KeithArthur Keith
05 February 1866, Welsh
Father of Modern Nationalism
Alfred Kastler Alfred Kastler
03 May 1902, French

Huell HowserHuell Howser
18 October 1945, American
Television presenter, Actor, Voice actor,

René GuénonRené Guénon
15 November 1886, French
John BerrymanJohn Berryman
25 October 1914, American
Poet, Writer, University teacher

Thomas LawrenceThomas Lawrence
13 April 1769, British
Magnus MagnussonMagnus Magnusson
12 October 1929, Icelander

Richard DaddRichard Dadd
01 August 1817, British
Painter, Illustrator

Maria SchicklgruberMaria Schicklgruber
15 April 1795
Ashraf PahlaviAshraf Pahlavi
26 October 1919
Writer, Diplomat, Politician

Ingrid ThulinIngrid Thulin
27 January 1926, Swedish
Actor, Director
Run Run ShawRun Run Shaw
23 November 1907, Hong Konger

Juan RulfoJuan Rulfo
16 May 1917, Mexican
writer, screenwriter, photographer, novelist

Richard HammingRichard Hamming
11 February 1915, American
Mathematician, Computer scientist, Engineer,

Pope Innocent XPope Innocent X
06 May 1574, Italian
Catholic priest, Diplomat
Charles I of NaplesCharles I of Naples
21 March 1226, Italian
Emperor TenjiEmperor Tenji
0626 AD, Japanese

Denis of PortugalDenis of Portugal
09 October 1261, Portuguese

Mário SoaresMário Soares
07 December 1924, Portuguese
Politician, Lawyer

Nat HentoffNat Hentoff
10 June 1925, American
Historian, Writer, Music historian, Record
Emperor SeiwaEmperor Seiwa
10 May 0850, Japanese

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Nicholas HilliardNicholas Hilliard
1547 AD, British

Emperor BuretsuEmperor Buretsu
0489 AD, Japanese

Julius WellhausenJulius Wellhausen
17 May 1844, German
Theologian, Hebraist, Arabist, Biblical scholar,

13 January 1939, French
cartoonist, caricaturist, painter
Ada Louise HuxtableAda Louise Huxtable
14 March 1921, American
Journalist, Writer, Biographer, Curator

Amadeus VIII, Duke of SavoyAmadeus VIII, Duke of Savoy
04 September 1383, Swiss, French
Josef StefanJosef Stefan
24 March 1835
Mathematician, Physicist, Poet, Scientist, Writer,

Tarō OkamotoTarō Okamoto
26 February 1911, Japanese
Sculptor, Painter, Artist, Writer, Photographer,

Ignacy ŁukasiewiczIgnacy Łukasiewicz
08 March 1822, Polish
Polish pharmacist
William A. FeatherWilliam A. Feather
25 August 1889, American