Died On December 29th

Discover the most famous people who died on December 29. The list includes people like Thomas Becket, Jacques-Louis David, Rainer Maria Rilke, William Osler, Don Marquis. Famous personalities featured on this list, include poets, artists, mathematicians and journalists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, Germany & Switzerland and many more countries.

Harold MacmillanHarold Macmillan
10 February 1894, British
Former British Prime Minister
Thomas BecketThomas Becket
21 December 1118, British

Rainer Maria RilkeRainer Maria Rilke
04 December 1875, Austrian
Poet & Novelist

Jacques-Louis DavidJacques-Louis David
30 August 1748, French
Neoclassical Style Painter

William OslerWilliam Osler
12 July 1849, Canadian
Professor of Medicine, Historian, Pathologist,

Euell GibbonsEuell Gibbons
08 September 1911, American
Doris HumphreyDoris Humphrey
17 October 1895, American
Dancer and Choreographer

Julius AxelrodJulius Axelrod
30 May 1912, American

Don MarquisDon Marquis
29 July 1878, American

Andrei TarkovskyAndrei Tarkovsky
04 April 1932, Russian
Film director, Actor, Film editor, Screenwriter,
William Rees-MoggWilliam Rees-Mogg
14 July 1928, British
Journalist, Writer, Economist

Steven WilliamsSteven Williams
14 May 1960, American
Bob MonkhouseBob Monkhouse
01 June 1928, British
Actor, Comedian, Television presenter

Tim HardinTim Hardin
23 December 1941, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer

Christina RossettiChristina Rossetti
05 December 1830, British
Poet, Writer, Hymnwriter
Wilhelm MaybachWilhelm Maybach
09 February 1846, German
Engineer, Entrepreneur, Inventor

Joseph CornellJoseph Cornell
24 December 1903, American
Film director, Sculptor, Painter
Mustafa IIMustafa II
06 February 1664, Turkish, Kosovar

Fletcher HendersonFletcher Henderson
18 December 1897, American
American bandleader

Frank ThringFrank Thring
11 May 1926, Australian
Stage actor, Film actor
Bob AstlesBob Astles
1924 AD, British

Félix VallottonFélix Vallotton
28 December 1865, Swiss
Painter, Artist, Sculptor, Engraver, Art critic
Shu UemuraShu Uemura
19 June 1928, Japanese
Make-up artist, Entrepreneur, Businessperson

Leopold KroneckerLeopold Kronecker
07 December 1823, German, Polish
Mathematician, University teacher

John Marshall Harlan IIJohn Marshall Harlan II
20 May 1899, American
Judge, Lawyer

Hyacinthe RigaudHyacinthe Rigaud
18 July 1659, French
Portrait painter, Painter
Brook TaylorBrook Taylor
18 August 1685, British
Thomas SydenhamThomas Sydenham
10 September 1624, British

Tullio Levi-CivitaTullio Levi-Civita
29 March 1873

Carl SpittelerCarl Spitteler
24 April 1845, Swiss
Poet, Writer

John DavisJohn Davis
30 September 1550, British
Kelly MillerKelly Miller
18 July 1863, American
American mathematician

Christina Georgina RossettiChristina Georgina Rossetti
05 December 1830, British