Died On August 12th

Discover the most famous people who died on August 12. The list includes people like Cleopatra, Ian Fleming, William Blake, Lauren Bacall, Jean-Michel Basquiat. Famous personalities featured on this list, include artists, actors, actresses and short story writers and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Germany and many more countries.

Cleopatra Cleopatra
0069 BC, Egyptian, Greek
Henry FondaHenry Fonda
16 May 1905, American

Lauren BacallLauren Bacall
16 September 1924, American
Actress, Model

Jean-Michel BasquiatJean-Michel Basquiat
22 December 1960, American

Ian FlemingIan Fleming
28 May 1908, British
Author of James Bond Series

William BlakeWilliam Blake
28 November 1757, British
Loretta YoungLoretta Young
06 January 1913, American

Merv GriffinMerv Griffin
06 July 1925, American
TV Host

Paul Thomas MannThomas Mann
06 June 1875, Swiss, German
Novelist, Short Story Writer

John CageJohn Cage
05 September 1912, American
Composer, Writer
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.
25 July 1915, American

William ShockleyWilliam Shockley
13 February 1910, American
George StephensonGeorge Stephenson
09 June 1781, British
Father of Railways

Anna HeldAnna Held
08 March 1872, French
Actress, Singer

Giovanni GabrieliGiovanni Gabrieli
1557 AD, Italian
Italian composer
Godfrey HounsfieldGodfrey Hounsfield
28 August 1919, British
Developer of X-ray computed tomography

Karl ZieglerKarl Ziegler
26 November 1898, German
Ernst Boris ChainErnst Boris Chain
19 June 1906, German

James B. Sumner James B. Sumner
19 November 1887, American

Walter Rudolf HessWalter Rudolf Hess
17 March 1881, Swiss
Gulshan KumarGulshan Kumar
05 May 1956, Indian
Businessperson, Film producer

Paola MoriPaola Mori
18 September 1928, Italian
Yongle EmperorYongle Emperor
02 May 1360, Chinese
Emperor of China

Pope Sixtus IVPope Sixtus IV
21 July 1414, Italian
Pope ,Bishop of Rome

Prince Friso of Orange-NassauPrince Friso of Orange-Nassau
25 September 1968

Salvador SánchezSalvador Sánchez
26 January 1959, Mexican
Albert GallatinAlbert Gallatin
29 January 1761, American
Politician, Diplomat
James Russell LowellJames Russell Lowell
22 February 1819, American
Poet, Diplomat, Essayist, Writer, Literary critic,

Jules BrunetJules Brunet
02 January 1838, French
Officer, Military personnel

Wilhelm SteinitzWilhelm Steinitz
17 May 1836, Austrian, Czech, American
Chess Master

John Philip HollandJohn Philip Holland
01 March 1841, Irish, American
engineer, entrepreneur, inventor, submariner
Lenny BreauLenny Breau
05 August 1941, Canadian
Guitarist, Songwriter, Jazz musician, Musician,

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Pope Innocent XIPope Innocent XI
16 May 1611, Italian

Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr.
25 July 1915, American
Pilot, Soldier

Francisco de VitoriaFrancisco de Vitoria
1483 AD, Spanish
philosopher, writer, religious, university

Rachel RuyschRachel Ruysch
03 June 1664, Dutch
Botanical illustrator, Painter
Philippe de ChampaignePhilippe de Champaigne
26 May 1602, French, Dutch

Walter J. OngWalter J. Ong
30 November 1912, American
Anthropologist, Historian, Writer, University
Francesco CrispiFrancesco Crispi
04 October 1818, Italian
Prime Minister, Statesman,Lawyer Journalist

Horace Smith-DorrienHorace Smith-Dorrien
26 May 1858, British
Autobiographer, Military personnel

Jacopo PeriJacopo Peri
20 August 1561, Italian
Eliphalet RemingtonEliphalet Remington
28 October 1793, American

Adolf Erik NordenskiöldAdolf Erik Nordenskiöld
18 November 1832, Swedish
Cleopatra VII of EgyptCleopatra VII of Egypt
0069 BC, Egyptian

Louis II, Holy Roman EmperorLouis II, Holy Roman Emperor
0825 AD, Italian
Roman Emperor

Viktor HambardzumyanViktor Hambardzumyan
18 September 1908, Armenian, Georgian, Russian