Famous People Who Died At 30

The list of famous people who died at 30 includes Eazy-E, Nero, Lisa Lopes, Sylvia Plath, Jeff Buckley. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, poets, actors and military leaders and from other domains of life. This list of celebrities who died at 30 includes people from United Kingdom, United States, Japan & Germany and many more countries.

07 September 1964, American
Patsy ClinePatsy Cline
08 September 1932, American
Country Singer

15 December 0037, Ancient Roman
Emperor of Rome

Lisa LopesLisa Lopes
27 May 1971, Spanish, American

Jeff BuckleyJeff Buckley
17 November 1966, American
Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist

Sylvia PlathSylvia Plath
27 October 1932, American
Poet, Novelist, and Writer
Jim CroceJim Croce
10 January 1943, American
Singer, Musician

James V of ScotlandJames V of Scotland
10 April 1512, Scottish
Former King of Scotland

Steve ClarkSteve Clark
23 April 1960, British

Michelle ThomasMichelle Thomas
23 September 1968, American
Emily BrontëEmily Brontë
30 July 1818, British

Pretty Boy FloydPretty Boy Floyd
03 February 1904, American
Bank Robber
steve bikoSteve Biko
18 December 1946, South African
Anti-apartheid Activist

Robert E howardRobert E. Howard
22 January 1906, American
Pulp Fiction Writer

Buck BarrowBuck Barrow
14 March 1903, American
Morgan EarpMorgan Earp
24 April 1851, American
Special Policeman

John AndreJohn André
02 May 1750, British
18th Century British Army Officer & Spy
Rajendra Chola IRajendra Chola I
1014 AD, Indian

Cheick TiotéCheick Tioté
21 June 1986, Ivorian

1495 AD, Mexican
Last Aztec Emperor
Samantha LewthwaiteSamantha Lewthwaite
05 December 1983, British
Suspected Terrorist

Charles LeclercCharles Leclerc
17 March 1772, French
Andy GibbAndy Gibb
05 March 1958, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Yonatan NetanyahuYonatan Netanyahu
13 March 1946, Israeli, American
Paratrooper, Officer

Noor Inayat KhanNoor Inayat Khan
01 January 1914, British
poet, writer, children's writer

Stefano CasiraghiStefano Casiraghi
08 September 1960, Italian
Businessperson, Socialite
Michael WittmannMichael Wittmann
22 April 1914, German
Minamoto no YoshitsuneMinamoto no Yoshitsune
1159 AD, Japanese

0084 BC, Italian

Talitha GettyTalitha Getty
18 October 1940
Actor, Model

Casey JohnsonCasey Johnson
24 September 1979, American
Actor, Socialite, Television actor
Pete FarndonPete Farndon
12 June 1952, British

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Sergei YeseninSergei Yesenin
21 September 1895, Russian
poet, writer

Thutmose IVThutmose IV
1420 BC, Egyptian

Elena BaltachaElena Baltacha
14 August 1983, British
Tennis player

Mohammad Sidique KhanMohammad Sidique Khan
20 October 1974, British
Emperor SakuramachiEmperor Sakuramachi
08 February 1720, Japanese

Isabelle CaroIsabelle Caro
09 September 1980, French
actor, model
Satyendra DubeySatyendra Dubey
27 November 1973, Indian

0254 AD, Syrian

Chūya NakaharaChūya Nakahara
29 April 1907, Japanese
Poet, Writer, Tanka poet, Translator
Leo IV the KhazarLeo IV the Khazar
25 January 0750, Turkish

Rajaram ChhatrapatiRajaram Chhatrapati
24 February 1670, Indian
Sergei Bodrov Jr.Sergei Bodrov Jr.
27 December 1971, Russian

Philip of SwabiaPhilip of Swabia
31 July 1177, German, Italian

Arnold ToynbeeArnold Toynbee
23 August 1852, British

Criss OlivaCriss Oliva
03 April 1963, American
Musician, Guitarist

Emperor SeiwaEmperor Seiwa
10 May 0850, Japanese
Chris AclandChris Acland
07 September 1966, British
Musician, Drummer

Damdin SükhbaatarDamdin Sükhbaatar
02 February 1893, Mongolian
Army leader

Pope Victor IIPope Victor II
1027 AD, German
Catholic priest

Crown Prince Rudolf of AustriaCrown Prince Rudolf of Austria
21 August 1858, Austrian
Antiochus VII SidetesAntiochus VII Sidetes
0159 BC, Iranian

Sergei Bodrov, Jr.Sergei Bodrov, Jr.
27 December 1971, Russian
Hadi NorouziHadi Norouzi
19 July 1985
Association football player

Emeric of HungaryEmeric of Hungary
1174 AD, Hungarian

Xavier MertzXavier Mertz
06 October 1882, Swiss
Explorer, Alpine skier
Charles AdamsCharles Adams
29 May 1770, American
John Adams' son

Patrick MahoneyPatrick Mahoney
1827 AD, British
Armed force officer
John HarvardJohn Harvard
26 November 1607, British

Johnny KiddJohnny Kidd
23 December 1935, British
singer, songwriter

Charles Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd
1904 AD