Famous People Who Died In 1969

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1969. This list includes people like Judy Garland, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Sharon Tate, Ho Chi Minh, Princess Alice of Battenberg and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, military leaders, artists and presidents who died in 1969. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & India and many more countries.

Sharon TateSharon Tate
24 January 1943, American
Model, Film Actress, Television Actress
Judy GarlandJudy Garland
10 June 1922, American

Dwight D. EisenhowerDwight D. Eisenhower
14 October 1890, American
34th U.S. President

Ho Chi MinhHo Chi Minh
19 May 1890, Vietnamese
Former PM and President of Democratic Republic of

Brian JonesBrian Jones
28 February 1942, British
Founder of the Rolling Stones

14 February 1933, Indian
Rocky MarcianoRocky Marciano
01 September 1923, American
Professional Boxer

Jack KerouacJack Kerouac
12 March 1922, American
Novelist, Poet

Princess Alice of BattenbergPrincess Alice of Battenberg
25 February 1885, British
Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark

Boris KarloffBoris Karloff
23 November 1887, British
Mary Jo KopechneMary Jo Kopechne
26 July 1940, American
Political Campaign Specialist of Robert F. Kennedy

Ludwig Mies van der RoheLudwig Mies van der Rohe
27 March 1886, German
Conrad Hilton Jr.Conrad Hilton Jr.
06 July 1926, American
Socialite, Entrepreneur

Walter GropiusWalter Gropius
18 May 1883, German, American

Abigail FolgerAbigail Folger
11 August 1943, American
Business Women
Allen DullesAllen Dulles
07 April 1893, American
Former Diplomat & Head of CIA

Saud of Saudi ArabiaSaud of Saudi Arabia
15 January 1902, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia
Howard McNearHoward McNear
27 January 1905, American

Diane LinkletterDiane Linkletter
31 October 1948, American
Art Linkletter's Daughter

Iskander MirzaIskander Mirza
15 November 1899, Pakistani
Former President of Pakistan
Morihei UeshibaMorihei Ueshiba
14 December 1883, Japanese
Martial Artist

Everett McKinley DirksenEverett Dirksen
04 January 1896, American
Former U.S. Senator
Josef von SternbergJosef von Sternberg
29 May 1894, American
Film Director

Norman LindsayNorman Lindsay
22 February 1879, Australian

Leo McCareyLeo McCarey
03 October 1898, American
Film Director

Dr Zakir HussainDr Zakir Husain
08 February 1897, Indian
Former President of India
Otto SternOtto Stern
17 February 1888, German
Dominique PireDominique Pire
10 February 1910, Belgian
Cleric, Educator

Cecil Frank Powell C. F. Powell
05 December 1903, British

Frank KingFrank King
09 April 1883, American

John AltoonJohn Altoon
05 November 1925, American
Jeffrey HunterJeffrey Hunter
25 November 1926, American

Vito GenoveseVito Genovese
27 November 1897, American
Drug trafficker

Theodor W. AdornoTheodor W. Adorno
11 September 1903, German, American
Philosopher, Composer, Musicologist, Sociologist,

Franz von PapenFranz von Papen
29 October 1879, German
Chancellor , Prime Minister

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Walter HagenWalter Hagen
21 December 1892, American
C. N. AnnaduraiC. N. Annadurai
15 September 1909, Indian
Politician, Screenwriter, Writer

Donald CrowhurstDonald Crowhurst
1932 AD, Indian
entrepreneur, navigator
Meher BabaMeher Baba
25 February 1894, Indian

Itzhak SternItzhak Stern
25 January 1901, Israeli, Polish

Liu ShaoqiLiu Shaoqi
24 November 1898, Chinese
Chinese revolutionary
Kliment VoroshilovKliment Voroshilov
04 February 1881, Russian
Military officer

Assia WevillAssia Wevill
15 May 1927, German
Socialite, Poet
Otto DixOtto Dix
02 December 1891, German
Painter, Esperantist, University teacher

Sonja HenieSonja Henie
08 April 1912, Norwegian
Actor, Figure skater

Raymond A. SpruanceRaymond A. Spruance
03 July 1886, American
Officer, Diplomat

John Kennedy TooleJohn Kennedy Toole
17 December 1937, American
Writer, novelist, soldier, professor

Leonard ChessLeonard Chess
12 March 1917, American
Record producer
Harold Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of TunisHarold Alexander, 1st Earl Alexander of Tunis
10 December 1891, British
Politician, Officer

Frank LoesserFrank Loesser
29 June 1910, American
Composer, Librettist, Lyricist, Songwriter, Film

Karl JaspersKarl Jaspers
23 February 1883, Swiss, German
Philosopher, Psychiatrist, Physician, Theologian,

Levi EshkolLevi Eshkol
25 October 1895, Israeli, Ukrainian
Coleman HawkinsColeman Hawkins
21 November 1904, American
Saxophonist, Jazz musician

Jan PalachJan Palach
11 August 1948, Czech
Paul ChambersPaul Chambers
22 April 1935, American
Composer, Jazz musician

Li ZongrenLi Zongren
13 August 1890, Chinese

Bud CollyerBud Collyer
18 June 1908, American
Voice actor, Actor
Arthur FriedenreichArthur Friedenreich
18 July 1892, Brazilian
Association football player

R. G. LeTourneauR. G. LeTourneau
30 November 1888, American
Harley EarlHarley Earl
22 November 1893, American
Designer, Automotive designer

Joseph P. KennedyJoseph P. Kennedy
1888 AD
Business Leader, Diplomat

Martita HuntMartita Hunt
30 January 1899, British
Actor, Stage actor
C. W. W. KannangaraC. W. W. Kannangara
13 October 1884, Sri Lankan
Diplomat, Politician

Witold GombrowiczWitold Gombrowicz
04 August 1904, Polish
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Diarist, Poet lawyer
Gavin MaxwellGavin Maxwell
15 July 1914, British
Naturalist, Writer

Eberhard von MackensenEberhard von Mackensen
24 September 1889, German
Military personnel

Krzysztof KomedaKrzysztof Komeda
27 April 1931, Polish
Composer, Pianist, Jazz musician, Film score

Ben ShahnBen Shahn
12 September 1898, American
Photographer, Painter
Sidney WeinbergSidney Weinberg
12 October 1891, American
Banker, Economist
Ramón GrauRamón Grau
13 September 1881, Cuban
politician, physician

Rómulo GallegosRómulo Gallegos
02 August 1884, Venezuelan

Michael LippertMichael Lippert
24 April 1897, German
Police officer, Torturer

Frederic BartlettFrederic Bartlett
20 October 1886, British
Teacher, Psychologist, University teacher
Harry Hammond HessHarry Hammond Hess
24 May 1906, American
Geologist, Officer

Mikio NaruseMikio Naruse
20 August 1905, Japanese
Film director, Writer, Film producer, Screenwriter

Vesto SlipherVesto Slipher
11 November 1875, American

Karl FreundKarl Freund
16 January 1890, American
Cinematographer, Film director, Screenwriter

Frederick VarleyFrederick Varley
02 January 1881, Canadian
Elbert Frank CoxElbert Frank Cox
05 December 1895, American
American mathematician

Erwin BlumenfeldErwin Blumenfeld
26 January 1897, German
Theodor ReikTheodor Reik
12 May 1888, Austrian, American
Psychologist, Psychanalyst

Billie FrechetteBillie Frechette
1907 AD
Theater Actress, Criminal, Singer

John MasonJohn Mason
10 January 1945, Indian
Schoolmaster, Educationist
Thakur AnukulchandraThakur Anukulchandra
14 September 1888, Bangladeshi

Cecil Frank PowellCecil Frank Powell
05 December 1903, British
John Llewellyn LewisJohn Llewellyn Lewis
12 February 1880, American

Adolfo Lopez MateosAdolfo Lopez Mateos
26 May 1910, Mexican

Wacław SierpińskiWacław Sierpiński
14 March 1882, Polish