Abigail Folger Biography

(Social worker)

Birthday: August 11, 1943 (Leo)

Born In: San Francisco, California, United States

Abigail Folger was an American coffee heiress and one of the five victims of the notorious “Tate murders” that took place in August 1969 in Los Angeles. Born in San Francisco, to Peter Folger, who was the chairman and the president of the ‘Folger Coffee Company,’ Abigail was a bright student in her younger years. Apart from being a good student academically, she also devoted time to arts. She graduated in art history from ‘Harvard University’ and also pursued musical theater. Following her graduation, she worked as a publicity director at the ‘University of California Art Museum.’ Around the same time, she started dating an aspiring screenwriter named Wojciech Frykowski. Abigail also did a lot of charity work and aspired to become an actor while working different jobs to make ends meet. On the evening of August 8, 1969, Abigail and Wojciech joined their friends, actor Sharon Tate and hairstylist Jay Sebring, for dinner. They all drove back to Sharon’s Cielo Drive estate. In the early hours of August 9, four members of the Charles Manson cult entered the house and killed five occupants, including Sharon Tate and Abigail, in the house. The ruthless murders made headlines across the world.

Quick Facts

Also Known As: Abigail Anne Folger, Gibbie Folger

Died At Age: 25


father: Peter Folger

mother: Ines Pui Mejia

Born Country: United States

Socialites Family Members

Height: 1.65 m

Died on: August 9, 1969

place of death: Los Angeles, California, United States

Notable Alumni: Radcliffe College

Cause of Death: Murdered

U.S. State: California

City: San Francisco, California

More Facts

education: Harvard University, Radcliffe College

Childhood & Early Life
Abigail Folger was born Abigail Anne Folger, on August 11, 1943, in San Francisco, California, to Peter Folger and Inez Mejia. Her father worked as the chairman and the president of the ‘Folger Coffee Company,’ founded by Abigail’s great-great-grandfather, JA Folger.
Her parents divorced in 1952, when she was 9 years old. Her mother had filed for divorce on the grounds of cruelty. Abigail’s father did not remarry until 1960.
Abigail was raised amidst the elite society of San Francisco and was highly invested in arts, books, and poetry while growing up. She was also a skilled piano player and did well academically. She was a bright child and was lovingly called “Gibby” by her close family members.
Abigail attended ‘Santa Catalina School,’ a Catholic for girls in California, and was one of the school’s best students. She graduated in 1961. She attended ‘Radcliffe College’ in Massachusetts and fulfilled her artistic ambitions by participating in musical theater. She starred in theatrical productions such as ‘The Sorcerer’ and ‘The Gondoliers.’
In the fall of 1964, after graduating from ‘Radcliffe College,’ Abigail enrolled at ‘Harvard University’ to pursue art history. She graduated in 1967 and started working at an art museum immediately. Although she had Hollywood dreams, she was not very keen on starting her acting career yet.
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Life & Career
In 1967, she started working full-time with the ‘University of California Arts Museum’ as a publicity director. She also organized the fine arts museum council while she worked there. She worked at the museum for a few months, before she quit the job to pursue other dreams. She left California and moved to New York, where she started working for a magazine publisher.
Despite the fact that she was an heiress to a grand fortune, she did not lead a lavish lifestyle in New York. She quit her job with the magazine publisher and started working at ‘Gotham Book Mart’ in New York.
While in New York, she met Polish author Jerzy Kosinski, who introduced her to his screenwriter friend Wojciech Frykowski. Wojciech, who was an aspiring scriptwriter, had just recently moved to the US back then. Abigail and Wojciech liked each other and started dating.
For the next few months, the couple lived together. Abigail gave him English lessons, and they roamed around the city. Wojciech moved into her New York apartment, and while he looked for a steady job, he was financially supported by Abigail.
In mid-1968, Abigail lent her moral and monetary support to politician Robert F Kennedy, as she strongly supported his political beliefs. She was also involved in a lot of charity work and spent a huge chunk of her fortune on social and civil rights movements.

In August 1968, Abigail and decided to move to Los Angeles to accomplish Wojciech’s dreams of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. They drove across the country and upon reaching Los Angeles, Abigail came in touch with a few elite Hollywood people. Through Wojciech, she got acquainted with Hollywood director Roman Polanski and his wife, actor Sharon Tate.

Over the next few months, Abigail Folger indulged in a lot of charity work along with her mother.

In late 1968, she also invested in ‘Sebring International,’ a small hair-care company started by her friend Jay Sebring, who was also friends with Sharon Tate. On March 15, 1969, Abigail and Wojciech attended Roman Polanski’s housewarming party at 10050 Cielo Drive in Los Angeles. Several Hollywood celebrities attended the party. There was a brawl at the party, and Polanski got into a fight with a few guests. The next day, Polanski left for London to shoot a film.
By April 1969, her extensive work as a social worker had started taking its toll on Abigail’s mental health. She became depressed and started taking drugs. Her relationship with Wojciech had also started deteriorating.
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The Murder
On the evening of August 8, 1969, Abigail Folger and Wojciech went out for dinner with Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Abigail was staying at Polanski’s mansion at that time.

Upon returning, Wojciech slept on the living-room couch, while Abigail went to her bedroom and started reading a book. Sharon Tate and Jay were in another room of the house at that time.

Shortly after midnight, four members of the ‘Manson Family,’ a notorious cult, entered the house and brought all the people to the living room. Sharon was pregnant at that time. The members of the cult, Tex Watson, Linda Kasabian, Susan Atkins, and Patricia Krenwinkel, killed the five people they found at the house, Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger, Wojciech Frykowski, and Steven Parent, one by one.

Abigail Folger somehow ran out of the house but was captured by Patricia and later stabbed to death. According to the killers, Abigail, had begged them to let her go, saying, “I give up, you’ve got me” and “I’m already dead”

Roman Polanski was in Europe for a shoot at that time and was thus saved.
Abigail’s body was buried at the ‘Holy Cross Cemetery’ in Colma, California.

Following the high-profile murders, the Charles Manson cult came under national spotlight. Several documentaries based on the incident have been released since then.

It was revealed that Manson, who was an aspiring musician, had previously tried to get a recording contract with record producer Terry Melcher. Terry stayed at the Cielo Drive property back then and had rejected Manson.

Quentin Tarantino’s film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is based on the incident. The film features Samantha Robinson as Abigail.

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