Famous People Who Died In 1936

Discover the most famous people died who died in the year 1936. This list includes people like Rudyard Kipling, Ivan Pavlov, Federico García Lorca, Anne Sullivan, Maxim Gorky and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include novelists, political leaders, poets and philosophers who died in 1936. This list includes people from United Kingdom, United States, Germany & France and many more countries.

George VGeorge V
03 June 1865, British
Former King of the United Kingdom
Rudyard KiplingRudyard Kipling
30 December 1865, British
Author & Poet

Federico García LorcaFederico García Lorca
05 June 1898, Spanish

Ivan PavlovIvan Pavlov
26 September 1849, Russian

Anne SullivanAnne Sullivan
14 April 1866, American
American Teacher, Instructor

Robert E howardRobert E. Howard
22 January 1906, American
Pulp Fiction Writer
Maxim GorkyMaxim Gorky
28 March 1868, Russian
Writer & Dramatist

A. E. HousmanA. E. Housman
26 March 1859, British

Luigi PirandelloLuigi Pirandello
28 June 1867, Italian

Charles CurtisCharles Curtis
25 January 1860, American
Former Vice President of the United States
Miguel de UnamunoMiguel de Unamuno
29 September 1864, Spanish

Alexander BerkmanAlexander Berkman
21 November 1870, French, Russian
Munshi PremchandMunshi Premchand
31 July 1880, Indian
Novelist and Author

Grazia DeleddaGrazia Deledda
27 September 1871, Italian
Nobel Laureate in Literature

Frank HornbyFrank Hornby
15 May 1863, British
Charles NicolleCharles Nicolle
21 September 1866, French

Róbert BárányRóbert Bárány
22 April 1876, Austrian
Edmond Aman-JeanEdmond Aman-Jean
13 January 1858, French
French symbolist painter

Gilbert K. ChestertonGilbert K. Chesterton
29 May 1874, British

Albert FishAlbert Fish
19 May 1870, American
American serial killer
G. K. ChestertonG. K. Chesterton
29 May 1874, British
Journalist, Poet, Novelist, Autobiographer,

31 July 1880, Indian
Novelist, Screenwriter, Writer
Billy MitchellBilly Mitchell
29 December 1879, American

Elsa EinsteinElsa Einstein
18 January 1876, German

Oswald SpenglerOswald Spengler
29 May 1880, German
Writer, Historian, Philosopher, Sociologist,

Richard HauptmannRichard Hauptmann
26 November 1899, German
Max SchreckMax Schreck
06 September 1879, German
Lu XunLu Xun
25 September 1881, Chinese
Writer, Essayist, Poet, Literary critic,

Lev KamenevLev Kamenev
18 July 1883, Russian

Grigory ZinovievGrigory Zinoviev
23 September 1883, Ukrainian
Actor, Politician

Eleftherios VenizelosEleftherios Venizelos
23 August 1864, Greek
Karl PearsonKarl Pearson
27 March 1857, British
Mathematician, Historian of mathematics,

George V of the United KingdomGeorge V of the United Kingdom
03 June 1865, British
Former King of the United Kingdom

José Antonio Primo de RiveraJosé Antonio Primo de Rivera
24 April 1903, Spanish
Politician, Poet, Advocate

Fuad I of EgyptFuad I of Egypt
26 March 1868, Egyptian
Monarch, King

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Ottorino RespighiOttorino Respighi
09 July 1879, Italian
Composer, Conductor, Musicologist, Music educator,
Julius SchreckJulius Schreck
13 July 1898, German
Military personnel

Edmund Allenby, 1st Viscount AllenbyEdmund Allenby, 1st Viscount Allenby
23 April 1861, British
Politician, Diplomat, Officer, Philosopher
David Beatty, 1st Earl BeattyDavid Beatty, 1st Earl Beatty
17 January 1871, Irish, British
Politician, Military personnel

Hans von SeecktHans von Seeckt
22 April 1866, German
Politician, Officer

Basil ZaharoffBasil Zaharoff
06 October 1849, French, Greek
Arms trader, Businessperson, Philanthropist
Buenaventura DurrutiBuenaventura Durruti
14 July 1896, Spanish
Anarcho-syndicalist, Anarchist, Trade unionist

Louis BlériotLouis Blériot
01 July 1872, French
Aviator, Engineer, Inventor, Aerospace engineer
A. Mitchell PalmerA. Mitchell Palmer
04 May 1872, American

Alexander GlazunovAlexander Glazunov
10 August 1865, Russian
Composer, Choreographer, Conductor, Educationist,

John RinglingJohn Ringling
31 May 1866, American
Business Leader

José SanjurjoJosé Sanjurjo
28 March 1872, Spanish
Officer, Military personnel

Ferdinand TönniesFerdinand Tönnies
26 July 1855, German
Jean PatouJean Patou
19 August 1880, French
grand couturier, costume designer

Moritz SchlickMoritz Schlick
14 April 1882, German
Physicist, Philosopher, University teacher,

Ahmet Tevfik PashaAhmet Tevfik Pasha
11 February 1845

Robert MichelsRobert Michels
09 January 1876, German
Sociologist, University teacher
Marcel GrossmannMarcel Grossmann
09 April 1878, Swiss

Georg MichaelisGeorg Michaelis
08 September 1857, German, Polish
Chancellor , Politician
Takahashi KorekiyoTakahashi Korekiyo
27 July 1854, Japanese
Politician, Accountant, Economist

John Scott HaldaneJohn Scott Haldane
03 May 1860, British
Inventor, Physiologist

Edward BachEdward Bach
24 September 1886, British
Physician, Writer, Homeopath
Bertha PappenheimBertha Pappenheim
27 February 1859, Austrian, German
Writer, Journalist, Social worker, Feminist

Ramón del Valle-InclánRamón del Valle-Inclán
28 October 1866, Spanish
Finley Peter DunneFinley Peter Dunne
10 July 1867, American
Author, Screenwriter, Writer, Journalist

Nikolai OstrovskyNikolai Ostrovsky
29 September 1904, Russian

Anna BochAnna Boch
10 February 1848, Belgian, French
Harriet MonroeHarriet Monroe
23 December 1860, American
American poet

Alfred Edward HousmanAlfred Edward Housman
26 March 1859, British
George Arthur PlimptonGeorge Arthur Plimpton
13 July 1855, American

Karl KrausKarl Kraus
28 April 1874, Austrian, Czech
writer, poet, journalist, essayist

Richard LoebRichard Loeb
1905 AD

Henri Louis Le ChatelierHenri Louis Le Chatelier
08 October 1850, French
French chemist
John HopeJohn Hope
02 June 1868, American
Walther WeverWalther Wever
11 November 1887, German
aviator, military personnel

Andrija MohorovičićAndrija Mohorovičić
23 January 1857, Croatian

Arthur S. BrisbaneArthur S. Brisbane
12 December 1864, American

S.D. GordonS.D. Gordon
12 August 1859, American