When we talk of famous Colombians, singer Shakira and actress Sofía Vergara are undoubtedly among the first names that come to our minds. This is not at all surprising given that Columbians are well known for their love for dance, music and entertainment, supported by their diverse tradition in the arts. Ethnically diverse, Columbia has a rich cultural heritage as it was originally inhabited by indigenous peoples including the Muisca, Quimbaya, and Tairona. The influence of European culture is also evident as the nation was once under the colonial rule of Spain. Even after gaining independence in the mid-19th century, Colombia faced a century of war, violence and political chaos and was able to gain relative political stability only in the recent decades.
Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar
01 December 1949
Colombian Drug Lord
02 February 1977

Lil PumpLil Pump
17 August 2000

James RodríguezJames Rodríguez
12 July 1991
Football Player

John LeguizamoJohn Leguizamo
22 July 1964
Actor, Stand-up Comedian

J BalvinJ Balvin
07 May 1985
Griselda BlancoGriselda Blanco
15 February 1943
Drug Lord

Sebastián MarroquínSebastián Marroquín
24 February 1977
Son of Pablo Escobar

Carlos LehderCarlos Lehder
07 September 1949
Drug Lord
Manuela EscobarManuela Escobar
25 May 1984
Pablo Escobar's Daughter

Gabriel Garcia MarquezGabriel Garcia Marquez
06 March 1927
Nobel Prize Winner in Literature
Virginia VallejoVirginia Vallejo
26 August 1949

Karol GKarol G
14 February 1991

28 January 1994

Omayra SánchezOmayra Sánchez
29 August 1972
Victim of Nevado del Ruiz Volcano

Isabella GomezIsabella Gomez
09 February 1998
Sebastián YatraSebastián Yatra
15 October 1994

Juan Pablo RabaJuan Pablo Raba
14 January 1977

Carlos ValdesCarlos Valdes
20 April 1989

Zulay HenaoZulay Henao
29 May 1979
Carmen VillalobosCarmen Villalobos
13 July 1983
Actress, Model

Juan Manuel SantosJuan Manuel Santos
10 August 1951
President of Colombia
Ximena DuqueXimena Duque
30 January 1985

Stella ArroyaveStella Arroyave
20 March 1956

Nina GarciaNina García
03 May 1965
Fashion Journalist
Alex SensationAlex Sensation
22 April 1979
Musical Artist

Maria Victoria HenaoMaria Victoria Henao
1961 AD
Pablo Escobar's Wife
Anllela SagraAnllela Sagra
06 October 1993
Fitness Model

Sebastian VillalobosSebastian Villalobos
17 January 1996

Daniela OspinaDaniela Ospina
22 September 1992
Volleyball Player
Nathalie ParisNathalie Paris
23 October 1999

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Mario RuizMario Ruiz
01 October 1993
Andrea EspadaAndrea Espada
17 August 1986
Television Presenter, Actress, Social Media

Kika NietoKika Nieto
30 January 1993
YouTube Star

Radamel FalcaoRadamel Falcao
10 February 1986
Association football player

Luis GaravitoLuis Garavito
25 January 1957
Colombian serial killer
Kali UchisKali Uchis
17 July 1994
Alfredo Di StéfanoAlfredo Di Stéfano
04 July 1926
Association football player, Association football

Jackson MartínezJackson Martínez
03 October 1986
Association football player

Andrés EscobarAndrés Escobar
13 March 1967
Association football player

Juan Pablo MontoyaJuan Pablo Montoya
20 September 1975
Racecar driver
Juan CuadradoJuan Cuadrado
26 May 1988
Football player

Carlos ValderramaCarlos Valderrama
02 September 1961
Association football player

Jon GriesJon Gries
17 June 1957

Paula GarcesPaula Garces
20 March 1974

Diego Murillo BejaranoDiego Murillo Bejarano
23 February 1961
Luis MurielLuis Muriel
16 April 1991
Association football player

Lupe FuentesLupe Fuentes
27 January 1987
Iván DuqueIván Duque
01 August 1976
President of Colombia

Fernando BoteroFernando Botero
19 April 1932
painter, sculptor, artist

09 August 1972
René HiguitaRené Higuita
27 August 1966
association football player

David OspinaDavid Ospina
31 August 1988
Association football player
Carlos BaccaCarlos Bacca
08 September 1986
Association football player

Samuel E. WrightSamuel E. Wright
20 November 1946

Cristina UmañaCristina Umaña
24 December 1974

Fabio Ochoa VásquezFabio Ochoa Vásquez
02 May 1957
Drug trafficker

Catalina Sandino MorenoCatalina Sandino Moreno
19 April 1981
Faustino AsprillaFaustino Asprilla
10 November 1969
Association football player

Carlos VivesCarlos Vives
07 August 1961

Álvaro UribeÁlvaro Uribe
04 July 1952
Former President of Colombia

Manuela ArbeláezManuela Arbeláez
09 September 1988
Model, Actor
Breidis PrescottBreidis Prescott
03 May 1983

Diana TurbayDiana Turbay
09 March 1950
Ernesto Samper PizanoErnesto Samper Pizano
03 August 1950

Juan Fernando QuinteroJuan Fernando Quintero
18 January 1993
Association football player

Danna GarcíaDanna García
02 February 1978
Nairo QuintanaNairo Quintana
04 February 1990
Sport cyclist

Cristián ZapataCristián Zapata
30 September 1986
Association football player
Francisco de Paula SantanderFrancisco de Paula Santander
02 April 1792
President of Colombia

Hugo RodallegaHugo Rodallega
25 July 1985
Association football player

Juan Carlos OsorioJuan Carlos Osorio
08 June 1962
Association football player, Association football
Iván CórdobaIván Córdoba
11 August 1976

Samael Aun WeorSamael Aun Weor
03 March 1917
Andrés Pastrana ArangoAndrés Pastrana Arango
17 August 1954

Giovanni MorenoGiovanni Moreno
01 July 1986
Association football player

Víctor IbarboVíctor Ibarbo
19 May 1990
Association football player

Adrián RamosAdrián Ramos
22 January 1986
Association football player
Mario YepesMario Yepes
13 January 1976
Association football player
Virgilio Barco VargasVirgilio Barco Vargas
17 September 1921

Fredy MonteroFredy Montero
26 July 1987
Association football player

Juan AgudeloJuan Agudelo
23 November 1992
Association football player

Jorge Eliécer GaitánJorge Eliécer Gaitán
23 January 1903
Julio César Turbay AyalaJulio César Turbay Ayala
18 June 1916

Éder Álvarez BalantaÉder Álvarez Balanta
28 February 1993
Association football player

Óscar ParejaÓscar Pareja
10 August 1968
Association football player, Association football

Faryd MondragónFaryd Mondragón
21 June 1971
Association football player

Gustavo Rojas PinillaGustavo Rojas Pinilla
12 March 1900
Alfonso López MichelsenAlfonso López Michelsen
30 June 1913

Pablo ArmeroPablo Armero
02 November 1986
Association football player
Jaime GarzónJaime Garzón
24 October 1960

Alfonso CanoAlfonso Cano
22 July 1948
Manuel MarulandaManuel Marulanda
13 May 1930
Guerrilla leader
Sara LópezSara López
24 April 1995

Hard working and resilient, Columbians have emerged from their difficult past to become one of the most vibrant peoples in the world. While the likes of Shakira have taken the entertainment world by storm, others like artist Miguel Gómez, actor John Leguizamo, and businessman Fuad Ricardo Char Abdala have carved a niche for themselves in their respective fields. This section provides you information about the life and works of famous Colombians.