Famous People Born In 1897

Discover the most famous people born in 1897. The list includes people like Subhas Chandra Bose, Joseph Goebbels, Amelia Earhart, Dorothy Day, Lucky Luciano and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, soldiers, journalists and novelists born in 1897. This list includes people from United States, Germany, United Kingdom & France and many more countries.

Anthony EdenAnthony Eden
12th June, British
Prime Minister of UK
Amelia EarhartAmelia Earhart
24th July, American
Aviator, Pilot

Subhas Chandra BoseSubhas Chandra Bose
23rd January, Indian

Lucky LucianoLucky Luciano
11th November, American

Joseph GoebbelsJoseph Goebbels
29th October, German
German Nazi politician

Elijah MuhammadElijah Muhammad
7th October, American
Religious Leader
William FaulknerWilliam Faulkner
25th September, American
Writer, Nobel Laureate

Moe HowardMoe Howard
19th June, American

Frank CapraFrank Capra
18th May, Italian, American
Film Director

Enid BlytonEnid Blyton
11th August, British
Pope Paul VIPope Paul VI
26th September, Italian

Aneurin BevanAneurin Bevan
15th November, Welsh
Former Secretary of State for Health
Wilhelm ReichWilhelm Reich
24th March, Austrian

Marian AndersonMarian Anderson
27th February, American

Irène Joliot-CurieIrène Joliot-Curie
12th September, French
Lester B. PearsonLester B. Pearson
23rd April, Canadian
14th Prime Minister of Canada

Dorothy DayDorothy Day
8th November, American
Fredric MarchFredric March
31st August, American

Marion DaviesMarion Davies
3rd January, American

Edith HeadEdith Head
28th October, American
Costume Designer
Jiroemon KimuraJiroemon Kimura
19th April, Japanese
Oldest Living Male Recorded in History

Walter WinchellWalter Winchell
7th April, American
Journalist, Radio Personality
Louise TracyLouise Tracy
31st July, American
Founder of The John Tracy Clinic

Janaki AmmalJanaki Ammal
30th November, Indian

Marcel PetiotMarcel Petiot
17th January, French
Serial Killer

Charles Kingsford SmithCharles Kingsford Smith
9th February, Australian
Ettore BoiardiEttore Boiardi
22nd October, Italian, American
Chef, Restaurateur
Nirad C. ChaudhuriNirad C. Chaudhuri
23rd November, Indian
Indian writer

Patrick BlackettPatrick Blackett
18th November, British

John CockcroftJohn Cockcroft
27th May, British

John Franklin EndersJohn Franklin Enders
10th February, American
The Father of Modern Vaccines
Tadeusz ReichsteinTadeusz Reichstein
20th July, Polish

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Enid LyonsEnid Lyons
9th July, Australian

Betty CompsonBetty Compson
19th March, American

Odd HasselOdd Hassel
17th May, Norwegian

Elisabeth Bergner Elisabeth Bergner
22nd August, British
Georg WittigGeorg Wittig
16th June, German
Organic Chemist

Ronald George Wreyford NorrishRonald George Wreyford Norrish
9th November, British
Manuel Ortiz GuerreroManuel Ortiz Guerrero
16th July, Paraguayan

Dr Zakir HussainDr Zakir Husain
8th February, Indian
Former President of India

John DeanJohn Dean
2nd September, British
Vito GenoveseVito Genovese
27th November, American
Drug trafficker

Jack HaleyJack Haley
10th August, American
Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of RussiaGrand Duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna of Russia
10th June, Russian
Politician, Nurse

Walter PidgeonWalter Pidgeon
23rd September, Canadian, American
Actor, Singer, Stage actor, Television actor,

Joe ProfaciJoe Profaci
2nd October, American

Georges BatailleGeorges Bataille
10th September, French
Philosopher, Librarian, Poet, Novelist, Writer,

Teddy HartTeddy Hart
25th September, American
John LaurieJohn Laurie
25th March, Scottish

Margaret Chase SmithMargaret Chase Smith
14th December, American

Citizen KaneHerman J. Mankiewicz
7th November, American
Screenwriter, Film producer, Journalist

Emil MauriceEmil Maurice
19th January, German
Louis BuchalterLouis Buchalter
6th February, American

Pola NegriPola Negri
3rd January, Polish, American
Judith AndersonJudith Anderson
10th February, Australian
stage actor, film actor

Gene TunneyGene Tunney
25th May, American

Blind Willie JohnsonBlind Willie Johnson
22nd January, American
Musician, Singer, Guitarist
Gordon AllportGordon Allport
11th November, American
Psychologist, Academic, University teacher,

Ivan KonevIvan Konev
16th December, Russian
Kurt DaluegeKurt Daluege
15th September, German
Officer, Politician

Ludwig ErhardLudwig Erhard
4th February, German
Economist, Politician, University teacher

Sidney BechetSidney Bechet
14th May, American
Composer, Clarinetist, Saxophonist, Jazz musician
Paavo NurmiPaavo Nurmi
13th June, Finnish
Long-distance runner, Marathon runner, Athletics

Hasso von ManteuffelHasso von Manteuffel
14th January, German
Politician, Officer
Erich Wolfgang KorngoldErich Wolfgang Korngold
29th May, Austrian, Czech, American
Composer, Pianist, Conductor, Film score composer

Hans SpeidelHans Speidel
28th October, German
Career soldier, Military personnel

Otto StrasserOtto Strasser
10th September, German
Journalist, Politician, Writer

Karl-Otto KochKarl-Otto Koch
2nd August, German
Officer, Torturer
Kurt SchuschniggKurt Schuschnigg
14th December, Austrian, Italian
Choudhry Rahmat AliChoudhry Rahmat Ali
16th November, Pakistani

Paul RiccaPaul Ricca
14th November, American

Karl GebhardtKarl Gebhardt
23rd November, German
Surgeon, Torturer, University teacher

Henry CowellHenry Cowell
11th March, American
Composer, Musicologist, Music theorist, Pianist
Douglas SirkDouglas Sirk
26th April, Danish
Film director

Ferenc SzálasiFerenc Szálasi
6th January, Armenian, Hungarian
Political leader, Prime Minister

J. P. GuilfordJ. P. Guilford
7th March, American
Psychologist, University teacher

Wilfred BionWilfred Bion
8th September, British
Psychiatrist, Psychanalyst, Psychologist

Plaek PhibunsongkhramPlaek Phibunsongkhram
14th July, Thai
Politician, Military personnel
Agustín LaraAgustín Lara
30th October, Mexican
Composer, Singer, Actor, Songwriter

William StephensonWilliam Stephenson
23rd January, Canadian
Kenneth BurkeKenneth Burke
5th May, American
Philosopher, Literary critic, University teacher,

Hugh D. AuchinclossHugh D. Auchincloss
15th August, American
Officer, Stockbroker, Lawyer

Adolf HeusingerAdolf Heusinger
4th August, German
Edmund HeinesEdmund Heines
21st July, German

Louis AragonLouis Aragon
3rd October, French
Writer, Journalist, Politician, Poet, Novelist,
Hans BaurHans Baur
19th June, German
Aviator, Military personnel

Benjamin Lee WhorfBenjamin Lee Whorf
24th April, American
Anthropologist, Linguist

Fletcher HendersonFletcher Henderson
18th December, American
American bandleader

Gershom ScholemGershom Scholem
5th December, Israeli
Philosopher, Librarian, Historian, Educationist,
John Bagot GlubbJohn Bagot Glubb
16th April, British
Engineer, Officer

Arthur GreiserArthur Greiser
22nd January, German
Joseph DarnandJoseph Darnand
19th March, French

Dorothy ArznerDorothy Arzner
30th November, American
Norbert EliasNorbert Elias
22nd June, Polish, British

Norbert EliasNorbert Elias
22nd June, Polish
Ye JianyingYe Jianying
28th April