Famous People Born In 1872

Discover the most famous people born in 1872. The list includes people like Bertrand Russell, Calvin Coolidge, Piet Mondrian, Emily Davison, Roald Amundsen and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include political leaders, philosophers, novelists and non-fiction writers born in 1872. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, France & Russia and many more countries.

Calvin CoolidgeCalvin Coolidge
4th July, American
President of the U.S.A
Bertrand RussellBertrand Russell
18th May, British, Welsh

Sri AurobindoSri Aurobindo
15th August, Indian
Political and Spiritual Leader

Piet MondrianPiet Mondrian
7th March, Dutch
Dutch Painter

Roald AmundsenRoald Amundsen
16th July, Norwegian
The first person to reach the South Pole

Ralph Vaughan WilliamsRalph Vaughan Williams
12th October, British
Emily DavisonEmily Davison
11th October, British

Learned HandLearned Hand
27th January, American
Former United States Judge and Judicial

Léon BlumLéon Blum
9th April, French
Former Prime Minister of France

David UnaiponDavid Unaipon
28th September, Australian
William Desmond TaylorWilliam Desmond Taylor
26th April, Irish, American
Actor, Director

Anna HeldAnna Held
8th March, French
Actress, Singer
Norman AngellNorman Angell
26th December, British
British Journalist & Author

Jože PlečnikJože Plečnik
23rd January, Slovenian

Blaise DiagneBlaise Diagne
13th October, Senegalese
Political Leader
Yane SandanskiYane Sandanski
18th May, Bulgarian
National Hero in Bulgaria

Charles Greeley AbbotCharles Greeley Abbot
31st May, American
Alexandra FeodorovnaAlexandra Feodorovna
6th June, German

Lafayette MendelLafayette Mendel
5th February, American

Aleksandr ScriabinAleksandr Scriabin
6th January, Russian
Russian Symbolist Composer
Haakon VII of NorwayHaakon VII of Norway
3rd August, Norwegian

Aubrey BeardsleyAubrey Beardsley
21st August, French
Zane GreyZane Grey
31st January, American

Alexander ScriabinAlexander Scriabin
6th January, Russian
Composer, Pianist, University teacher

Mathilde KschessinskaMathilde Kschessinska
18th August, Russian
ballet dancer

Andrew KehoeAndrew Kehoe
1st February, American
Spree killer
Alexandra KollontaiAlexandra Kollontai
31st March, Russian
Politician, Diplomat, Feminist
Paul Laurence DunbarPaul Laurence Dunbar
27th June, American
Writer, Novelist, Playwright, Poet

Sergei DiaghilevSergei Diaghilev
31st March, Italian, Russian
Russian art critic

Louis BlériotLouis Blériot
1st July, French
Aviator, Engineer, Inventor, Aerospace engineer

Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of RussiaGrand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia
22nd January, Russian
Grand Duchess of Russia
Julia MorganJulia Morgan
20th January, American

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Emily PostEmily Post
27th October, American

Abdullah Yusuf AliAbdullah Yusuf Ali
14th April, Indian

Marcel MaussMarcel Mauss
10th May, French
Politician, Sociologist, Ethnologist,

Eduard BlochEduard Bloch
30th January, Austrian
Harlan F. StoneHarlan F. Stone
11th October, American
Lawyer, Judge, University teacher

Maurice GamelinMaurice Gamelin
20th September, French
military personnel
Paul LangevinPaul Langevin
23rd January, French
Physicist, Professor, Chemist, Philosopher of

A. Mitchell PalmerA. Mitchell Palmer
4th May, American

Henry Tingle WildeHenry Tingle Wilde
21st September, British
Chief mate
Addison MiznerAddison Mizner
12th December, American

Djemal PashaDjemal Pasha
6th May
Politician, Military personnel
José SanjurjoJosé Sanjurjo
28th March, Spanish
Officer, Military personnel

Emil HáchaEmil Hácha
12th July, Czech

Johan HuizingaJohan Huizinga
7th December, Dutch
Cultural historian, Historian, University teacher,

Michael Joseph SavageMichael Joseph Savage
23rd March, New Zealander
Politician, Diplomat

Habibullah KhanHabibullah Khan
3rd June, Afghan
Edward Gordon CraigEdward Gordon Craig
16th January, Irish, British
Actor, Director, Illustrator, Scenographer,

Edward Adrian WilsonEdward Adrian Wilson
23rd July, British
Explorer, Ornithologist, Painter, Scientist

Pío BarojaPío Baroja
28th December, Spanish
Writer, Physician, Novelist

Richard WillstätterRichard Willstätter
13th August, Swiss, German
Robert MaillartRobert Maillart
6th February, Swiss
Swiss civil engineer

Alexander MeiklejohnAlexander Meiklejohn
1st February, American
Anton Ivanovich DenikinAnton Ivanovich Denikin
16th December, American

William Heath RobinsonWilliam Heath Robinson
31st March, British

Shūsei TokudaShūsei Tokuda
1st February, Japanese
novelist, writer
Frederick Edwin SmithFrederick Edwin Smith
12th July, British

Sir Henry Maximilian BeerbohmSir Henry Maximilian Beerbohm
24th August, British