Famous People Born In 1851

Discover the most famous people born in 1851. The list includes people like Doc Holliday, Ferdinand Foch, Morgan Earp, Emile Berliner, Léon Bourgeois and many more. This list of celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. People featured on this list, include physicists, family members, zoologists and botanists born in 1851. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom and many more countries.

Doc HollidayDoc Holliday
14th August, American
Gambler, Gunfighter
Morgan EarpMorgan Earp
24th April, American
Special Policeman

Ferdinand FochFerdinand Foch
2nd October, French

Emile BerlinerEmile Berliner
20th May, American

Léon BourgeoisLéon Bourgeois
21st May, French
French Statesman

Emma BordenEmma Borden
1st March, American
Lizzie Borden's Sister
Anton HausAnton Haus
13th June, Austrian, Croatian, Slovenian
Naval officer

Asa Griggs CandlerAsa Griggs Candler
30th December, American

Olga Constantinovna of RussiaOlga Constantinovna of Russia
3rd September, Russian
Walter ReedWalter Reed
13th September, American
Military physician, Zoologist, Entomologist

Melvil DeweyMelvil Dewey
10th December, American
Librarian, Resort developer, Reformer
Samuel SachsSamuel Sachs
28th July, American
Banker, Entrepreneur, Investment banker

Charles DowCharles Dow
6th November, American

Charles Joseph BonaparteCharles Joseph Bonaparte
9th June, French, Italian, American

Arthur EvansArthur Evans
8th July, British

David Starr JordanDavid Starr Jordan
19th January, American
Botanist, Peace activist, Zoologist,
Martinus BeijerinckMartinus Beijerinck
16th March
Biologist, Microbiologist, University teacher,

Leslie WardLeslie Ward
21st November, British
Caricaturist, Painter

Oliver LodgeOliver Lodge
12th June, British
Physicist, Engineer

Emilia Pardo BazánEmilia Pardo Bazán
16th September, Spanish
Essayist, Literary critic, Novelist, Journalist,
Frederick SelousFrederick Selous
31st December, British

Friedrich von WieserFriedrich von Wieser
10th July, Austrian
Adolf von HarnackAdolf von Harnack
7th May, Estonian

Knut WicksellKnut Wicksell
20th December, Swedish
Economist, University teacher

Edward Robert HughesEdward Robert Hughes
5th November, British
Barney BarnatoBarney Barnato
21st February, British

Mother Mary AlphonsaMother Mary Alphonsa
20th May, American
Mary Augusta WardMary Augusta Ward
11th June, Australian, British

John DillonJohn Dillon
4th September, Irish
Irish leader

Désiré-Joseph MercierDésiré-Joseph Mercier
21st November, Belgian
Theodor LippsTheodor Lipps
28th July, German

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Jonas BasanavičiusJonas Basanavičius
23rd November, Lithuanian
Georg JellinekGeorg Jellinek
16th June, German

George Francis FitzGeraldGeorge Francis FitzGerald
3rd August, Irish
Physicist, University teacher

Eugen von Böhm-BawerkEugen von Böhm-Bawerk
12th February, Austrian

Alois JirásekAlois Jirásek
23rd August, Czech
Thomas Fortune RyanThomas Fortune Ryan
17th October, American
Henry DrummondHenry Drummond
17th August, Scottish
Author, University teacher, Writer

A.C. BradleyA.C. Bradley
26th March, British

Jacobus Cornelius KapteynJacobus Cornelius Kapteyn
19th January, Dutch

Sir George Abraham GriersonSir George Abraham Grierson
7th January, British
Bernardino Luís MachadoBernardino Luís Machado
28th March, Brazilian
President of Portugal

Sir Francis Henry Dillon BellSir Francis Henry Dillon Bell
31st March, New Zealander
Prime minister

Vincent d'IndyVincent d'Indy
27th March, French