Individuals born on August 2nd have unique personality traits and characteristics. While the astrological sign is ruled by the Sun, the date is governed by the Moon. As such, these individuals carry the intensity of the Sun as well as the calmness and serenity of the Moon. They have ample of compassion and sincerity and are more sympathetic than the other zodiacal counterparts. August 2nd born people have a strong and magnetic personality. They are great at socializing with people and tend to have a charm and charisma which is unique to their own. They are straightforward and liberal in their thoughts and spirited in their self.

Lamar HuntLamar Hunt
74, American
Kevin SmithKevin Smith
49, American

Mary-Louise ParkerMary-Louise Parker
55, American

Charli XCXCharli XCX
27, British

Peter Seamus O'ToolePeter O'Toole
81, Irish, British

James BaldwinJames Baldwin
63, American
Jacinda BarrettJacinda Barrett
47, Australian, American
Actress, Model

Cassidy GiffordCassidy Gifford
26, American

Isabel AllendeIsabel Allende
77, Chilean, Peruvian, American
Shimon PeresShimon Peres
93, Israeli
Former President of Israel

Sandeep LamichhaneSandeep Lamichhane
19, Nepalese

Joanna CassidyJoanna Cassidy
74, American

Apollonia KoteroApollonia Kotero
60, American
Actress, Singer

Hallie EisenbergHallie Eisenberg
27, American

Butch PatrickButch Patrick
66, American
Former Child Actor
Bernie TiedeBernie Tiede
61, American

Angus ImrieAngus Imrie
25, British

Constantine IConstantine I
54, Greek
King of Greece

Gary MerrillGary Merrill
74, American
Jonas BlueJonas Blue
30, British

Kathryn HarroldKathryn Harrold
69, American
Cynthia StevensonCynthia Stevenson
57, American

John TyndallJohn Tyndall
73, Irish, British

Prafulla Chandra RayPrafulla Chandra Ray
82, Indian
Autumn MillerAutumn Miller
18, American
Dancer, Actor, Model, YouTuber

Britt NicoleBritt Nicole
34, American
Singer, Songwriter
George HabashGeorge Habash
81, Israeli, Jordanian
Founder of The Popular Front for the Liberation of

Edith Dircksey CowanEdith Cowan
70, Australian
Social Campaigner

John W SnowJohn W. Snow
80, American
Former United States Secretary of the Treasury
Vikram BarnVikram Barn
24, British

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Mark LeeMark Lee
20, Canadian
RadioJH AudreyRadioJH Audrey
16, American

Jocqui SmollettJocqui Smollett
25, American

Sophia MitchellSophia Mitchell
19, Irish
Model, Instagram Star

Darius DobreDarius Dobre
24, American
Kristaps PorzingisKristaps Porzingis
24, Latvian
Basketball Player
Mel JoyMel Joy
20, American

Bahja RodriguezBahja Rodriguez
23, American
Hip Hop Singer, Songwriter

Eyal BookerEyal Booker
24, British

Jack L WarnerJack L Warner
86, Canadian, American
Film Executive
Rosalie Van BreemenRosalie van Breemen
53, Dutch
Model & TV Presenter

Angela Magana Angela Magana
36, American

Giancarlo PurchGiancarlo Purch
19, American

Carroll O’ConnorCarroll O’Connor
76, American

Bill ScottBill Scott
65, American
American voice actor
Sam WorthingtonSam Worthington
43, Australian, British
Actor, Voice actor

Edward FurlongEdward Furlong
42, American
Nick DiazNick Diaz
36, American
Mixed martial artist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Donna AirDonna Air
40, British

Charlie StrongCharlie Strong
59, American
Head coach
Wes CravenWes Craven
76, American
Director, writer, producer, acto

Myrna LoyMyrna Loy
88, American
Yuvika ChaudharyYuvika Chaudhary
36, Indian

Dennis PragerDennis Prager
71, American
Radio personality, Author, Writer, Journalist

Lance ItoLance Ito
69, American
Lawyer, Judge

Chrystia FreelandChrystia Freeland
51, Canadian

Alice EvansAlice Evans
48, British, American
Jorge Rafael VidelaJorge Rafael Videla
87, Argentinian

Jack L. WarnerJack L. Warner
86, Canadian, American
Film executive

Golden TateGolden Tate
31, American
American football player

Simon KinbergSimon Kinberg
46, American
Screenwriter, Film producer
Andrew GoldAndrew Gold
59, American

Damian HarrisDamian Harris
61, American
Film director, Screenwriter
Garth HudsonGarth Hudson
82, Canadian
Pianist, Musician

Dingdong DantesDingdong Dantes
39, Filipino

Max WrightMax Wright
76, American
Jim CapaldiJim Capaldi
60, British

Giampaolo PazziniGiampaolo Pazzini
35, Italian
Association football player
Victoria JacksonVictoria Jackson
60, American
Actor, Television actor

Kateb YacineKateb Yacine
60, Algerian
writer, playwright, journalist

Butch VigButch Vig
64, American
Angélica RiveraAngélica Rivera
50, Mexican
Television actor, Politician, Actor, Model

Nacer ChadliNacer Chadli
30, Belgian
Association football player
Alexander EmelianenkoAlexander Emelianenko
38, Russian
Mixed Martial Artist

Jan Axel BlombergJan Axel Blomberg
50, Norwegian
Drummer, Musician

Andy Fairweather LowAndy Fairweather Low
71, British
Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter

Frédéric Auguste BartholdiFrédéric Auguste Bartholdi
70, French
Sculptor, Architect
Evander KaneEvander Kane
28, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Elisha GrayElisha Gray
65, American

Karl-Otto KochKarl-Otto Koch
47, German
Officer, Torturer

Ken KutaragiKen Kutaragi
69, Japanese
computer scientist, inventor, engineer,

Nadia BjorlinNadia Bjorlin
39, American
Pierre Charles L'EnfantPierre Charles L'Enfant
70, French, American

Bob RaeBob Rae
71, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer

Jussi Adler-OlsenJussi Adler-Olsen
69, Danish

Caleb CarrCaleb Carr
64, American

Isabel PantojaIsabel Pantoja
63, Spanish
Hélder PostigaHélder Postiga
37, Portuguese
Association football player

Joe HockeyJoe Hockey
54, Australian
Statesman, Diplomat, Lawyer
Stefan EffenbergStefan Effenberg
51, German
Association football player, Association football

Ruth LawrenceRuth Lawrence
48, British
Mathematician, Topologist, University teacher
Mahmud IMahmud I
58, Turkish
Sandra NgSandra Ng
54, Chinese
Actor, Singer

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on August 2

Individuals born on August 2nd are blessed with typical Lion traits – they are determined, ambitious, practical and idealistic. They are playful and cheery but at the same time have a strong need for love and companionship. These people have a unique disposition about them, they are able to blend their fiery inner motives with calmness and serenity. These people are sociable, confident and sincere but are at the same time, sensitive to surrounding and highly receptive of the mood of others. However, when confined to an uncomfortable surrounding, these individuals can be stubbornly impervious, disconnected and irresponsible.

Most of the individuals born on August 2nd tend to be careless and inattentive about health issues. Neither do they watch their diet nor take effort to indulge in regular exercise. To add to the woes, these people do not get adequate sleep as well due to their constant need to be active and lively. A shortage of vitamins and minerals is a common ailment for August 2nd born people. They should not take their health for granted and work towards maintaining it.

These people are born with the luck to be wealthy. As such, having financial crises is not much of an option for August 2nd born people. They are great at handling finance and spend wisely. These people indulge in the luxuries of the world but take care to save for the rainy day as well.

The best career options for those born on August 2nd include one in which they are directly dealing with people. They do well in professions in which they become the face of the organisation due to their highly sociable nature. They can do well in positions which involve dealing with customer service needs or speaking on the behalf of others. When it comes to work commitment, August 2nd born natives have intense discipline and work hard to attain their goals and dreams.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
August 2nd born individuals may seem confident and determined from the outside but when it comes to relationships, they are dependent on others emotionally. These people despite being open and generous are demanding. During the initial years, August 2nd natives have a flirtatious nature. But they are deeply caring and loving at the same time. Long term relationship works well for these individuals only when the partner lives up to the expectations. Since these individuals are fiercely loyal, they demand the same from their partner as well. Nevertheless, they are extremely passionate, affectionate and sensual to their partner. As parents, these people are considerate and always there for their children.

Lucky Colors: Cream, White, Green
Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 12, 22