Charming, responsible and creative, people born on August 1st fall under the zodiac sign Leo. They are ruled by the Sun, as per their astrological profile and also according to their date. Due to this, August 1st born natives reflect a higher intensity of warmth and friendliness than other Leos. Since these people are born leaders, they possess great leadership qualities and are looked upon by others for guidance and help. August 1st individuals are stylish and possess capability to impress others by their mere presence.  Usually these people are self-sufficient, but in matters of heart or emotionally, they may fall back upon others and need constant love and support.

Jason MomoaJason Momoa
40, American
Sam MendesSam Mendes
54, British
Film Director

Ray DalioRay Dalio
70, American

63, Ancient Roman
Roman emperor

Jerry GarciaJerry Garcia
53, American

Gegard MousasiGegard Mousasi
34, Dutch
Mixed Martial Artist
Herman MelvilleHerman Melville
72, American

Henrietta LacksHenrietta Lacks
31, American
Source of HeLa Cell Line

Robert Todd LincolnRobert Todd Lincoln
82, American
Politician, Son of Abraham Lincoln

Abdullah of Saudi ArabiaAbdullah of Saudi Arabia
90, Saudi Arabian
Former King of Saudi Arabia
Ernesto Fonseca CarrilloErnesto Fonseca Carrillo
89, Mexican
Drug Lord

John Carroll LynchJohn Carroll Lynch
56, American
56, American
Rapper, Actor, Record Producer, Chef

Francis Scott KeyFrancis Scott Key
63, American

Adam DuritzAdam Duritz
55, American
66, Ancient Roman
Military Leader

Trevor BerbickTrevor Berbick
52, Canadian, Jamaican
Tempestt BledsoeTempestt Bledsoe
46, American

Chuck DChuck D
59, American

William ClarkWilliam Clark
68, American
Jean-Baptiste LamarckJean-Baptiste Lamarck
85, French

Mary Harris JonesMary Harris Jones
93, American
Labor and Community Organizer
Max CarverMax Carver
31, American

Cymphonique MillerCymphonique Miller
23, American
Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Leon Thomas IIILeon Thomas III
26, American
Actor, Singer, Songwriter

Khamani GriffinKhamani Griffin
21, American
Al D'AmatoAl D'Amato
82, American
Former United States Senator
Maria MitchellMaria Mitchell
70, American

OluchiOluchi Onweagba
37, Nigerien
Fashion Model

Kristina Sunshine JungKristina Sunshine Jung
41, American

Georges Charpak Georges Charpak
86, French, Polish, Ukrainian
Richard Henry Dana Jr.Richard Henry Dana Jr.
66, American
Reputed U. S. Lawyer & Abolitionist

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Casey BarkerCasey Barker
24, British

Yves Saint LaurentYves Saint Laurent
71, French
Fashion Designer

Anderson WebbAnderson Webb
18, British

Rose MacaulayRose Macaulay
77, British
Kenza BoutrifKenza Boutrif
18, British
Instagram Star

Douglas D. OsheroffDouglas D. Osheroff
74, American
Walter GerlachWalter Gerlach
90, German

William Barret TravisWilliam Barret Travis
26, American
Military Leader

Mia StammerMia Stammer
25, Japanese, American
Edward JeffriesEdward Jeffries
32, Australian
Actor, Director, Musician

JJ HannonJJ Hannon
18, American
Social Media Star
Sophia Grace MacySophia Grace Macy
19, American

Darren SuggDarren Sugg
42, American
Video Game Designer

Disco NorrisDisco Norris
1, Australian

Jaden BojsenJaden Bojsen
19, German

Sophie BrussauxSophie Brussaux
30, French, American
Mother of Drake’s Son
Adrian DunbarAdrian Dunbar
61, Irish, British

Bastian SchweinsteigerBastian Schweinsteiger
35, German
Association football player

Dom DeLuiseDom DeLuise
75, American

Meena KumariMeena Kumari
38, Indian
Tendai MtawariraTendai Mtawarira
34, Zimbabwean
Rugby union player

Dhani HarrisonDhani Harrison
41, British
Singer, Guitarist, Composer, Pianist, Model
Honeysuckle WeeksHoneysuckle Weeks
40, British

Madison BumgarnerMadison Bumgarner
30, American
Baseball Players

Amber RuddAmber Rudd
56, British
Kirk FerentzKirk Ferentz
64, American
American football player

Pierre BourdieuPierre Bourdieu
71, French
Philosopher, Sociologist, Anthropologist,
Nwankwo KanuNwankwo Kanu
43, Nigerian

Demián BichirDemián Bichir
56, Mexican
Actor, Television actor, Film actor

Surveen ChawlaSurveen Chawla
35, Indian
Michael PennMichael Penn
61, American

Jens SöringJens Söring
53, German
Joe ElliottJoe Elliott
60, British
Singer, Composer

Jim CarrollJim Carroll
60, American

Steve SchirripaSteve Schirripa
61, American

Henry Lloyd-HughesHenry Lloyd-Hughes
34, British
Laila MorseLaila Morse
74, British
Giancarlo GianniniGiancarlo Giannini
77, Italian
Film director, Actor, Voice actor, Screenwriter

Alexander of GreeceAlexander of Greece
27, Greek

Tommy BolinTommy Bolin
25, American
Guitarist, Jazz musician, Jazz guitarist

Geoffrey HolderGeoffrey Holder
84, Spanish, Trinidadian, American
William B. TravisWilliam B. Travis
26, American
Military personnel

Edgerrin JamesEdgerrin James
41, American
American Football Player

Iago AspasIago Aspas
32, Spanish
association football player

Paul LambertPaul Lambert
74, American

Oona LaurenceOona Laurence
17, American
Joe HisaishiJoe Hisaishi
-1950, Spanish

Meir KahaneMeir Kahane
58, Israeli, American
Politician, Rabbi, Journalist
Taylor NegronTaylor Negron
57, American

Jack Del RioJack Del Rio
76, Argentinian

Jesse BorregoJesse Borrego
57, American
Bradford BishopBradford Bishop
83, American
Diplomat, Fugitive

Kris Holden-RiedKris Holden-Ried
46, Canadian
Domenico BerardiDomenico Berardi
25, Italian
Association football player

Sabbatai ZeviSabbatai Zevi
50, Turkish

James St. JamesJames St. James
53, American

Hafizullah AminHafizullah Amin
50, Afghan
Robert CrayRobert Cray
66, American
Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter

David WainDavid Wain
50, American
Donald NeilsonDonald Neilson
75, British
Robber, Kidnapper & Murderer

Antonio NegriAntonio Negri
86, Italian
Philosopher, Politician, Professor, Economist
Mike EmrickMike Emrick
73, American
Sports commentator, Journalist

Tom LeykisTom Leykis
63, American
Radio personality
Danny BlindDanny Blind
Association football player, Association football

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on August 1

Ruled by the Sun, the date naturally brings to these individuals great leadership qualities. People born on this date take up responsibility and can be seen leading from the front in whatever they do. By nature, these people tend to have a jolly disposition and are charming, sociable and benevolent. They have an assertiveness and realistic outlook towards life. However, due to these factors, August 1st born people tend to be highly demanding, arrogant and egoistical. Since they believe in perfectionism, they can have unrealistic expectations from others and can be inflexible in their beliefs and thoughts.

August 1st borns are work addicts. As such, they rarely get into a sedentary lifestyle. Due to this, these individuals do not have health issues of any kind. They love food but do not indulge in binge eating. Instead, they always eat in moderation. However, these people should learn the dangers and risks that weight loss food have. They also should watch out on the lower back and foot based problem as these can be a cause of worry every now and then.

People sharing this birthdate do not have much problem in terms of money and finance. They have the ability to earn a lot of money. These individuals enjoy a great lifestyle and security that comes with money. These people do not have tension about the future as they mostly save for a rainy day.

People who have their birthday on August 1st are endowed with competitive spirit. As such, they turn out to be highly successful in their work. These individuals do well in career related to the field of advertising, marketing and high-level financial management as they have a knack for impressing and persuading others. However, these people need to keep their impulsiveness grounded to enjoy a lasting career.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
August 1st born individuals are friendly and approachable. They are charming and have a tendency to attract people. Since these people are naturally loving and understanding, they need a partner who is as affectionate, appreciative and attentive as they are. These individuals tend to be expressive and broadminded with their partner and can be at times, lustful in their sexual intentions. Since August 1st natives mostly have a demanding career, they are not very keen on becoming parents. But once they decide on to take the responsibility, they carry it out with intense passion and dedication. These individuals are more of friends than parents to their children.

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Lucky Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1, 10, 11, 19