Those born on April 3rd fall under the zodiac sign of Aries and are ruled by Jupiter and Mars. They have the ability to be an effective leader because of the high standards they always strive for. An individual with this date of birth has the innate sense for integrity as well as compassion toward their fellow man. Honesty couples with the sound mind for good judgment in not only matters of business but those of the heart. With the ruling planets of Mars and Jupiter these individuals embark on a journey through life which nourishes their spiritual soul and enhances their mental capacities. They tend to find inner peace and enlightenment which bring them eternal happiness.

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Alec BaldwinAlec Baldwin
61, American
Actor, Producer, Comedian
Eddie MurphyEddie Murphy
58, American

Cobie SmuldersCobie Smulders
37, Canadian
Actress, Model

Marlon BrandoMarlon Brando
80, American

Matthew GoodeMatthew Goode
41, British

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes
33, American
American actress
Paris JacksonParis Jackson
21, American
Model and Actress

Leona LewisLeona Lewis
34, British

Doris DayDoris Day
97, American
Film actress

Ben MendelsohnBen Mendelsohn
50, Australian
Jane GoodallJane Goodall
85, British

Sofia BoutellaSofia Boutella
37, Algerian, French
Jennie GarthJennie Garth
47, American

David Hyde PierceDavid Hyde Pierce
60, American

Hayley KiyokoHayley Kiyoko
28, American
Coleen RooneyColeen Rooney
33, British
Wayne Rooney’s Wife

Sebastian BachSebastian Bach
51, Bahamian, Canadian
Will GrierWill Grier
24, American
American football quarterback

Gus GrissomGus Grissom
40, American

Sarah JefferySarah Jeffery
23, Canadian
Young M.AYoung M.A
27, American

Tony BennTony Benn
88, British
Former British Politician
Washington IrwingWashington Irving
76, American
Author, Historian, Diplomat

Sam ManekshawSam Manekshaw
94, Indian

William M. TweedWilliam M. Tweed
55, American

John Demjanjuk John Demjanjuk
91, Ukrainian, American
War Criminal
Marsha MasonMarsha Mason
77, American
Jamie HewlettJamie Hewlett
51, British
Comic Creator

Carlos Salinas de GortariCarlos Salinas de Gortari
71, Mexican

Helmut KohlHelmut Kohl
87, German
Former Chancellor of Germany

Leslie HowardLeslie Howard
50, British
Kiana BrownKiana Brown
22, American
Singer, Actor

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Iron Eyes CodyIron Eyes Cody
94, American

Michael OlowokandiMichael Olowokandi
44, American
Basketball Player

Roza ShaninaRoza Shanina
20, Russian, Prussian

John HarrisonJohn Harrison
82, British
Mina MyoungMina Myoung
25, South Korean
Dancer, Choreographer

George HerbertGeorge Herbert
39, British, Welsh
Oracene PriceOracene Price
67, American
Tennis Coach

Mari OsakaMari Osaka
23, Japanese
Tennis Player

Ella Bleu TravoltaElla Bleu Travolta
19, American
Actress, John Travolta’s Daughter
Kristopher LondonKristopher London
26, British

Neville Cardus Neville Cardus
86, British
Writer & Critic
Allan DwanAllan Dwan
96, American

Richard ThompsonRichard Thompson
70, British
Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Dion YorkieDion Yorkie
23, Canadian, British

Jennifer RubinJennifer Rubin
57, American

Ivey MeeksIvey Meeks
17, American
Youtube Star
Brennen TaylorBrennen Taylor
24, American

19, British

Charles GitnickCharles Gitnick
17, American
Instagram Star

Brianna Joy WhiteBrianna Joy White
21, American
Derek GerardDerek Gerard
24, Canadian

Gisela GettyGisela Getty
70, German
Nigel FarageNigel Farage
55, British
Politician, Autobiographer, Commodity broker,

Prabhu DevaPrabhu Deva
46, Indian
Film director, Actor, Choreographer, Dancer

Rachel BloomRachel Bloom
32, American
Eric BraedenEric Braeden
78, German, American
Actor, Film actor

Maxi LópezMaxi López
35, Argentinian
Association football player
Chael SonnenChael Sonnen
42, American
Mixed martial artist, Podcaster, Promoter,

Wayne NewtonWayne Newton
77, American
American singer

Tim KrulTim Krul
31, Dutch
Association football player
Blanche GardinBlanche Gardin
42, French

Jaya PradaJaya Prada
57, Indian
Actor, Politician, Film actor, Screenwriter
Jared AllenJared Allen
37, American
American footballer

Israel FolauIsrael Folau
30, Australian
Australian rules footballer, Rugby league player,

Catherine McCormackCatherine McCormack
47, British

Ray CombsRay Combs
40, American
Actor, Television actor
Tommy HaasTommy Haas
41, German, American
Tennis player
Tony OrlandoTony Orlando
75, American

Adrien RabiotAdrien Rabiot
24, French
Association football player

Cat CoraCat Cora
52, American

Lyle AlzadoLyle Alzado
43, American
American Football Player
Richard ManuelRichard Manuel
42, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Pianist, Musician

Lesley SharpLesley Sharp
59, British

Kelly PriceKelly Price
59, American

Jamie BamberJamie Bamber
46, Irish, British, American

Will MellorWill Mellor
43, British
Charlotte ColemanCharlotte Coleman
33, British

Aries SpearsAries Spears
44, American
Mike NessMike Ness
57, American

Lance StormLance Storm
50, Canadian

Vipul Amrutlal ShahVipul Amrutlal Shah
46, Indian
Film director, Film producer
Angela FeatherstoneAngela Featherstone
54, Canadian, American

Kevin HagenKevin Hagen
77, American
Actor, Television actor
Hussein FatalHussein Fatal
38, American
Rapper, Musician

Alice LoweAlice Lowe
42, British

Fazlur Rahman KhanFazlur Rahman Khan
52, Bangladeshi, American
Civil engineer, Architect, Structural engineer

Reinhard GehlenReinhard Gehlen
77, German
Adi GodrejAdi Godrej
77, Indian

A. C. GraylingA. C. Grayling
70, British
Philosopher, University teacher
Thisara PereraThisara Perera
30, Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan cricketer

Edward HighmoreEdward Highmore
58, British
Francesca WoodmanFrancesca Woodman
22, American

Dee MurrayDee Murray
45, British
Musician, Guitarist, Songwriter
Lino BrockaLino Brocka
52, Filipino
film director, screenwriter, actor

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 3rd   

Self-confidence is the soundest trait of the Arians born on the 3rd of April but an odd fascination with mystical experience is often associated with these individuals. Spirituality is important, as this cerebral sign longs to know the unknowable. Blessed with the strength and power of Jupiter, these bubbly individuals show extreme charisma which draws others towards them. At times a near social butterfly attitude can take this leader to the center of the party as they float effortlessly through gatherings of any kind. The only aspect of their personality that needs to be dealt with is their naïve and at times too trusting outlook towards others.

As far as the health matters are concerned, the easy going attitude protects these Arians from stress related hazards. However the same carefree attitude may often result in their apathy towards proper diet and exercise. They need to make sure that their strong love of food doesn’t overwhelm their constitution, causing health problems. The biggest health concerns for those born on the 3rd of April are constant headaches unless they take sufficient breaks for proper rest and relaxation.

For those born on the 3rd of April a tendency to be frivolous is of major concern. The fun loving personality tends to lean toward free spending. Thus only through proper control of their budget will ensure their financial stability.

Career is of extreme importance to these Arians and seeking the perfect job that will provide a sufficient income is always on the top of their priority list. Fields related to communication and management will suit them greatly because they have a propensity to be good communicators.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Aries personalities are known for their loving nature. Their playful, kindhearted and flexible nature longs to find the perfect mate that will help to bring out the best in them. While the April 3rd individuals look for emotional bonding, they will be drawn to someone who is not only romantic but also intellectually stimulating. For these individuals a perfect companion or mate is the one who can strike a balance with both their intellectual and fun loving sides.

Lucky Colors: Scarlet & Green
Lucky Numbers: 3 & 7
Lucky Days (of The Week): Thursday, Sunday & Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 3rd, 7th, 21st, 30th & 25th