People born on the 16th of April are considered to be extremely outgoing and sociable. However, they often seek time for themselves and tend to see the world through rose-colored glasses. Moreover, they also enjoy sharing their point of view with others. The planet Neptune is the ruler of April 16th, which offers these individuals a friendliness disposition and artistic talents. The strong confident façade of these individuals hides a few insecure doubts about themselves that they sometimes struggle with. They have lots of energy, a good sense of humor and a vivid imagination. While, they have a kind, gentle nature, they can also be a bit moody.

Pope Benedict XVIPope Benedict XVI
92, German
Gina CaranoGina Carano
37, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Charlie ChaplinCharlie Chaplin
88, British

Chance the RapperChance the Rapper
26, American
Hip-hop artist

Selena QuintanillaSelena
23, American

Kareem Abdul-JabbarKareem Abdul-Jabbar
72, American
Basketball Player, Basketball Coach
Anya Taylor-JoyAnya Taylor-Joy
23, Argentinian, British, Scottish

46, American

Martin LawrenceMartin Lawrence
54, American
Actor, Comedian

Jon CryerJon Cryer
54, American
Margrethe II of DenmarkMargrethe II of Denmark
Queen of Denmark

Sadie SinkSadie Sink
17, American
Patricia AltschulPatricia Altschul
78, American
Art Collector, Socialite

Shu QiShu Qi
43, Taiwanese

Lorraine NicholsonLorraine Nicholson
29, American
Whitney Scott MathersWhitney Scott Mathers
17, American
Eminem's Daughter

Billy WestBilly West
67, American
Dawn BrancheauDawn Brancheau
40, American
Animal Trainer

Spike MilliganSpike Milligan
83, Irish, Indian, British

Peter BillingsleyPeter Billingsley
48, American
Henry ManciniHenry Mancini
70, American

John FranklinJohn Franklin
61, British
David GrafDavid Graf
50, American

Ian MacKayeIan MacKaye
57, American

Edward Wood, 1st Earl of HalifaxEdward Wood, 1st Earl of Halifax
78, British
Former Viceroy of India

Blake Fielder-CivilBlake Fielder-Civil
37, British
Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband
Brynn CartelliBrynn Cartelli
16, American
Liliana MumyLiliana Mumy
25, American

Belinda Stewart-WilsonBelinda Stewart-Wilson
48, British

Alek WekAlek Wek
42, Sudanese

Phoebe FoxPhoebe Fox
32, British
Kingsley AmisKingsley Amis
73, British
Poet, novelist and lecturer

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Merce CunninghamMerce Cunningham
90, American
Dancer and Choreographer

Peter GarrettPeter Garrett
66, Australian
Member of the Australian House of Representatives

Anatole FranceAnatole France
80, French

Dr. MiamiDr. Miami
47, American
Plastic Surgeon
Ian EastwoodIan Eastwood
26, American
Dancer, Choreographer

Mary Eliza Mahoney Mary Eliza Mahoney
80, American
Wilbur WrightWilbur Wright
45, American

Whitney MathersWhitney Mathers
17, American
Eminem's Daughter

Ashly SchwanAshly Schwan
22, American
YouTuber, Vlogger
Bill WalkerBill Walker
68, American
11th Governor of Alaska

Martin Fitzgerald LawrenceMartin Fitzgerald Lawrence
54, American
Actor and Comedian
Louis I The PiousLouis The Pious
62, German, French
King of Aquitaine, King of Franks & Co-Emperor

16, American

Bill BelichickBill Belichick
67, American
Sports coach

Nate DiazNate Diaz
34, American
Mixed martial artist, Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Claire FoyClaire Foy
35, British
Ellen BarkinEllen Barkin
65, American

Rafael BenítezRafael Benítez
59, Spanish
Association football player, Association football

Dusty SpringfieldDusty Springfield
59, British
Singer, Artist, Cleric

Lara DuttaLara Dutta
41, Indian
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant
Peter UstinovPeter Ustinov
82, British

Gerry RaffertyGerry Rafferty
63, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Songwriter
Vickie GuerreroVickie Guerrero
51, American
Manager (professional wrestling)

Henri, Grand Duke of LuxembourgHenri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
64, Luxembourgian
Grand Duke

Max BeesleyMax Beesley
48, British, American
Lukas HaasLukas Haas
43, American

Luol DengLuol Deng
34, Sudanese, British
Basketball player
Guy BurgessGuy Burgess
52, British
Spy, Journalist

Shinji OkazakiShinji Okazaki
33, Japanese
Association football player

Hayes MacArthurHayes MacArthur
42, American
Stand-up Comedians
Bobby VintonBobby Vinton
84, American
Singer, Musician

Nick BerryNick Berry
56, British
Jonathan VilmaJonathan Vilma
37, American
American Football Player

Gary DelaneyGary Delaney
46, British

Sean MaherSean Maher
44, American

Luis MurielLuis Muriel
28, Colombian
Association football player
Jay O. SandersJay O. Sanders
66, American
Edie AdamsEdie Adams
81, American

Daniel ParejoDaniel Parejo
30, Spanish
Association football player

Aaron LennonAaron Lennon
32, British

Barry NelsonBarry Nelson
89, American
Ann RomneyAnn Romney
70, American

Tony HustonTony Huston
69, American

Paul di RestaPaul di Resta
33, British
Racecar driver

Ernst ThälmannErnst Thälmann
58, German
Politician, Worker, Revolutionary, Trade unionist

Mirai NagasuMirai Nagasu
26, Japanese, American
Figure skater
Dave PirnerDave Pirner
55, American

Joan BakewellJoan Bakewell
86, British
Correspondent, Journalist, Politician, Author,
Boris DiawBoris Diaw
37, French
Basketball player

Saleem MalikSaleem Malik
56, Pakistani

Yorick van WageningenYorick van Wageningen
Television actor, Film actor, Actor
Tristan TzaraTristan Tzara
67, French
Art collector, Poet, Writer, Diplomat, Film

Igor TudorIgor Tudor
41, Croatian
Croatian football manager
Phil BaroniPhil Baroni
43, American
Mixed Martial Artist

Mohammad Reza GolzarMohammad Reza Golzar
44, Iranian
actor, musician, composer, singer, sportsperson

Robert StigwoodRobert Stigwood
81, Australian
Businessperson, Record producer, Film producer,

John Millington SyngeJohn Millington Synge
37, Irish
Playwright, Poet
Jerzy NeymanJerzy Neyman
87, Polish
Mathematician, Philosopher, Statistician

86, Chinese
Conchita MartínezConchita Martínez
47, Spanish
Tennis player, Tennis coach

Andreas GranqvistAndreas Granqvist
34, Swedish
Association football player
Anna Dello RussoAnna Dello Russo
57, Italian
Journalist, Fashion editor, Model

Xu JingleiXu Jinglei
Actor, Film director, Screenwriter, Blogger
Joseph BlackJoseph Black
71, French, British, Scottish
Chemist, Physicist, Scientist, University teacher

Personality Traits & Characteristics Of Famous People Born On April 16th   

The specific strengths of their personality come from open acceptance of others, along with funny and entertaining nature of these people. They have an extremely confident attitude towards life and are enjoyable to be around, whereas their creativeness and individuality permit them to do things on their own with confidence. The weaknesses of character of those born on the 16th of April are not only their sudden moodiness; every now and then they have a tendency to act irrational and distant. Nevertheless, for the most part, unpredictable mood swing is their major weaknesses.

People born on this particular day are sensitive, therefore, they need to consume a balanced diet and maintain their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. Physical and mental fitness are vital to keep individuals born on April 16th both happy and healthy. A sufficient amount of exercise and a healthy diet is the only way for them to achieve great health. If they lack any imperative vitamins it can affect their skin. Most people born on this day have very sensitive skin and are susceptible to all sorts of dermatological problems. It is crucial that they drink an ample amount of water daily to keep their body and skin hydrated.

Those with a birthday of April 16 are not particularly concerned with money and are content with being employed in a job that pays little more than their monthly bills. On the other hand, they are excellent at managing finances and it is probable they will save some extra money for a rainy day or unexpected needs.

Those born on April 16 possess a sense of purpose and a desire to do their very best at the place of employment. They take their profession seriously and consider the nature of work significant. They are most content with a job that replicates the caring side of their disposition and their creative capabilities.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Individuals born on this day usually choose friends and mates with qualities which they don’t have. Relationships and love are something that these individuals take quite seriously. Yet, they often unintentionally pull problems into their personal relationships, just to challenge the strength of the relationship. Those born on the 16th of April are children at heart and make devoted parents, and try to resolve the issues troubling their children very sincerely. Those born on this day, work very hard, even though they struggle at times to keep their family and friends happy.

Lucky Colors: All shades of Green, Scarlet & Blue
Lucky Numbers: 2, 7
Lucky Days (of the Week): Monday & Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd & 7th