What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you listen to names like Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mikhail Gorbachev, William Wiilberforce, Desmond Tutu and Rosa Parks? That is right! These were the champions of civil right movement; the propagators who helped transform the social fabric and change the course of history through their activism. Their contribution to the cause of ending slavery and racial discrimination and equality in society had been gargantuan. America has seen many such champions who brought about an overwhelming social transformation. There were many extraordinary leaders who inspired a generation of men and women to stand up, voice their opinion against, and fight the discrimination. From Montgomery Bus Boycott and Albany Movement to Selma March and Freedom Riders, America has witnessed a volley of activists waiting to end all disparity and establish equality. Without any further delay, let us explore the timeline, trivia, and facts in the biographies below.
Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali
17 January 1942
Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King Jr.
15 January 1929
Civil Rights Activist

Malcolm XMalcolm X
19 May 1925

Rosa ParksRosa Parks
04 February 1913
Civil Rights Activist

Pauley PerrettePauley Perrette
27 March 1969
Television Actress, Activist, Singer

Frederick DouglassFrederick Douglass
01 February 1818
American orator
James BaldwinJames Baldwin
02 August 1924

Zack de la RochaZack de la Rocha
12 January 1970

Cesar ChavezCesar Chavez
31 March 1927
Civil Rights Activist

Lena HorneLena Horne
30 June 1917
Angela Davis Angela Davis
26 January 1944
Political Activist

Harvey MilkHarvey Milk
22 May 1930
Jesse JacksonJesse Jackson
08 October 1941
Civil Rights Activist

Ruby BridgesRuby Bridges
08 September 1954

Abbie HoffmanAbbie Hoffman
30 November 1936
Anti-War Activist
Adam Clayton Powell Jr.Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
29 November 1908
Politician & Civil Rights Activist

Paul RobesonPaul Robeson
09 April 1898
Singer, Actor & Civil Rights Activist
Coretta Scott KingCoretta Scott King
27 April 1927
Civil Rights Activist, Author

Viola DesmondViola Desmond
06 July 1914

Medgar EversMedgar Evers
02 July 1925
Stokely CarmichaelStokely Carmichael
29 June 1941

Ida B. WellsIda B. Wells
16 July 1862
Audre LordeAudre Lorde
18 February 1934

Elizabeth Cady StantonElizabeth Cady Stanton
12 November 1815
Women’s Rights Activist

Barbara JordanBarbara Jordan
21 February 1936

Denise NicholasDenise Nicholas
12 July 1944
Yolanda KingYolanda King
17 November 1955
Claudette ColvinClaudette Colvin
05 September 1939
Civil Rights Activist

Benjamin BannekerBenjamin Banneker
09 November 1731
Compiler of Almanacs

William Lloyd GarrisonWilliam Lloyd Garrison
12 December 1805

Fannie Lou HamerFannie Lou Hamer
06 October 1917
Civil Rights Activist
Mary McLeod BethuneMary McLeod Bethune
10 July 1875

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Viola LiuzzoViola Liuzzo
11 April 1925
Civil Rights Activist

A. Phillip RandolphA. Philip Randolph
15 April 1889
Leader of the African-American civil-rights

Andrew GoodmanAndrew Goodman
23 November 1943
Civil Rights Acrivist

James Weldon JohnsonJames Weldon Johnson
17 June 1871
James FarmerJames Farmer
12 January 1920
Civil Rights Activist

Lucy StoneLucy Stone
13 August 1818
Women's Rights Activist
Hosea WilliamsHosea Williams
05 January 1926
Civil Rights Leader

Matilda GageMatilda Joslyn Gage
24 March 1826
Abolitionist, Freethinker, Author

Mary Church TerrellMary Church Terrell
23 September 1863
Civil Rights Activist
Prudence CrandallPrudence Crandall
03 September 1803
Connecticut's official State Heroine

Anna Julia CooperAnna Julia Cooper
10 August 1858
Author, Educator
Shaun KingShaun King
29 May 1977

Hines WardHines Ward
08 March 1976
American footballer

Fred HamptonFred Hampton
30 August 1948

Jane ElliottJane Elliott
27 May 1933

Ruby DeeRuby Dee
27 October 1922
Dolores HuertaDolores Huerta
10 April 1930
Trade unionist

Leonard PeltierLeonard Peltier
12 September 1944

Bernice KingBernice King
28 March 1963

Bayard RustinBayard Rustin
17 March 1912
Alveda KingAlveda King
22 January 1951

Wendell WillkieWendell Willkie
18 February 1892
Ralph AbernathyRalph Abernathy
11 March 1926
Civil Rights Activist

Max RoachMax Roach
10 January 1924

Harry HayHarry Hay
07 April 1912
Gay rights activist
Alicia GarzaAlicia Garza
04 January 1981

James BevelJames Bevel
19 October 1936
Howard ThurmanHoward Thurman
18 November 1899
Writer, Philosopher, Educator, Theologian

Myrlie Evers-WilliamsMyrlie Evers-Williams
17 March 1933

Walter WhiteWalter White
01 July 1893
American civil rights activist
Autherine LucyAutherine Lucy
05 October 1929
Civil Rights Activist, Educator

Jo Ann RobinsonJo Ann Robinson
17 April 1912
Civil Rights Activist
Joseph LoweryJoseph Lowery
06 October 1921
civil rights activists

Gloria RichardsonGloria Richardson
06 May 1922
civil rights Activist

Johnnie CarrJohnnie Carr
26 January 1911
Civil rights activists

John Cross Jr.John Cross Jr.
27 January 1925
Civil Rights activist