78 Year Old Females

The list of famous 78 year old females includes Martha Stewart, Ann-Margret, Eleanor Roosevelt, Lynne Cheney, Patricia Altschul. Famous females featured on this list, include actresses, journalists, political leaders and models and from other domains of life. This list of 78 Year Old includes people from United States, England, France & Canada and many more countries.

Martha StewartMartha Stewart
03 August 1941, American
TV Show Host
28 April 1941, Swedish, American

Lynne CheneyLynne Cheney
14 August 1941, American
Author, Former Show Host

Patricia AltschulPatricia Altschul
16 April 1941, American
Art Collector, Socialite

Donna MillsDonna Mills
11 December 1940, American

Claudine LongetClaudine Longet
29 January 1941, French
Singer, Actress
Nena von SchlebrüggeNena von Schlebrügge
08 January 1941, Mexican
Former Model

Twyla TharpTwyla Tharp
01 July 1941, American
Dancer and Choreographer

Barbara EhrenreichBarbara Ehrenreich
26 August 1941, American
Writer & Activist

Kristina TholstrupKristina Tholstrup
1941 AD, Danish, Swedish
Socialite, Wife of Late Roger Moore
Dame Vivienne WestwoodDame Vivienne Westwood
08 April 1941, British
British fashion designer

Myrna Colley-LeeMyrna Colley-Lee
1941 AD, American
Morgan Freeman’s Ex-Wife
Marcelle Tagand LearMarcelle Tagand Lear
1941 AD, American
Socialite, Wife of Adam West

Joan Chandos BaezJoan Chandos Baez
09 January 1941, American

Ginny NewhartGinny Newhart
09 December 1940, American
Socialite, wife of Bob Newhart
Joan BaezJoan Baez
09 January 1941, American
Singer-songwriter, Street artist, Singer,

Faye DunawayFaye Dunaway
14 January 1941, American
American actress
Dionne WarwickDionne Warwick
12 December 1940, American
Singer, Actor, Television presenter, Musician

Miriam MargolyesMiriam Margolyes
18 May 1941, Australian, British
Actor, Voice actor, Comedian

Vivienne WestwoodVivienne Westwood
08 April 1941, British
Designer, University teacher
Barbara BoxerBarbara Boxer
11 November 1940, American

Buffy Sainte-MarieBuffy Sainte-Marie
20 February 1941, Canadian
Actor, Singer-songwriter, Visual artist, Record
Darlene LoveDarlene Love
26 July 1941, American
Singer, Film actor

Elke SommerElke Sommer
05 November 1940, German
Actor, Singer, Painter, Model, Musician

Jackie DeShannonJackie DeShannon
21 August 1941, American

Delia SmithDelia Smith
18 June 1941, British
Chef, Broadcaster, Cookery writer
Shahnaz PahlaviShahnaz Pahlavi
27 October 1940
Martha ArgerichMartha Argerich
05 June 1941, Argentinian

Gloria AllredGloria Allred
03 July 1941, American

Anna KarinaAnna Karina
22 September 1940, Danish, French
Actor, Singer, Film director, Novelist,

Claudine AugerClaudine Auger
26 April 1941, French
Actor, Model, Beauty pageant contestant
Senta BergerSenta Berger
13 May 1941, Austrian, German
Actor, Film producer

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Cynthia WeilCynthia Weil
18 October 1940, American
Composer, Songwriter

Suzanne MubarakSuzanne Mubarak
28 February 1941, Egyptian

Julia KristevaJulia Kristeva
24 June 1941, Bulgarian, French
Philosopher, Writer, Feminist

Grace CoddingtonGrace Coddington
20 April 1941, British
Model, Wardrobe stylist, Fashion editor,
Martha ReevesMartha Reeves
18 July 1941, American

Hannah GordonHannah Gordon
09 April 1941, British
Darlene GillespieDarlene Gillespie
08 April 1941, American
Actor, Singer, Television actor

Laura MulveyLaura Mulvey
15 August 1941, British
Art historian, Film director

Esther OfarimEsther Ofarim
13 June 1941, Israeli
Actor, Singer
Patricia FieldPatricia Field
12 February 1941, American
Costume designer, Wardrobe stylist

Maxine Hong KingstonMaxine Hong Kingston
27 October 1940, American
American author
Natalia MakarovaNatalia Makarova
21 November 1940, American
Ballet dancer, Choreographer, Ballet master, Actor

Zandra RhodesZandra Rhodes
19 September 1940, British

Paulene StonePaulene Stone
21 June 1941, British

Conchita Carpio-MoralesConchita Carpio-Morales
19 June 1941, Filipino
Judge, Lawyer

Neelie KroesNeelie Kroes
10 July 1941, Dutch
Maria-Elisabeth SchaefflerMaria-Elisabeth Schaeffler
17 August 1941, German

Hedy FryHedy Fry
06 August 1941, Canadian

Vivian BarbotVivian Barbot
07 July 1941, Canadian
Politician, Trade unionist

Ellen GoodmanEllen Goodman
11 April 1941, American
Ayşe KulinAyşe Kulin
26 August 1941, Turkish
novelist, columnist, short story writer, author,

Linda MartellLinda Martell
04 June 1941, American
Sharon JohnstonSharon Johnston
28 June 1941, Canadian

Jaqueline BoyerJaqueline Boyer
23 April 1941, French