Black Celebrities Whose First Name Starts With Y

Discover the famous black people whose name starts with Y. The list includes people like YNW Melly, Yara Shahidi, Yolanda King, YBN Cordae, Yoweri Museveni and many more. This list of black celebrities is loosely sorted by popularity. Black people featured on this list, include actresses, rappers, actors and political leaders. This list of black celebrities whose names start with Y includes people from United States, Senegal, Nigeria, Bahamas and many more countries.

YNW MellyYNW Melly
01 May 1999, American
Yara ShahidiYara Shahidi
10 February 2000, American

Yolanda KingYolanda King
17 November 1955, American

YBN CordaeYBN Cordae
26 August 1997, American
Rapper, songwriter

Yoweri MuseveniYoweri Museveni
15 August 1944, Ugandan
President of Uganda

YBN NahmirYBN Nahmir
18 December 1999, American
Yvette WilsonYvette Wilson
06 March 1964, American

Yordano VenturaYordano Ventura
03 June 1991, Dominican
Baseball Player

Yella BeezyYella Beezy
21 October 1991, American
Ynw BslimeYnw Bslime
10 April 2007, American

Yaya PantonYaya Panton
03 June 2008, American
YNW JGreenYNW JGreen
25 January 1999, American

Young 22Young 22
08 October 1996, American

YBN GlizzyYBN Glizzy
29 October 1998, American

Yvonne OrjiYvonne Orji
02 December 1983, Nigerian, American

Yahya Abdul-Mateen IIYahya Abdul-Mateen II
15 July 1986, American
Yasiel PuigYasiel Puig
07 December 1990, Cuban
Baseball player

Yannick BolasieYannick Bolasie
24 May 1989, French
Association football player

Yakubu GowonYakubu Gowon
19 October 1934, Indian, Nigerian
Politician, Military personnel

Youssou N'DourYoussou N'Dour
01 October 1959, Senegalese
Yoenis CéspedesYoenis Céspedes
18 October 1985, Cuban
Baseball player

Yolanda AdamsYolanda Adams
27 August 1961, American
Gospel singer
Yahya JammehYahya Jammeh
25 May 1965, Gambian
Former President of the Gambia

Yves EdwardsYves Edwards
30 September 1976, Bahamian
Mixed Martial Artists

Yvonne Chaka ChakaYvonne Chaka Chaka
1965 AD, South African
Yacine BrahimiYacine Brahimi
08 February 1990, Algerian, French
Algerian-French footballer

Yusef KomunyakaaYusef Komunyakaa
29 April 1947, American
Yasmina KhadraYasmina Khadra
10 January 1955, Algerian
Writer, Novelist

Yayi BoniYayi Boni
01 July 1952, Beninese
Former President of Benin

Yakubu AiyegbeniYakubu Aiyegbeni
22 November 1982, Nigerian
Nigerian footballer
Yobes OndiekiYobes Ondieki
21 February 1961, Kenyan
Long-distance runner

Yusef Abdul LateefYusef Abdul Lateef
09 October 1920, American