The probability of Libra personalities are mostly influenced by the planet Venus, as it is the ruling planet of the zodiacal group. However, the actual date in which October 7th individuals are born is ruled by Neptune. Thus, the two planets together cast a dominating influence on the typified personality streak of individuals with this birthday. Unlike their counterparts, October 7th born individuals are creative, witty and intellectual. They have a charming disposition towards others that makes them noticeable. Visionary and futuristic, these people are highly determined and tactful in their dealings. October 7th borns however can get extremely stubborn and rebellious in unfavourable situations. They can even show streaks of moodiness, unreasonably troubled or unrealistic behavior in unexpected and disappointing events.

Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin
66, Russian
President of Russia
Simon CowellSimon Cowell
59, British
Reality TV Celebrity

Heinrich HimmlerHeinrich Himmler
44, German
Nazi Commander
John MellencampJohn Mellencamp
67, American
Musician, Singer-Songwriter

Toni BraxtonToni Braxton
51, American
American R&B Singer-songwriter & Musician

Thom YorkeThom Yorke
50, British
Singer, Musician, Songwriter
Oliver NorthOliver North
75, American
Political Commentator and Television Host

Elijah MuhammadElijah Muhammad
77, American
Religious Leader
Diego CostaDiego Costa
30, Spanish

Desmond TutuDesmond Tutu
87, South African
Anti-Apartheid Activist
Nicole Ari ParkerNicole Ari Parker
48, American

Niels BohrNiels Bohr
77, Danish
Nobel Prize Winning Physicist
Yo-Yo MaYo-Yo Ma
63, French
Joy BeharJoy Behar
76, American

Irma GreseIrma Grese
22, German
Nazi Guard
Henry A. WallaceHenry A. Wallace
77, American
33rd Vice President of the U.S.A.

Kira KosarinKira Kosarin
21, American
Nik StauskasNik Stauskas
25, Canadian
Basketball Player

Holland RodenHolland Roden
32, American

Edison Chen Edison Chen
38, Canadian, Chinese, Hong Konger
Actor, Singer, Record Producer
Sherman AlexieSherman Alexie
52, American

Gabriele CorcosGabriele Corcos
46, Italian
Celebrity Chef
R. D. LaingR. D. Laing
61, French, Scottish

Amiri BarakaAmiri Baraka
79, American
Ayla KellAyla Kell
28, American

Jakaya KikweteJakaya Kikwete
68, Tanzanian
President of the United Republic of Tanzania
Begum AkhtarBegum Akhtar
60, Indian
By maybe John Thomas Scharf [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsCaesar Rodney
55, American
Former Governor of Delaware

Jazmine HoodJazmine Hood
22, American
YouTube Star
Edward Hammond Hargraves Edward Hargraves
75, Australian
Gold Prospector

Lizzie LDShadowLadyLizzie LDShadowLady
26, British
YouTuber, Vlogger, Gamer
Robert Z. LeonardRobert Z. Leonard
78, American
Film Director, Actor, Producer

Marlin Ramsey ChanMarlin Ramsey Chan
25, American
YouTuber, Vlogger

Sarah ChurchillSarah Churchill
67, British
32, American
Bodybuilder, Model

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Bunny BennettBunny Bennett
32, American
Pantomime Actor, Musical Artist
Josh LeviJosh Levi
20, American

Sir Harold W. KrotoSir Harold W. Kroto
76, British
Katie AngelKatie Angel
26, American

Ryan TrahanRyan Trahan
20, American
Alesha DixonAlesha Dixon
40, British
Singer, Model, Dancer
Jermain DefoeJermain Defoe
36, British
Association football player

Zaheer KhanZaheer Khan
40, Indian
Dwayne BravoDwayne Bravo
35, Trinidadian

Bobbie BrownBobbie Brown
35, American
Make-Up Artists
Tim MinchinTim Minchin
43, Australian
Actor, Musician, Comedian, Singer, Pianist, Film

Shawn AshmoreShawn Ashmore
39, Canadian
Actor, Film producer

June AllysonJune Allyson
88, American
Salman ButtSalman Butt
34, Pakistani

Aaron AshmoreAaron Ashmore
39, Canadian
Television actor, Film actor, Actor
Michael W. SmithMichael W. Smith
61, American
Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Musician, Actor,

Tang WeiTang Wei
Mary BadhamMary Badham
66, American

Feng ShaofengFeng Shaofeng
Sami HyypiäSami Hyypiä
45, Finnish
Association football player, Association football
Taylor HicksTaylor Hicks
42, American
Musician, Singer, Singer-songwriter

Charles WoodsonCharles Woodson
42, American
American football player
Clive JamesClive James
79, Australian
Writer, Broadcaster, Literary critic

Santiago SolariSantiago Solari
42, Argentinian
Association football player
Ulrike MeinhofUlrike Meinhof
41, German
Journalist, Writer, Sociologist

Joe HillJoe Hill
36, American
Songwriter, Trade unionist

Andrew DominikAndrew Dominik
51, Australian
Film director, Screenwriter
Paul HausserPaul Hausser
92, German
Officer, Military personnel

Gilberto SilvaGilberto Silva
42, Brazilian
Association football player, Mandolinist
Steven EriksonSteven Erikson
59, Canadian
Anthropologist, Writer

Jayne TorvillJayne Torvill
61, British
Figure skater, Ice dancer
Vijay EswaranVijay Eswaran
58, Malaysian

Judee SillJudee Sill
35, American
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Composer, Pianist
Sam QuerreySam Querrey
31, American
Tennis player
Charles XIII of SwedenCharles XIII of Sweden
69, Swedish

Sebastián CoatesSebastián Coates
28, Uruguayan
Association football player
John CaudwellJohn Caudwell
66, British

Thomas KeneallyThomas Keneally
83, Australian
Writer, Playwright, Novelist, Actor, Author
Kevin GodleyKevin Godley
73, British
Singer, Drummer, Songwriter

Frederick I of DenmarkFrederick I of Denmark
61, Danish

Nicholas I of MontenegroNicholas I of Montenegro
79, French, Montenegrins
William LaudWilliam Laud
71, British
Archbishop of Canterbury

Toma IkutaToma Ikuta
34, Japanese
Actor, Singer, Child actor, Tarento
Walt Whitman RostowWalt Whitman Rostow
86, American
Economist, University teacher

Enki BilalEnki Bilal
67, French
Comics artist, Film director, Illustrator,
Bill SnyderBill Snyder
79, American
Head coach

Maria WhittakerMaria Whittaker
50, British
singer, model
Vaikom VijayalakshmiVaikom Vijayalakshmi
37, Indian
Robert A. SchullerRobert A. Schuller
64, American
Author, Writer

Charles TempletonCharles Templeton
85, Canadian
Jo JonesJo Jones
73, American
jazz musician, musician

Christopher BookerChristopher Booker
81, British
Paul WeyrichPaul Weyrich
66, American

Gabriel YaredGabriel Yared
69, Lebanese
Composer, Film score composer
Fernando Belaúnde TerryFernando Belaúnde Terry
89, Peruvian
Politician, Architect, President

Jean-Paul RiopelleJean-Paul Riopelle
78, Canadian
Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker
Bill HensonBill Henson
63, Australian

Madjid BougherraMadjid Bougherra
36, Algerian
Association football player
Diane AckermanDiane Ackerman
70, American
Poet, Author, Writer

Wladimir KöppenWladimir Köppen
93, German, Russian
David GonskiDavid Gonski
65, Australian

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on October 7

For Librans born on October 7th, being analytical and creative comes naturally. They are charming in their mannerism and blessed with an instinctive temperament. These people usually have a humanitarian approach to life and are tactful and understanding. However, what makes them different from their counterparts is their intelligence, wittiness and philosophical bent of mind. Born under the zodiacal group of Libra, they are naturally loyal, fair and just. They have a strong sense of justice and dislike unfairness totally. They are also generally neat, tidy, careful and organized with a usual tendency to pay particular attention to detail. October 7th folks have an idealistic, dreamy side that can be occasionally moody and self-absorbed with the need for quiet periods in order to think deeply and reflect

The general health condition of those born on October 7 is usually robust and fit, mainly due to their preference for a green lifestyle. These people are health conscious folks and prefer to indulge in a regular diet and exercise routine. They prefer natural food grown organically in addition to daily exercise routine. To keep themselves healthy and fit, they indulge in walking rather than taking other forms of transport. Rather than physical health, it is emotional and psychological health that these people need to take care of. Also, October 7th individuals need to watch out on their sleep patterns to ensure that they do not face emotional exhaustion.

The financial condition of individuals born on October 7th is not a sound one. This is mainly because these people do not pay much emphasis on the financial matters and hence are inept at budgeting. Saving for October 7th borns is difficult as it does not come to them naturally. They need a special incentive and strong words of encouragement to deter themselves from the impulsive shopping route and take the saving road.

The favoured career choice of individuals with this birthday is dependent upon their interest to work for the less fortunate and underprivileged. Blessed with a charitable disposition, October 7th born individuals are not materialistic by nature and instead opt for a vocation that allows them to help others. Voluntary works or those involving charity are of interest to these people. Additionally, since these people are blessed with high level of intelligence, deep thought and great organizational skills, they can very well adapt to any job or profession.  

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Typically romantic, October 7th born individuals are idealistic by nature and strive for perfection in matters of heart. They look for a soul mate who is perfectly compatible with them. Only when they have found their true partner do October 7th born individuals commit to a long-term relationship. When in the right relationships, these people are utmost caring, considerate and compassionate. They look for a balance and believe in equal give and take. October 7 born individuals are incredibly loving, sensitive and thoughtful. However, they can be a tad bit insecure as well. Parenthood is a natural step taken forward by those born on this date. They are anxious about revealing the hidden aspects of life to their children and thus indulge in teaching the young ones compassion and care. Mostly, these people draw strength from their own upbringing and care.

Lucky Color: Dark Green Shades
Lucky Number: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 16, 27