Did you know Vincent Van Gogh, the most influential twentieth century painter, was a Dutch? Did you know that Erasmus, a dominant figure in early humanist movement, was also born in Netherlands? Do you know that the highest international scorer in soccer in 2012-13 seasons, Robin Van Persie was from Netherlands too? Netherlands too, like many other nations in the world has produced some superlative talents and minds who have shaped the country's future and its standing in the world with their immeasurable contributions. Painters, explorers, anti-war activists, soccer players, linguists, scientists, dancers, physiologists and more — the Dutch have stamped their excellence in diverse fields with élan. These are the famous Dutch men and women to whom the world will stay indebted always for their exemplary greatness. We learn all about the lives and deeds of the famous Dutch people in their timeline, trivia, and interesting facts captured in their awe-inspiring biographies below.
Vincent van GoghVincent van Gogh

30 March 1853

William III of EnglandWilliam III of England
(King of England)

04 November 1650

Arjen RobbenArjen Robben
(Dutch Footballer)

23 January 1984

Johan CruyffJohan Cruyff
(Former Dutch Footballer & Manager)

25 April 1947

Nikkie De JagerNikkie De Jager
(Makeup Artist, YouTube Star)

02 March 1994


15 July 1606

Gegard MousasiGegard Mousasi
(Mixed Martial Artist)

01 August 1985

Martin GarrixMartin Garrix
(DJ, Record Producer, Musician)

14 May 1996

Mata HariMata Hari
(Dutch exotic dancer)

07 August 1876

Matthijs de LigtMatthijs de Ligt
(Football Player)

12 August 1999

Eleanor of AquitaineEleanor of Aquitaine
(Queen of France & England)

1122 AD

Hieronymus BoschHieronymus Bosch

1450 AD

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Baruch SpinozaBaruch Spinoza
(Dutch philosopher)

24 November 1632

Johannes VermeerJohannes Vermeer

31 October 1632

M. C. EscherM. C. Escher

17 June 1898

Piet MondrianPiet Mondrian
(Dutch Painter)

07 March 1872

Ruud GullitRuud Gullit
(Former Dutch Footballer)

01 September 1962

Otto FrankOtto Frank
(Father of Anne Frank)

12 May 1889

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Romee StrijdRomee Strijd

19 July 1995

Beatrix of the NetherlandsBeatrix of the Netherlands
(Former Queen of the Netherlands)

31 January 1938

Robert WoldersRobert Wolders

28 September 1936

Antonie van LeeuwenhoekAntonie van Leeuwenhoek

24 October 1632

Lara Stone Lara Stone

20 December 1983

Marco van BastenMarco van Basten
(Former Dutch Football Star)

31 October 1964

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Guido van RossumGuido van Rossum

31 January 1956

Frank RijkaardFrank Rijkaard
(Former Dutch Footballer)

30 September 1962

Carel StruyckenCarel Struycken

30 July 1948

Badr HariBadr Hari

08 December 1984

Christiaan HuygensChristiaan Huygens

14 April 1629


07 January 1988

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Abel TasmanAbel Tasman

1603 AD

Cindy KimberlyCindy Kimberly
(Instagram Star, Model)

16 November 1998

Hendrik LorentzHendrik Lorentz

18 July 1853

Charlene de Carvalho-HeinekenCharlene de Carvalho-Heineken

30 June 1954

Jan van RiebeeckJan van Riebeeck
(Dutch Colonial Administrator)

21 April 1619

Desiderius ErasmusDesiderius Erasmus

27 October 1466

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Michelle HunzikerMichelle Hunziker
(Model, Actress)

24 January 1977

Twan KuyperTwan Kuyper

19 February 1995

Yolanda FosterYolanda Foster

11 January 1964

Nikolaas TinbergenNikolaas Tinbergen

15 April 1907

Jelle Van VuchtJelle Van Vucht
(YouTube Star, Gamer)

14 October 1996

Jan SteenJan Steen
(Genre Painter)

1626 AD

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Anthony FokkerAnthony Fokker
(Dutch aviation pioneer and an aircraft manufacturer)

06 April 1890

Cornelis DrebbelCornelis Drebbel
(Inventor of world’s first navigable submarine)

1572 AD

Willem EinthovenWillem Einthoven
(Inventor of the first practical ECG)

21 May 1860

Natalie La RoseNatalie La Rose

12 July 1988

Heike Kamerlingh OnnesHeike Kamerlingh Onnes

21 September 1853

Jan TinbergenJan Tinbergen
(Nobel Prize Winner in Economics)

12 April 1903

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Fritz ZernikeFrits Zernike

16 July 1888

Pieter ZeemanPieter Zeeman
(Discovered the 'Zeeman Effect')

25 May 1865

Karel Appel Karel Appel
(Painter, Sculptor, Poet)

25 April 1921

Paul J. CrutzenPaul J. Crutzen
(Atmospheric Chemist)

03 December 1933

King Willem-AlexanderKing Willem-Alexander
(King of the Netherlands)

27 April 1967

Jacob RoggeveenJacob Roggeveen
(Explorer who discovered Easter Island)

01 February 1659

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Nisrina SbiaNisrina Sbia
(Instagram Model)

01 February 1999

Aelbert CuypAelbert Cuyp
(Dutch Landscape Painter)

20 October 1620

Jacob ObrechtJacob Obrecht

1457 AD

Tahith ChongTahith Chong

04 December 1999

Christiaan EijkmanChristiaan Eijkman

11 August 1858

Martinus J. G. VeltmanMartinus J. G. Veltman
(Theoretical Physicist)

27 June 1931

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Paulus PotterPaulus Potter

20 November 1625

Enzo KnolEnzo Knol

08 June 1993

Simon van der MeerSimon van der Meer

24 November 1925

Daan CreyghtonDaan Creyghton

21 September 2002

Jordi Van den BusscheJordi Van den Bussche

01 June 1995

Kyra SmithKyra Smith

07 April 2003

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Rosalie Van BreemenRosalie van Breemen
(Model & TV Presenter)

02 August 1966

Willebrord SnellWillebrord Snell
(Astronomer & Mathematician)

13 June 1580

Carin van der DonkCarin van der Donk

1970 AD

Lizzy AnsinghLizzy Ansingh

13 March 1875

Nina HoustonNina Houston

12 November 2003

Johannes Diderik van der WaalsJohannes van der Waals
(Theoretical Physicist)

23 November 1837

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Edward Lodewijk Van HalenEdward Lodewijk Van Halen
(American-Dutch musician)

26 January 1955

Tjalling C. KoopmansTjalling C. Koopmans

28 August 1910

(YouTube Star)

17 October 2002