During the Dutch Golden Age, which spanned for most part of the 17th century, art burgeoned and thrived at full galore. Interestingly, artists worked on distinct genres of paintings and produced bulk of their works. Right from historic paintings that included allegories and popular religious subjects to portrait painting, genre painting, landscape painting and still life, Dutch paintings covered variety of subjects and topics. Some of the earliest known works of Dutch art date back to the 14th and 15th century by painters such as Gerard David, Jan Maelwael and Wilhelm Vrelant. The golden period of Dutch art saw the rise of many prominent artists, whose contribution helped establish the Dutch golden age that was marked by great artistic wealth and cultural achievements. Rembrandt was one of the greatest Dutch painters and artists of that time. Other well-renowned painters of the Golden period include Johannes Veneer, Jan Steen, Willem van Aelst, Carel Fabritius, Gabriel Metsu, Willem Kalf, Paulus Potter and so on. Read this section to know more about the life and works of Dutch painters.
Vincent van GoghVincent van Gogh
30 March 1853
15 July 1606

Hieronymus BoschHieronymus Bosch
1450 AD

Johannes VermeerJohannes Vermeer
31 October 1632

Piet MondrianPiet Mondrian
07 March 1872
Dutch Painter

Jan SteenJan Steen
1626 AD
Genre Painter
Aelbert CuypAelbert Cuyp
20 October 1620
Dutch Landscape Painter

Karel Appel Karel Appel
25 April 1921
Painter, Sculptor, Poet

Paulus PotterPaulus Potter
20 November 1625

Lizzy AnsinghLizzy Ansingh
13 March 1875
Pieter Bruegel the ElderPieter Bruegel the Elder
1525 AD

Sylvia KristelSylvia Kristel
28 September 1952
Singer, Film actor, Film director, Actor, Model,
Willem de KooningWillem de Kooning
24 April 1904
Artist, Painter, Sculptor, University teacher

Theo van DoesburgTheo van Doesburg
30 August 1883
Poet, Painter, Architect, Writer, Graphic

Philippe de ChampaignePhilippe de Champaigne
26 May 1602
Hendrick AvercampHendrick Avercamp
27 January 1585

Rachel RuyschRachel Ruysch
03 June 1664
Botanical illustrator, Painter
Peter LelyPeter Lely
14 September 1618
Painter, Artist

Maarten van HeemskerckMaarten van Heemskerck
01 June 1498

Dieric BoutsDieric Bouts
Hendrik GoltziusHendrik Goltzius
31 January 1558

Jan Davidsz. de HeemJan Davidsz. de Heem
17 April 1606
painter, botanical illustrator
Gerard ter BorchGerard ter Borch
30 November 1617

Jacob CatsJacob Cats

Caspar van WittelCaspar van Wittel

Jacob de WitJacob de Wit
Willem Claeszoon HedaWillem Claeszoon Heda
14 December 1594
Jan van GoolJan van Gool

Jacob Isaakszoon van RuysdaelJacob Isaakszoon van Ruysdael
1628 AD