Find out more about the greatest Dutch Leaders, including Mark Rutte, Desiderius Erasmus, Geert Wilders, Pope Adrian VI and Pier Gerlofs Donia.
William III of EnglandWilliam III of England
04 November 1650
King of England
Jan van RiebeeckJan van Riebeeck
21 April 1619
Dutch Colonial Administrator

Desiderius ErasmusDesiderius Erasmus
27 October 1466

Wilhelmina of the NetherlandsWilhelmina of the Netherlands
31 August 1880
Head of state, Judge

Juliana of the NetherlandsJuliana of the Netherlands
30 April 1909
Politician, Judge

Mark RutteMark Rutte
14 February 1967
Politician, Historian, Teacher, Pianist
William the SilentWilliam the Silent
24 April 1533

Geert WildersGeert Wilders
06 September 1963
Politician, Screenwriter

William II of the NetherlandsWilliam II of the Netherlands
06 December 1792
Politician, Judge, Military personnel

William I of the NetherlandsWilliam I of the Netherlands
24 August 1772
Politician, Judge
Saint BonifaceSaint Boniface
0672 AD

Pier Gerlofs DoniaPier Gerlofs Donia
1480 AD
warrior, farmer
Henry VI, Holy Roman EmperorHenry VI, Holy Roman Emperor
31 October 1165
monarch, writer, composer

Pope Adrian VIPope Adrian VI
02 March 1459
Theologian, University teacher, Catholic priest

Jan Peter BalkenendeJan Peter Balkenende
07 May 1956
Jurist, Politician, University teacher, Lawyer
Wim KokWim Kok
29 September 1938
Politician, Trade unionist

Ruud LubbersRuud Lubbers
07 May 1939
Economist, Politician, Diplomat, Entrepreneur,
Neelie KroesNeelie Kroes
10 July 1941

Willem DreesWillem Drees
05 July 1886
Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands

Jaap de Hoop SchefferJaap de Hoop Scheffer
03 April 1948
Politician, Diplomat, Jurist, University teacher,
Wim DuisenbergWim Duisenberg
09 July 1935
Economist, Banker, Politician, University teacher

Peter SchuylerPeter Schuyler
17 September 1657