People born on May 27 fall under the air sign of Gemini, the third sign in the zodiac. Gemini is the sign of the twins, signalling the dual nature of these individuals. They truly embody the ever-changing nature of this sign. Ruled by the planet Mars, they have a sunny and positive outlook on life. The element of Air symbolizes thought and movement, so their nature is one of intellect and discovery. Like other Gemini, people born on this day have active, curious minds and can become bored easily. Communication is important to those with this birthday as they love to socialize. They are constantly active and may need to be reminded to be calm and restful.

Christopher LeeChristopher Lee
93, British
Character actor
Rick RescorlaRick Rescorla
62, British
Army Officer

Henry KissingerHenry Kissinger
96, American
Diplomat, National Security Advisor (America)

Lisa LopesLisa Lopes
30, Spanish, American

Paul BettanyPaul Bettany
48, British

Lily-Rose DeppLily-Rose Depp
20, American
Actress, Model
Joseph FiennesJoseph Fiennes
49, British

Vincent priceVincent Price
82, American

Wild Bill HickokWild Bill Hickok
39, American

Jamie OliverJamie Oliver
44, British
Chef and Restaurateur
Natalya NeidhartNatalya Neidhart
37, Canadian, American
Professional Wrestler

Cornelius VanderbiltCornelius Vanderbilt
82, American
Business Tycoon & Philanthropist
Adam CarollaAdam Carolla
55, American

Michael FranzeseMichael Franzese
68, American
Crime Boss

Peri GilpinPeri Gilpin
58, American
Chris ColferChris Colfer
29, American

Ben FeldmanBen Feldman
39, American
Hubert HumphreyHubert Humphrey
66, American
38th Vice President of the U.S

Cilla BlackCilla Black
72, British

Neil FinnNeil Finn
61, New Zealander
Ibn KhaldunIbn Khaldun
73, Egyptian, Tunisian

Rachel CarsonRachel Carson
56, American
Marine biologist
Isadora DuncanIsadora Duncan
50, American
Dancer & Choreographer

Sam SneadSam Snead
89, American
Professional Golfer

Lee MeriwetherLee Meriwether
84, American

Todd BridgesTodd Bridges
54, American
Harlan EllisonHarlan Ellison
85, American
Princess MaePrincess Mae
19, American
Instagram Star

Pauline HansonPauline Hanson
65, Australian
Former Member of the Australian Parliament

Shantanu NarayenShantanu Narayen
57, American
CEO of Adobe

Jay GouldJay Gould
56, American
Shanola HamptonShanola Hampton
42, American

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John CheeverJohn Cheever
70, American
Novelist & Short Story Writer

Faten HamamaFaten Hamama
83, Egyptian

Henry ParkesHenry Parkes
80, Australian

Allan CarrAllan Carr
62, American
American Producer
Royalty BrownRoyalty Brown
5, American
Daughter of Chris Brown

John CockcroftJohn Cockcroft
70, British
J.D. ScottJ.D. Scott
43, Canadian

Maria ShukshinaMaria Shukshina
52, Russian

Zach HerronZach Herron
18, American
Aleksa ŠantićAleksa Šantić
55, Bosnian

Bandit WayBandit Way
10, American
Daughter of Gerard Way & Lyn-Z
Mark AngelMark Angel
28, Nigerien

Maeve TomaltyMaeve Tomalty
19, Canadian, American

Alexandra KingAlexandra King
24, American
Instagram Model

Jerad CarrierJerad Carrier
16, American
TikTok Star

Beauden BarrettBeauden Barrett
28, New Zealander
Rugby union player
André 3000André 3000
44, American
American rapper

Paul GascoignePaul Gascoigne
52, British
Association football player, Autobiographer,

Denise van OutenDenise van Outen
45, British

Peter BoylePeter Boyle
73, British
Film Editor
Jack McBrayerJack McBrayer
46, American
American actor

Wayne WilliamsWayne Williams
61, American
American serial killer
Siouxsie SiouxSiouxsie Sioux
62, British
Singer, Musician, Exotica, Songwriter

Lasse SchöneLasse Schöne
33, Danish
Danish footballer

Louis Gossett Jr.Louis Gossett Jr.
83, American
Nitin GadkariNitin Gadkari
62, Indian

Eric BischoffEric Bischoff
64, American
Entrepreneur, Television producer, Wrestler
Sumner RedstoneSumner Redstone
96, American

44, American
Musician, Songwriter, Rapper, Singer

Richard SchiffRichard Schiff
64, American
Ravi ShastriRavi Shastri
57, Indian

Bella HeathcoteBella Heathcote
32, Australian
Aymeric LaporteAymeric Laporte
25, French
Association football player

Don WilliamsDon Williams
80, American
Musician, Singer, Songwriter

Heston BlumenthalHeston Blumenthal
53, British
Chef, Writer

Cindy SampsonCindy Sampson
41, Canadian
Bruce CockburnBruce Cockburn
74, Canadian
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Singer, Songwriter,
Jane ElliottJane Elliott
86, American

Chelsea FieldChelsea Field
62, American

Pat CashPat Cash
54, Australian
Tennis player

Roberto SoldadoRoberto Soldado
34, Spanish
Association football player
Rachel ParrisRachel Parris
35, British

Dondre WhitfieldDondre Whitfield
50, American

Dashiell HammettDashiell Hammett
66, American
American author

Tim FarronTim Farron
49, British

Robert Lee YatesRobert Lee Yates
67, American
American serial killer
Yasuhiro NakasoneYasuhiro Nakasone
67, Japanese

Donna StricklandDonna Strickland
60, Canadian
Optical physicist
Rebekah BrooksRebekah Brooks
51, British

Lawrence M. KraussLawrence M. Krauss
65, American
Astronomer, Physicist, Astrophysicist, Academic,

George V of HanoverGeorge V of Hanover
59, German
Michael HusseyMichael Hussey
44, Australian

Tana UmagaTana Umaga
46, New Zealander
Rugby league player, Rugby union player, Actor
Eddie McClintockEddie McClintock
52, American

Herman WoukHerman Wouk
52, American

Sean KinneySean Kinney
53, American

Darin BrooksDarin Brooks
35, American
Philip KotlerPhilip Kotler
88, American

Birkir BjarnasonBirkir Bjarnason
31, Icelander
Association football player
Louis-Ferdinand CélineLouis-Ferdinand Céline
67, French
French novelist

Dolores HopeDolores Hope
67, American
Soccer MommySoccer Mommy
22, American

William II, Prince of OrangeWilliam II, Prince of Orange
24, Dutch
Gerald RonsonGerald Ronson
80, British

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on May 27

Those born on May 27 are constantly changing their appearance and interests as a way to stay true to their mercurial nature. However, this means they hide their true nature from everyone around them. Their desire for mystery can often be at war with their need to be noticed and appreciated. Individuals with this birthday love investigating the road less travelled and collecting unique treasures. They are generous, thoughtful and loyal friends. Although they can be analytical, they are often ruled by their emotions. Because of their love of socializing, they can often be found debating their opinions.

Individuals having May 27th as their birthday are easily stressed and have over active minds. They are prone to insomnia and other sleep disorders and can benefit from relaxing activities like meditation and yoga. Loss of energy can be very draining for these people and can derail established workout patterns. They are very susceptible to respiratory illnesses like asthma, bronchitis and pneumonia. Sports like tennis and golf are ideal as they work both the body and the mind.

People born on May 27 may find it difficult to save money and are somewhat indifferent to financial planning. They are impulsive spenders but also love to donate money to causes they feel are worthy.

With their friendly personalities, people with May 27 birthdays are drawn to careers with a lot of social interaction, like customer service or public relations. They like to dress stylishly and will present a perfect face for any business. A job with many different types of tasks and travel will keep their attention and enthusiasm.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People with this birthday love to socialize and flirt, preferring the chase and new stage of any relationship. They can be cautious in developing long-term relationships but are very loyal to those they let in. They will seem younger than other parents and can see the wonders of the world along with their children. They may have troubles making rules and enforcing them, leaving the parental discipline to their partners.

Lucky Colors: Red, Maroon, Orange, Yellow
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 6, 9, 24