Find out more about top Instagram dancers, including Trinity Taylor, Violetta Komyshan, Chy The Greatest, Joslyn Perez and Reese Hatala.

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With the advent of social media sites like Instagram, it has become increasingly easier to grab your 15 minutes—no, wait, 15 seconds—of fame! Since this site supports not only photos, but also short videos, more and more people are taking to Instagram to post their dance clips. One of the most popular Instagram dancers out there is Jade Chynoweth who is kicking up a storm on the social media platform with her graceful moves. She also teaches dance to aspiring students. Choreographer Hamilton Evans is another Instagram dancer you shouldn’t miss! He’s professionally trained and has worked with several big names in the entertainment industry. Talking of talented choreographers, one name we absolutely have to mention is that of Greg Chapkis. If you are mesmerized by his moves then maybe you should consider getting trained under him at his Chapkis Dance Studio. If you’re a fan of young dancers, then you’d have definitely heard of Sean Lew who became a professional dancer at the tender age of eight! Besides Instagram, he is also active on YouTube. Check out this section to know more about top Instagram dancers.