Find out more about top Instagram singers and musicians, including Alahna Ly, Arzaylea Rodriguez, Claire Hosterman, Darian Orlando and Kid Lucas.

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If there’s one common thread that joins most of the young and emerging singers in today’s world, this is it—they all have a strong online presence! Social media sites like Instagram provide a very good platform to aspiring singers to showcase their talent to the world. All you have to do is record yourself singing a cover of your favourite song and upload it. If it’s good, then it will definitely catch the attention of your audience and result in thousands of likes and shares. If you’re lucky, you might just grab the attention of a talent scout! Craig David is one such singer who has made it big on the platform. With his melodious voice he has surely won the hearts of millions. Father John Misty is someone who relies not just on his voice but also his satirical sense of humor to attract more followers! Just listen to him once and you will be hooked. Mykki Blanco, another Instagram star, is here on the social media to make a statement—he’s not just a talented rapper but also a LGBT rights activist and feminist who spreads social awareness through his lyrics. Check out this section to know more about top Instagram singers.