Find out more about top Instagram fitness models and trainers, including Ana Cheri, Amanda Bisk, Julia Gilas, Christmas Abbott and Tammy Hembrow.

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Fitness is a hot buzzword nowadays! With the media continually highlighting the gorgeous figures of fitness models with well-sculpted yet sexy bodies, it is but natural for the audiences to strive for the same! If you’d like some motivation for joining the fitness bandwagon, simply head on straight to Instagram and take a look at the fit and healthy figures of fitness models. We are sure that would be enough to inspire you to hit the gym! College student Lauren Fisher is a very popular fitness model who is also a CrossFit athlete. Ben Booker, the owner and founder of Second Chance Fitness, is another personality highly respected for his grueling exercise regime which has resulted in his rippled body! Australian fitness model Emily Skye is one of the most popular women in this field. Her determination and positive attitude are sure to inspire you to start exercising seriously. Talking about charisma, no one can beat Golden Gloves champion Gideon Akande whose workouts are so much fun that you’d just get addicted! Check out this section to know more about top Instagram fitness models and trainers.

Kayla Itsines Kayla Itsines

Amanda Lee Amanda Lee

David Laid David Laid
Massy Arias Massy Arias

Reece Hawkins Reece Hawkins

Tammy Hembrow Tammy Hembrow
Ana Cheri Ana Cheri

Michelle Lewin Michelle Lewin

Mia Sand Mia Sand

Julia Gilas Julia Gilas
Ukrainian, American

Karina Elle Karina Elle
Andrea Thoma Andrea Thoma
Malaysian, American

Amanda Bisk Amanda Bisk
Demi Bagby Demi Bagby