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Joslyn Perez is a social media personality, who is famous on various social media platforms like Instagram, YouNow, TikTok, and YouTube. Let’s have a look at her family, personal life, age, birthday, etc.

Quick Facts

Nick Name: Joslyn

Birthday: February 24, 2002

Nationality: American

Age: 18 Years, 18 Year Old Females

Sun Sign: Pisces

Also Known As: Joslyn Alexandria Perez

Born Country: United States

Born in: Philadelphia, PA

Famous as: Instagram Star

U.S. State: Pennsylvania

Popularity Index
TikTok Stars #286 Instagram Dancers #24 Instagram Stars #66
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Joslyn Perez is a social media personality, who is famous on various social media platforms like Instagram, YouNow, TikTok, and YouTube. She is known primarily famous for her dance and lip-sync videos, which she posts on her social media accounts. Thanks to her beautiful photographs, which she has posted on her Instagram account, Joslyn has gathered more than 550,000 followers on the photo and video-sharing application. She also owns a YouTube channel, but it is yet to gain popularity. Many of her TikTok videos have also been posted on YouTube. She has collaborated with her fellow TikTok star, Liddlenique, on several occasions.

Social Media Success
  • Joslyn always wanted to become a star and had an inclination towards acting and fashion products. She has always been passionate about dance.
  • Since Joslyn was active on social media, she thought of exhibiting her talent on various social media platforms. She started following many social media stars in order to accumulate ideas. She then created her own account on TikTok and started posting her dance videos.
  • Initially, her videos took some time to catch the attention, but in the course of time she started receiving appreciation. This encouraged her to enhance the quality of her performances. By the time she posted her sixth video, she had already gathered 5,000 fans. After that, she started posting face off videos in which she was seen competing with other dancers. Her competition with Malu Trevejo, a TikTok celebrity, has been the best to date.
  • Joslyn shares a cordial relationship with her fellow TikTok star Liddlenique, for she has posted many TikTok videos along with her. Joslyn later added dubsmash and lip-sync videos to her compilations. She also created an account in the video streaming application YouNow and gained similar popularity on this platform as well.
  • In 2014, Joslyn created her YouTube channel under the name ‘Itz Joslynn.’ She did not have a great first year on YouTube as she struggled to gather subscribers. It took her almost a year to rack up the number of subscribers. Despite the fact that she has posted only a few videos on her channel, Joslyn has managed to gather more than 60,000 subscribers.
  • The videos that she has posted on her YouTube channel include a video on her hair care and styling routine, a cover version of a mash-up and a photo shoot in which she had posed for a professional photographer, Johnny Rocket. In addition to posting videos on her channel, Joslyn has also appeared in a few videos posted by other YouTubers like Jenna P and Sianney Angelise. In the video posted by Jenna P, Joslyn was seen displaying some cool dance moves for the track, ‘Partition.’ In the video posted by Sianney, she was seen taking up the famous ‘the baby food challenge.’
  • Joslyn has had her share of controversies as well. She once posted a video in which she said some nasty things about Malu Trevejo and Liddlenique. Her video did not go down well with the fans of Malu and Liddlenique. Some of Liddlenique’s fans ridiculed Joslyn for being so arrogant towards individuals, who had constantly supported her.
  • It is a fact that Liddlenique had guided Joslyn on many occasions. It is only fair to say that Liddlenique had played a major role in getting Joslyn under the spotlight. Hence, many of Liddlenique fans defended their action of ridiculing Joslyn in public. Later, both Liddlenique and Malu Trevejo posted a reply video on their respective YouTube channels.
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