Lucci Smith Bio

(Instagram Star)

Birthday: April 28, 2004 (Taurus)

Born In: Houston, Texas, United States

Lucci Smith is an Instagram personality who has achieved fame on the platform via his short dance videos and lip-syncing clips. He is also notable for sharing his personal photographs on the platform. Smith has achieved online fame quite fast. He is a young teenager who has already gained thousands of fans across various platforms of social media. The number of fans on his Snapchat account is also substantial. Known for his extremely curly locks, Smith has truly taken social media by storm with his stunning hair and gorgeous eyes. Given his exotic looks, it comes as no surprise that the good-looking young boy has numerous female fans! His unique personality is a bonus for his followers! On a personal note, he is a funny person who loves doing all sorts of weird and crazy activities. His youth, coupled with his innocence, makes his stand out from the hordes of other Instagrammers. A brother of two, Smith often collaborates with his siblings for his Instagram posts.
Quick Facts

Age: 19 Years, 19 Year Old Males

City: Houston, Texas

U.S. State: Texas

Rise to Stardom
Lucci Smith joined Instagram in 2017. His first post was a short video with the caption “if u made it this far down u a true fan, Buh gfyb was like our old school gang”. This video garnered thousands of likes and comments and eventually helped him gain a footing as a social media influencer. On June 1, 2017, Smith posted a close-up picture of half of his face. Soon after this, a lip-syncing video followed, in which the Instagram star showed his younger self to his fans. Currently, this post has got thousands of views. Smith’s subsequent posts also received decent numbers of views and the number of his followers increased steadily with time. Today, the teenager is quite famous as an Instagram star and has numerous fans from all over the world. Many teenagers, especially young girls, follow him eagerly. Besides Instagram, he is also active on TikTok where he posts his short dance and lip-syncing content.
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His Instagram posts are truly entertaining and can garner anyone’s attention in one go! His dance videos and Snapchat posts are funny and enjoyable. Unlike many other social media stars who are not comfortable being vulnerable online, Smith believes in showing his true self to his fans. This quality of his has endeared him to his followers.
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Family & Personal Life
Lucci Smith was born on April 28, 2004 in Houston, Texas, USA. He has two brothers, both of who have been featured on his Instagram account. Smith has not disclosed much about his parents but from his posts it is quite clear that he has a caring and loving family.
Lucci Smith once featured himself in a meme alongside President Donald Trump on Instagram.

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