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(Instagram Star)

Birthday: February 22, 2004 (Pisces)

Born In: United States

Esssenccee is an American social-media personality, best known for her dance videos on her ‘Instagram’ account. She had initially built an impressive fan base on ‘Instagram,’ through her fun content. However, she later disabled the account for reasons best known to her. Esssenccee then created another ‘Instagram’ page under a different name and resumed her social-media career. She has a joint ‘Instagram’ page with her best friend, social-media influencer Laii. The two often collaborate to create content for their ‘Instagram’ page and are currently working toward earning more followers. Esssenccee is not too active on other social-media platforms. She owns a merchandise line, which she manages with the help of Laii.
Quick Facts

Also Known As: Essence Marie

Age: 20 Years, 20 Year Old Females

Rise to Fame
Esssenccee ventured into the social-media arena with ‘Instagram.’ Her first ‘Instagram’ post was published in August 2017. She eventually grew on the platform and earned an impressive fan base. She had acquired about 525 thousand followers on the platform. Unfortunately, she disabled her account later. Esssenccee created a new ‘Instagram’ page under the name 'essenceemarieee.' Her new ‘Instagram’ page is packed with her photos, which display Esssenccee’s impeccable dress sense. She has also posted a few videos of her dance performances on the page. Such gripping content has earned her over 442 thousand followers on her new ‘Instagram’ page. Esssenccee has another ‘Instagram’ page, ‘lailaxessence,’ which she co-owns with social-media personality Laii, who is also known as “Brace Face Laii.” The collaborative ‘Instagram’ page hosts similar content to that of Esssenccee’s individual ‘Instagram’ page. A few pictures on the page have the two “Instagrammers” posing with many other popular social-media influencers. The pictures hint at possible future collaborations between the influencers and Esssenccee. Her joint ‘Instagram’ page currently has around 21 thousand followers. Many of her dance videos (solo and duo performances with Laii) have been compiled and posted on ‘YouTube.’ Even though Esssenccee does not own a ‘YouTube’ channel yet, she posts videos on a channel called 'Viral Entertainment.' As mentioned on their ‘Instagram’ page, both Esssenccee and Laii are managed by 'Viral Entertainment' and Ashlee Gina, who works at ‘Shattered Ceilings Entertainment.’
Esssenccee owns a merchandise line, too, which she manages along with Laii. The line offers a range of their signature unisex T-shirts, unisex hoodies, leggings, hats, beanies, backpacks, lingerie, dance shorts, and mobile phone cases.
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Family & Personal Life
Esssenccee was born on February 22, 2004, in the US. Not much is known about her parents or their professions. She has not revealed if she has any siblings. Esssenccee is a huge Ariana Grande fan. If given a chance, she would love to swap lives with Ariana. She would also like to work with her someday. It is clear from her ‘Instagram’ posts that Esssenccee has a wonderful sense of fashion and loves dressing up. She is known for her quirky hairstyles, about which she often receives questions from her fans. Her biggest pet peeve is the scratching sound on a chalkboard. If granted a superpower, Esssenccee would choose teleportation. Her dream travel destination is New York.

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