Find out more about top Instagram models, including Alex Lange, Alexis Ren, Bernice Burgos, Cindy Kimberly and Crystal Westbrooks.

Are you tall, good-looking, graceful, and blessed with a great sense of style? Then maybe you should consider giving a shot to modeling! In the contemporary world, it’s getting increasingly easier for youngsters to catch the eyes of executives from modeling agencies, thanks to social networking sites! The first step for any wannabe model today is to set up an Instagram account and start posting their gorgeous pictures on it. Emily Ratajkowski, better known as Emrata, is one of the top Instagram models with over 16 million followers gawking at her sultry images. Not far behind is Alexis Ren with almost 12 million folks eagerly awaiting her next upload. Brazilian model and businesswoman Claudia Alenda first gained fame for being a Megan Fox lookalike, but with time she has emerged as a successful model in her own right. While the fashion world is unfortunately dominated by the whites, black models like Lira Mercer are here to prove that race should not be a parameter for success. Matthew Noszka, Andre Hamann, and Clark Bockelma are some of the hottest male models who are scorching Instagram with their sexy pictures. Check out this section to know more about the famous Instagram models.