People born on June 4 are known for having one of the best attitudes around. They are extremely likeable people who draw people towards themselves with their upbeat energy. They step up when it comes to taking responsibility. These people tend to be a little overcritical and can carry a few negative feelings inside themselves. They are not the ones who enjoy planning ahead; instead they like to just go with the flow of things. They usually like to do things at their own pace. One of their main goals is to find financial stability in life.

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Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie
44, American
Actress, Filmmaker, Activist

Russell BrandRussell Brand
44, British

Mossimo GiannulliMossimo Giannulli
56, American
Fashion Designer

Anil AmbaniAnil Ambani
60, Indian
Chairman of Reliance ADA Group

Keith DavidKeith David
63, American
Oona ChaplinOona Chaplin
33, Spanish, British

Evan SpiegelEvan Spiegel
29, American
Co-founder of Snapchat

Bar RefaeliBar Refaeli
34, Israeli
Fashion Model, TV Host, Businesswoman
Mackenzie ZieglerMackenzie Ziegler
15, American
Dancer, Singer, Actress, Model

Tim RozonTim Rozon
43, Canadian
Lukas PodolskiLukas Podolski
34, German, Polish

John Drew Barrymore John Drew Barrymore
72, American

Kim So-hyunKim So-hyun
20, South Korean

Sean PertweeSean Pertwee
55, British

Dennis WeaverDennis Weaver
81, American
Joyce MeyerJoyce Meyer
76, American

Park Yoo-chunPark Yoo-chun
33, South Korean
Singer-songwriter, Actor

Kathryn PrescottKathryn Prescott
28, British

Noah WyleNoah Wyle
48, American
Geli RaubalGeli Raubal
23, Austrian, Hungarian
Hitler’s Niece

Parker StevensonParker Stevenson
67, American
Rob HuebelRob Huebel
50, American

Izabella ScorupcoIzabella Scorupco
49, Swedish
Film actress

Michele HicksMichele Hicks
46, American
Lucky Blue SmithLucky Blue Smith
21, American
Model & Musician

John GeoghanJohn Geoghan
68, American
Serial Child Rapist
Carl Gustaf Emil MannerheimCarl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim
83, Finnish
Military Leader

Rosalind RussellRosalind Russell
69, American

Jetsun PemaJetsun Pema
29, Bhutanese
Queen Consort of Bhutan
Alexei NavalnyAlexei Navalny
43, Russian

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Allan Octavian HumeAllan Octavian Hume
83, Indian, British, Scottish
Founder of Indian National Congress
Joe HillJoe Hill
47, American

Jillian MurrayJillian Murray
35, American

Adam SalehAdam Saleh
26, American
YouTube personality, Vlogger, Rapper

Suzy AitchisonSuzy Aitchison
59, British
Daniella SemaanDaniella Semaan
44, Lebanese
Cesc Fàbregas' Wife
Mandela Van PeeblesMandela Van Peebles
25, American
Rapper, Actor

Jordan BratmanJordan Bratman
42, American
Music Producer, Christina Aguilera’s Ex-Husband

Heinrich Otto WielandHeinrich Otto Wieland
80, German
Father of Biochemistry

Gustav NossalGustav Nossal
88, Australian
Robert F. Furchgott Robert F. Furchgott
92, American

Anna MaynardAnna Maynard
19, British
Pop Singer

Albert John LuthuliAlbert John Luthuli
69, South African
President of African National Congress (ANC)

Jeremy BieberJeremy Bieber
44, Canadian
Justin Bieber’s Father

Quincy Taylor BrownQuincy Taylor Brown
28, American
Kate AlbrechtKate Albrecht
36, American

William Pitt (Architect)William Pitt (Architect)
62, Australian
Julia the Kinda Funny PersonJulia the Kinda Funny Person
15, American
TikTok Star

Keaton KellerKeaton Keller
22, American

T.J. MillerT.J. Miller
38, American
Bradley WalshBradley Walsh
59, British
Association football player, Comedian, Film actor

Michelle PhillipsMichelle Phillips
75, American
Television actor, Singer, Actor,
Robin Lord TaylorRobin Lord Taylor
41, American

Ben StokesBen Stokes
28, British

Scott WolfScott Wolf
51, American

Bruce DernBruce Dern
83, American
American actor

35, Indian
S. P. BalasubrahmanyamS. P. Balasubrahmanyam
73, Indian
Actor, Singer, Composer

Amelia WarnerAmelia Warner
37, British

Brandon JennerBrandon Jenner
38, American

Ashok SarafAshok Saraf
72, Indian
Ruth WestheimerRuth Westheimer
91, German, American
Media Personality

Al B. Sure!Al B. Sure!
51, American
Horatio SanzHoratio Sanz
50, Chilean, American

Lorenzo InsigneLorenzo Insigne
28, Italian
Association football player

Theo RossiTheo Rossi
44, American
Freddy FenderFreddy Fender
69, American
Singer, Musician, Songwriter

Mollie KingMollie King
32, British
Singer, Guitarist, Model
Joseph KabilaJoseph Kabila
48, Congolese

El DeBargeEl DeBarge
58, American

Fahriye EvcenFahriye Evcen
33, Turkish
Gorilla MonsoonGorilla Monsoon
62, American
Professional wrestler, Actor

Val McDermidVal McDermid
64, British
Writer, Novelist, Journalist
Julian MarleyJulian Marley
44, British

Brett HarrelsonBrett Harrelson
56, American

Julie WhiteJulie White
58, American
Film actress

James CallisJames Callis
48, British
Martin AdamsMartin Adams
63, British
Darts Player
Vincent PalermoVincent Palermo
75, American

T. J. MillerT. J. Miller
38, American

Emmanuel EbouéEmmanuel Eboué
36, Ivorian

Rainie YangRainie Yang
35, Taiwanese
Melanie PhillipsMelanie Phillips
68, British

Jimmy McCullochJimmy McCulloch
26, British, Scottish
Musician, Songwriter, Guitarist

Josh McDermittJosh McDermitt
41, American
Film actor

George NooryGeorge Noory
69, American
Radio personality

Juan IturbeJuan Iturbe
26, Argentinian, Paraguayan
Association football player
Cecilia BartoliCecilia Bartoli
53, Italian
Singer, Opera singer

Tom LongboatTom Longboat
61, Canadian
Athletics competitor
Brooke VincentBrooke Vincent
27, British

Stefano PessinaStefano Pessina
78, Italian
engineer, entrepreneur, businessperson
Vince CamutoVince Camuto
78, American
Melissa MolinaroMelissa Molinaro
37, Canadian
Model, Actor, Singer

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 4th

These people are known for their extremely loveable nature. People can always turn to them because they are so dependable. They can easily adapt to any situation and any personality, which is a strong Gemini character in them. They always have such an upbeat and happy vibe to them. With an amazing sense of humor they can always guarantee a good time. They are very smart and have an analytical mind. They love to have strong intellectual conversations. It is not uncommon to find these people doing something with their creative nature, whether it is drawing or pursuing their musical aspirations, they love to express themselves.

Health can go both ways with people born on June 4. They love to play sports but they can also be a bit lazy. They love high-energy sports or anything that can keep them continuously going. They do need to watch out for pushing themselves too hard. They like to keep themselves fit because it is an ego booster for them. They love to cook and learn about the nutritional value of the food they are consuming.

Managing money is not one of their stronger points. They tend to spend it once they have it and do not consider the consequences. As they get older they become a little more responsible with their spending. With such a split personality, the security of their finances can rise and fall as fast as it comes in.

People born on June 4 are open to many different types of career paths. They are extremely versatile and have a little something to offer to every status. They would love to work where they can express their creativity.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
In a relationship, these people are known for having the warmest heart around. They are extremely open-minded to the needs and wants of their lovers. They can quickly fall in and out of love. They view friendship as one of the most important keys to a perfect relationship. They are very romantic but are not necessarily great at showing emotional or sentimental acts. When in a relationship, they are loyal, and extremely protective of their partner. As parents, they strive to give their children the life they didn't have. They have nothing but love and compassion towards their little ones.

Lucky Colors: Electric Blue, Electric White, Multi-Colours
Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 4th ,22nd