People born on June 28th are known for being extremely humorous and sociable. They have a knack for pleasing the crowd. People are always drawn to them for the fact that they are very entertaining to be around. They tend to be quite creative and love to show that off. Sometimes people born on June 28 feel that they are under appreciated by the people around them. These people also do not like to fail. They always have the next goal in the sight and are known to be go-getters. They aim high to achieve all the goals they have set for themselves. They are not afraid to step up in front of a crowd.

Elon MuskElon Musk
48, Canadian, American, South African
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor
Henry VIII of EnglandHenry VIII of England
55, British
King of England

Mel BrooksMel Brooks
93, American
American Film Director, Comedian, Actor & Producer

John CusackJohn Cusack
53, American

Kathy BatesKathy Bates
71, American
Actress and film director

Kevin De Bruyne Kevin De Bruyne
28, Belgian
Ed WestwickEd Westwick
32, British

Jean-Jacques RousseauJean-Jacques Rousseau
66, Swiss, French
Philosopher, Writer, & Composer

Noriyuki MoritaPat Morita
73, American
Actor, Comedian

Rob DyrdekRob Dyrdek
45, American
Skateboarder, Actor, Entrepreneur
Mary Stuart MastersonMary Stuart Masterson
53, American
Actress, Director

P. V. Narasimha RaoP. V. Narasimha Rao
83, Indian
Prime Minister of India
Felicia DayFelicia Day
40, American

30, American
YouTube Personality

Alice KrigeAlice Krige
65, South African
Ha Ji-wonHa Ji-won
41, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Peter Paul RubensPeter Paul Rubens
62, Belgian
Painter & Printmaker
Demi-Leigh Nel-PetersDemi-Leigh Nel-Peters
24, South African
Model, Miss Universe 2017

Tichina ArnoldTichina Arnold
50, American

Muhammad YunusMuhammad Yunus
79, Bangladeshi
Carl PanzramCarl Panzram
38, American
Serial Killer

Danielle BriseboisDanielle Brisebois
50, American
Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Producer
28, South Korean
South Korean Actress

Richard RodgersRichard Rodgers
77, American
Composer, songwriter, playwright

Bruce DavisonBruce Davison
73, American

Tommy Lynn SellsTommy Lynn Sells
49, American
Serial Killer
Kang Min-hyukKang Min-hyuk
28, South Korean
South Korean Musician, Actor
Brian L. RobertsBrian L. Roberts
28, American
CEO of Comcast

Lalla WardLalla Ward
68, British

Jessica RoganJessica Rogan
41, American
Joe Rogan's Wife

Camille GuatyCamille Guaty
43, American
Luigi PirandelloLuigi Pirandello
69, Italian

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Jeff CavaliereJeff Cavaliere
44, American
Fitness Trainer

John Stewart BellJohn Stewart Bell
62, Northern Irish

Alexis CarrelAlexis Carrel
71, French
Surgeon, Biologist

Curtis LeporeCurtis Lepore
36, American
Viner, Internet Celebrity
36, American
Gamer, YouTuber

Maria Goeppert MayerMaria Goeppert-Mayer
65, American
Madison HaschakMadison Haschak
19, American
Dancer, social media personality

Steve BurtonSteve Burton
49, American

Frank Sherwood RowlandFrank Sherwood Rowland
84, American
Atmospheric Chemist
Nikki MudarrisNikki Mudarris
29, American
Television Personality

Caillou PettisCaillou Pettis
19, Canadian
Social Media Influencer, Actor, Film Critic
Mike WhiteMike White
49, American

Presley SmithPresley Smith
4, Canadian

Robert LatskyRobert Latsky
27, Canadian
YouTuber, Gamer

20, American

John ElwayJohn Elway
59, American
Baseball player, American football player
Jon WattsJon Watts
38, American

Kellie PicklerKellie Pickler
33, American
Singer, Beauty pageant contestant, Songwriter

Luke KirbyLuke Kirby
41, Canadian, American

Ayelet ZurerAyelet Zurer
50, Israeli
Actor, Model, Stage actor
A. A. GillA. A. Gill
62, British

Jessica HechtJessica Hecht
54, American
Steven M. GreerSteven M. Greer
64, American

Leon PanettaLeon Panetta
81, American
Former White House Chief of Staff

Gil BellowsGil Bellows
52, Canadian
Tamara EcclestoneTamara Ecclestone
35, Italian, British
Model, Television presenter

51, Puerto Rican
Actor, Musician, Singer, Television actor
Fabien BarthezFabien Barthez
48, French
Association football player, Racecar driver

Prince Bernhard of Lippe-BiesterfeldPrince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld
93, Dutch

Pierre LavalPierre Laval
62, French
Politician, Lawyer
46, Norwegian
drummer, musician

Lacey SchwimmerLacey Schwimmer
31, American
Music artist, Dancer
Chris HaniChris Hani
50, South African

Demarai GrayDemarai Gray
23, British
Association football player

Mark GraceMark Grace
55, American
Baseball Player

Wahab RiazWahab Riaz
34, Pakistani
Aribert HeimAribert Heim
78, Austrian, German
Military physician, Ice hockey player, Torturer,
David JohnstonDavid Johnston
78, Canadian
Diplomat, Academic, University teacher, Lawyer

Jeanette AwJeanette Aw
40, Singaporean

Junior JohnsonJunior Johnson
88, American
Racing driver

E. H. CarrE. H. Carr
90, British
Historian, Journalist, Diplomat, Writer, Political
Ahmed YassinAhmed Yassin
66, Israeli, Palestinian

Patrick HemingwayPatrick Hemingway
91, American

Hans BlixHans Blix
91, Swedish
Swedish diplomat, politician

Paul BrocaPaul Broca
56, French
Physician, Anatomist, Anthropologist,

Srujan LokeshSrujan Lokesh
39, Indian
Joseph JoachimJoseph Joachim
76, Hungarian
Composer, Conductor, Concertmaster, Musicologist,

Sergiu CelibidacheSergiu Celibidache
84, Romanian
conductor, composer, university teacher
Chen XuedongChen Xuedong
29, Chinese

Sergio AsenjoSergio Asenjo
30, Spanish
Association football player

Willie ApiataWillie Apiata
47, New Zealander
Pope Paul IVPope Paul IV
83, Irish
Bishop of Rome, Pope

Deborah MoggachDeborah Moggach
71, British
Writer, Novelist, Screenwriter
Donald JohansonDonald Johanson
76, American
Anthropologist, Archaeologist, Prehistorian,

Norika FujiwaraNorika Fujiwara
48, Japanese
Japanese model

Carl Friedrich von WeizsäckerCarl Friedrich von Weizsäcker
94, German
Physicist, Writer, Philosopher, University teacher

Andriy PyatovAndriy Pyatov
35, Ukrainian
Association football player
Ashley MontaguAshley Montagu
94, British, American
Anthropologist, University teacher

Sergei BodrovSergei Bodrov
71, Russian
Film director, Screenwriter, Writer
Itamar FrancoItamar Franco
81, Brazilian
Politician, Diplomat

Stéphane ChapuisatStéphane Chapuisat
50, Swiss
Association football player
Ray SlijngaardRay Slijngaard
Musician, Rapper, Singer

Henri LebesgueHenri Lebesgue
67, French
Mathematician, Professor
Will StevensWill Stevens
28, British
Racecar driver

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on June 28

Those born on 28 are known for their spontaneous charm. They love to explore the world and wouldn't mind finding someone who could take a spontaneous adventure with them. They will always follow their own heart over their heads. People will always tend to gravitate towards these lovely cancers because they are so sociable and persuasive. They desire to be different and run the crowd. One thing about these people is that they are not afraid to express how they are feeling when they feel under appreciated.

These people need to focus on keeping themselves happy to maintain good health. They often let the mental things affect their well being. People born on June 28 sometimes load up on too many comfort foods and caffeine. Health is not one of their stronger areas and they often feel fatigued. It is not a surprise if they get some sort of minor illness. These people should look into eating more fruits and vegetables to give their bodies what it lacks.

These people tend to do very well when it comes to their money. Unlike a lot of people they have great patience to save what they make. They never tend to have any downfalls when it comes to financial issues.

People born on June 28 are very serious about their careers. They will not settle for less and have high expectations of what they want. They normally keep their career decisions to themselves.

Relationships, Marriage, and Children
When it comes to love interest these people tend to be little shy. They have a strong desire for long-term emotional security. Once they are in a relationship they tend to be loving and loyal. They will do anything to make their partner happy. They love to be on an equal level with their lovers. They tend to be very family oriented. They are always fun loving and adventurous which makes them exciting lovers. When they become parents they almost turn back to being a child themselves. They are very active parents and they will always incorporate laughter into their child's life.

Lucky Colors: Copper, gold
Lucky Numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82
Lucky Days (of the week): Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Lucky Days (of the month): 10,19