Kang Min-hyuk Biography

(South Korean Musician, Actor)

Birthday: June 28, 1991 (Cancer)

Born In: Ilsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea

Kang Min-hyuk is a South Korean musician-singer and actor who started his career as a drummer for the South Korean rock band CNBLUE. The group was formed in 2009 and started their musical journey in Japan with the release of their debut mini album titled ‘Now or Never’. The group made their South Korean debut with ‘Bluetory’ in the very next year. The title track from their album titled ‘I’m a Loner’ became a success in South Korea and the group received instant fame with the release of the song. Kang then entered the acting world with his film ‘Acoustic’ in 2010 and in the same year he became a part of the popular drama ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’. In 2012, ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’ became the most successful show of the year, and all the cast members, including Kang benefitted from soaring success of the show. For his performance, Kang was also honored with a Rising Star Award at the K-Drama Star Awards that year. Apart from music and acting, Kang is also known for his hosting skills and has been a part of several successful variety shows.
Childhood & Early Life
Kang Min-hyuk was born in Chulsandong, South Korea on 28th June 1991. Right after his birth, his family shifted to Ilsan and hence, Kang considers Ilsan as his home town. Kang was the youngest child of his parents and hence, the most adored. That pampering made him a restless and naughty kid and he became a menace for his family members, and teachers in school. Despite his behaviour, he was good in studies and scored above average marks.
What interested him the most as a kid was music. He imbibed the love for music from his mother, who herself was a keen music enthusiast. She gave him the piano and flute lessons, and Kang indulged himself into classical music and as he grew up, his taste for music started shifting once he was introduced to Maroon5, the American band and he started dreaming to create a band as successful as Maroon5.
He found some good friends who happened to be musicians like him. He saw them performing on stage and realized that he was destined to do the same and as a result, started training in music harder.
When Kang entered the middle school, he developed a liking for sports and spent more and more time playing basketball and football. When the time finally came to decide a career, Kang chose law as a career and started prepping up himself to become a lawyer. But the destiny had other plans for the talented lad, and he found himself starting a band. By then he had taught himself drumming and he collected a few of his fellow musician friends and they all came together to form the rock band named CNBLUE, with Kang as the drummer.
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The band CNBLUE made its debut at an event in Tokyo, Japan in 2009 with 20 other bands and later they started playing on the streets and in live shows. The members somehow managed to bring out their debut album ‘Now or Never’ in Japan, which was in English language and wasn’t quite successful.
The band returned to South Korea in late 2009 and in January 2010, FNC Entertainment introduced the band to the South Koreans by taking out a series of teasers and the album ‘Bluetory’ was officially released on 14th January 2014 to critical acclaim. The album reached the top of Gaon Album Chart and stayed there for two weeks straight.
The band members meanwhile became increasingly popular in South Korea and as a result, they started getting lucrative offers to feature in films and TV series’. Kang made his acting debut with the film ‘Acoustic’ and in the same year, he got a role in the series ‘It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl’.
Kang then started getting more offers for featuring in TV dramas but he remained quite choosy about his roles as he also had his band to pay attention to. In 2011, he appeared in the drama ‘Heartstrings’, which revolved around a group of young people who are falling in and out of love with each other. Kang played the role of a drummer, a comic relief in the show who is always hungry.
He then appeared in the most successful career role of his life in ‘My Husband’s Got a Family’, which became the highest rated show of 2012 and Kang became a household name in South Korea. The award season was also dominated by the show and its cast members and Kang also managed to win the Rising Star Award at the K-Drama Star Awards for his performance as a major supporting character.
The humongous critical acclaim continued with ‘The Heirs’ in 2013 and for his performance in the show, Kang was awarded with a New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards that year.
In 2015, Kang appeared in many variety shows back-to-back with ‘Brave Family’, ‘I live Alone’ and ‘Crime Scene 2’ and after taking a little break from television, he made a comeback with ‘Entertainer’ in 2016, for which the SBS Drama Awards honoured Kang with the 'Top Excellence Award'.
In 2017, he appeared in ‘Hospital Ship’ and is all set to appear in the film ‘Marital Harmony’.
Kang has given equal attention to his music career as his band has released a total of 9 albums since its formation. Seven of those albums are in Japanese and two in Korean.
The band worked independently in Japan until it got signed under Warner Music Japan and under a major label, the band released their very first single titled ‘In My Head’. The song became extremely successful and was also chosen as the theme song for the series ‘Supernatural: The Animation’.
As the band climbed the ladder of success, they started gaining prominence in west as well. They held a mega concert in UK in September 2012 at the IndigO2 arena in London and performed over 20 songs in front of around 3000 fans. The show was a super success and the stadium was jam packed. Similar response came for their concert in South Korea in December, where the tickets were sold within 10 minutes.
In 2013, the band embarked on their very first world tour which again was a massive success. The group has done more than a dozen shows in Japan until now, and quite a few in South Korea and other neighboring countries.
Personal Life
Kang is a foodie and says that whenever he is upset, he eats massive meals and then diets for the next couple of days in order to keep his weight in control.
Like most of the South Korean actors, Kang has been advised by his PR agency to keep his dating life under the wraps. But his name has been frequently linked with Jung Hye-sung, although there has been no confirmation from either side.

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