Leo men and women born on July 30th have typified personality traits and characteristic features which are akin to only them. This is because the same is influenced not just by Sun, which is the ruling body for the zodiacal group but Jupiter, governor of the actual date in which these individuals are born. So, the probable disposition of July 30 individuals is thought to be influenced by the combined presence of these two celestial bodies. July 30 individuals are loyal and compassionate folks with perceptiveness and wittiness. They are blessed with decision making skills and an intuitive and instinctive mind.  Additional fortes include their sense of humor, ability to express openly and down to earth attitude. The only thing that July 30 individuals need to take care of is tendency to show  phobic or repressed mood when hurt or offended.

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Finneas O'ConnellFinneas O'Connell
22, American
Arnold SchwarzeneggerArnold Schwarzenegger
72, Austrian, American
Former Governor of California

Terry CrewsTerry Crews
51, American
Actor, American Football Player

Gina RodriguezGina Rodriguez
35, American

Christopher NolanChristopher Nolan
49, British

Lisa KudrowLisa Kudrow
56, American
Henry FordHenry Ford
83, American

Laurence FishburneLaurence Fishburne
58, American

Joey KingJoey King
20, American
Hilary SwankHilary Swank
45, American

Christine TaylorChristine Taylor
48, American
Yvonne StrahovskiYvonne Strahovski
37, Australian

Kate BushKate Bush
61, British

Jaime PresslyJaime Pressly
42, American
Actress, Model

Paul Albert AnkaPaul Anka
78, Canadian, American
Singer, Songwriter

Delta BurkeDelta Burke
63, American
Jean RenoJean Reno
71, French, Moroccan

Martin StarrMartin Starr
37, American
Actor, Comedian

April BowlbyApril Bowlby
39, American

Alton BrownAlton Brown
57, American
TV Personality, Celebrity Chef, Author
Jürgen KlinsmannJürgen Klinsmann
55, German
Football Player

Emily BrontëEmily Brontë
30, British
Frances de la TourFrances de la Tour
75, British

Frank StalloneFrank Stallone
69, American

Hirving LozanoHirving Lozano
24, Mexican
Carel StruyckenCarel Struycken
71, Dutch

Buddy GuyBuddy Guy
83, American
Smedley ButlerSmedley Butler
58, American

Hope SoloHope Solo
38, American
Football Player

Edd ByrnesEdd Byrnes
86, American
Ted SarandosTed Sarandos
55, American
Chief Content Officer for Netflix

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Caril Ann FugateCaril Ann Fugate
76, American
Henry MooreHenry Moore
88, British

Thorstein VeblenThorstein Veblen
72, American

Giorgio VasariGiorgio Vasari
62, Italian
Painter, Architect

Casey StengelCasey Stengel
85, American
American baseball manager
Young LyricYoung Lyric
19, American
Daley ThompsonDaley Thompson
61, British

Jean Patrick ModianoPatrick Modiano
74, French
French Novelist

Holly PeersHolly Peers
32, British

King Lil GKing Lil G
33, American
Street BudStreet Bud
15, American
Hip-Hop Artist

Calvin MurrayCalvin Murray
48, American
Baseball Player

Austin NorthAustin North
23, American
Actor, Musician

Sarah SnyderSarah Snyder
24, American
Model, Actor

Lucas OvalleLucas Ovalle
19, American
Social Media Star
Ice JJ FishIce JJ Fish
25, American

GloZell GreenGloZell Green
47, American
YouTuber, Comedian
Cristian OliverasCristian Oliveras
23, American
TikTok (Musical.ly) star, YouNow star

Kristin LauriaKristin Lauria
24, American

25, American
YouTube Star
Ilani PierreIlani Pierre
12, American
YouTube Star

Tony LipTony Lip
82, American
Simon BakerSimon Baker
50, Australian
Actor, Television director

Tom GreenTom Green
48, Canadian
Actor, Television presenter, Blogger, Radio

Vivica A. FoxVivica A. Fox
55, American
American actress

Sonu NigamSonu Nigam
46, Indian
Actor, Singer, Composer

Rodrigo AlvesRodrigo Alves
36, Brazilian
Television personality
Nico TortorellaNico Tortorella
31, American

Richard LinklaterRichard Linklater
59, American
Film director

Sonu SoodSonu Sood
46, Indian

Peter BogdanovichPeter Bogdanovich
80, American
Anita HillAnita Hill
63, American

Harriet HarmanHarriet Harman
69, British
Politician, Lawyer, Solicitor
Eliot SumnerEliot Sumner
29, British

Neil BonnettNeil Bonnett
47, American
Racing driver, NASCAR team owner

Fabiano CaruanaFabiano Caruana
27, Italian, American
Chess player
André GomesAndré Gomes
26, Portuguese
Association football player

Celeste NgCeleste Ng
39, American
Javier BotetJavier Botet
42, Spanish

Ken OlinKen Olin
65, American

Sean Patrick MaloneySean Patrick Maloney
53, American
Justin FuenteJustin Fuente
43, American

Bud SeligBud Selig
85, American
Commissioner of Baseball
Pete TongPete Tong
59, British

Nicky HaydenNicky Hayden
35, American
Motorcycle racer

Aml AmeenAml Ameen
34, British

John ReardonJohn Reardon
44, Canadian
Evangelos MarinakisEvangelos Marinakis
51, Greek
director, businessperson
William AthertonWilliam Atherton
72, American

Sarah McDanielSarah McDaniel
24, American

Diva ZappaDiva Zappa
40, American

Cassi DavisCassi Davis
55, American
Kerry FoxKerry Fox
53, New Zealander

Misty May-TreanorMisty May-Treanor
42, American
Volleyball player, Beach volleyball player

Archduke Karl Ludwig of AustriaArchduke Karl Ludwig of Austria
62, Austrian

Clive SinclairClive Sinclair
79, British
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor, Computer

45, American
David SanbornDavid Sanborn
74, American

Daniel LugoDaniel Lugo
74, Puerto Rican
Derek WatersDerek Waters
40, American

Laura ZapataLaura Zapata
63, Mexican
actor, television actor
Nikolai KinskiNikolai Kinski
43, French, American
Diana VickersDiana Vickers
28, British
Singer, Poet, Singer-songwriter, Stage actor, Film

Personality Traits & Characteristic of Famous People Born on July 30

The personality traits of individuals born on July 30 include witty, fun-loving and flirtatious nature. These people have lots of charismatic charm and communicative expressiveness which makes them different from other Leo personalities. The preference for company to solitude is also unique in July 30 individuals. Insightful and intuitive, these people possess loads of energy and love staying grounded and in real situations and conditions. Towards other people, July 30 natives are extremely loyal and understanding with a kind heart and compassionate nature. They are full of innovative ideas and are endowed with the abilities that help them possess a modern outlook and develop emotionally. July 30 folks mostly take a spiritual route in the later years of life.

The general health condition of individuals born on July 30 is a mixed bag. Though these people understand the value of including exercise in the daily routine and also swear by the benefits such as its positive effect on the mood and appearance, they do not associate it as a pleasurable activity and thus, evade from practicing it. However, it is highly recommended for July 30 born natives to include the same in the regular routine, as it would not only help enhance the mood, but also keep a check on their weight, which may scale up due to their fondness for food. Finding interesting exercise routine would keep the morale and the spirit to exercise up.  Additionally, other than physical health, July 30 individuals need to check on their mental health by getting adequate sleep and rest and thus maintaining overall healthiness.  

Money matters do not hold much importance in the life of individuals born on July 30. Despite the fact, these people are lucky in financial matters and seem to have been blessed with a favourable financial fortune. They are not only lucky as far as investments are concerned but are even adept at creating money. Since these people do not life taking credit or being in debt, they save remarkably for future expenses and patiently accumulate wealth for the things they really want or need

The career choice of individuals born on July 30 is determined by their keen aptitude and interest in science. Also, since these people are especially good at researching relevant information, they can do well in writing and counselling jobs. July 30 natives are great at working in a team, their wittiness and energetic practicality guiding them in the purpose and making them stand out.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Romantically, people born on the thirtieth day of July are loving and passionate folks. They seek for a partner who constantly provides them with reassurance and appreciation and respects them intellectually. Since these people are sociable and have a huge circle of friends, the potential partner needs to be one who can get along with them and have a cheery and outgoing personality. He/she should be open about sharing the views and thoughts and possess similar ambitions. When committed in the relationship, July 30 natives are romantic and passionate towards the partner with a charming and affectionate temperament. Also, they are fiercely devoted and expect the same in return. Parenting is an important responsibility for these people. They believe in having effective communication to better understand and comprehend the needs and desires of the little ones.  

Lucky Color: Yellow, Lemon, Sandy Shades
Lucky Number: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 12, 30