Blessed with a great sense of humor, people born on the 9th of January are known for their idealism and intuitive skills. True to their zodiac, Capricorn, they are extremely reliable and very protective towards their loved ones. With Mars as their ruling planet, these people are confident and generous with a very practical outlook towards life. However, though the individuals are known for their tenderheartedness, they can at times be very ruthless as well. Resilience and ambitious nature is two of their most significant characteristics which give those born on this day an extra-edge over others. They are also very adoptable and tolerant by nature, owing to which they can keep themselves calm and composed in trying circumstances.

Richard NixonRichard Nixon
81, American
37th President of the United States
Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge
37, British
The Duchess of Cambridge

Nina DobrevNina Dobrev
30, Bulgarian, Canadian

Freddie StarrFreddie Starr
76, British

Jimmy PageJimmy Page
75, British

Crystal GayleCrystal Gayle
68, American
Joely RichardsonJoely Richardson
54, British

Lee Van CleefLee Van Cleef
64, American

Sean PaulSean Paul
46, Jamaican
Jamaican hip-hop artist

Dave MatthewsDave Matthews
52, American, South African
Lead vocalist and guitarist for the Dave Matthews
Simone de BeauvoirSimone de Beauvoir
78, French

Bob DenverBob Denver
70, American
Nicola PeltzNicola Peltz
24, American

Anusha DandekarAnusha Dandekar
37, Australian
VJ, Actress, Model

David CostabileDavid Costabile
52, American
Gennaro GattusoGennaro Gattuso
41, Italian

Susannah YorkSusannah York
72, British
Matt BevinMatt Bevin
52, American
62nd Governor of Kentucky

Brent RiveraBrent Rivera
21, American
YouTuber, Viner

Har Gobind KhoranaHar Gobind Khorana
89, American
Lady Randolph ChurchillLady Randolph Churchill
67, British, American
Socialite, Mother of Winston Churchill

Lara FabianLara Fabian
49, Belgian
Elijah DanielElijah Daniel
25, American

Kimberly Anne ScottKimberly Anne Scott
44, American
Eminem's Ex-wife

Park Sung-woongPark Sung-woong
46, South Korean

Rigoberta MenchúRigoberta Menchú
60, Guatemalan
33, Australian, Chinese
David EllisonDavid Ellison
36, American
Film Producer

Cassie GainesCassie Gaines
29, American

Lee Yeon-heeLee Yeon-hee
31, South Korean

Carrie Chapman CattCarrie Chapman Catt
88, American
Women’s Rights Activists
Lauryn McClainLauryn McClain
22, American

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Deshae FrostDeshae Frost
18, American
Stand-up Comedian

Cody CarsonCody Carson
30, American
Punk Singer

A. J. McLeanA. J. McLean
41, American

Jackson MechamJackson Mecham
5, American
YouTube Star
Joan Chandos BaezJoan Chandos Baez
78, American

Blake GrayBlake Gray
18, American
TikTok ( Star
Julie ChrisleyJulie Chrisley
46, American
Reality TV Personality

Wilbur A. SmithWilbur A. Smith
86, Cental African

18, American
Instagram Comedians
Farhan AkhtarFarhan Akhtar
45, Indian
actor, film director, film producer, screenwriter,

Chad JohnsonChad Johnson
41, American
American Football Player
Joan BaezJoan Baez
78, American
Singer-songwriter, Street artist, Singer,

Omari HardwickOmari Hardwick
45, American

AJ McLeanAJ McLean
41, American
Singer, Musician

Deon ColeDeon Cole
47, American

Farah KhanFarah Khan
54, Indian
Kerris DorseyKerris Dorsey
21, American

Bart StarrBart Starr
85, American
Entrepreneur, American football player, Journalist

Imelda StauntonImelda Staunton
63, British

Michel AflaqMichel Aflaq
79, Syrian
politician, writer, sociologist, philosopher
Joey Lauren AdamsJoey Lauren Adams
51, American

John B. WatsonJohn B. Watson
80, American
Mike CapuanoMike Capuano
67, American

Paolo NutiniPaolo Nutini
32, British
Singer-songwriter, Singer, Guitarist

Angie MartinezAngie Martinez
48, American
Actor, Musician, Singer, Model, Radio personality
Michael BeasleyMichael Beasley
30, American
Basketball player

David JohansenDavid Johansen
69, American
Actor, Musician, Singer-songwriter, Singer
John DomanJohn Doman
74, American

Eric BerryEric Berry
80, British

Lee Kun-heeLee Kun-hee
77, South Korean
Entrepreneur, Businessperson
Jake ShieldsJake Shields
40, American
Mixed martial artist

Clive DunnClive Dunn
92, British
Fernando LamasFernando Lamas
67, Argentinian
Actor, Screenwriter, Television actor

Lucas LeivaLucas Leiva
32, Brazilian
Association football player

Philippa GregoryPhilippa Gregory
65, British
Novelist, Writer

Katarina Johnson-ThompsonKatarina Johnson-Thompson
26, British
Athletics competitor
Claudio CaniggiaClaudio Caniggia
52, Argentinian
Association football player
54, German, Trinidadian
Singer, Musician

Gracie FieldsGracie Fields
81, British
Actor, Comedian, Singer

Mark MartinMark Martin
60, American
Racecar driver

Roslyn KindRoslyn Kind
68, American
Sunderlal BahugunaSunderlal Bahuguna
92, Indian
Environmentalist, Political activist

Angela BettisAngela Bettis
46, American

Mahendra KapoorMahendra Kapoor
74, Indian

Dick EnbergDick Enberg
84, American
Sports commentator, Journalist

Robert-François DamiensRobert-François Damiens
42, French
Robert D. PutnamRobert D. Putnam
78, American
Political Scientist

Andrea StramaccioniAndrea Stramaccioni
43, Italian
Association football player, Association football
Stuart WoodsStuart Woods
81, American

Ahmed Sékou TouréAhmed Sékou Touré
62, American
Political leader

Domenico ModugnoDomenico Modugno
66, Italian
Singer, Actor, Politician, Human rights activist,
Kaushik BasuKaushik Basu
67, Indian

Mao InoueMao Inoue
32, Japanese
Actor, Child actor
Brian FrielBrian Friel
86, Irish, British
Writer, Playwright, Theatre director, Politician

Julia DietzeJulia Dietze
38, German, French
Actor, Model

Rocky GeorgeRocky George
54, American

Sam BirdSam Bird
32, British
Racecar driver
Richard DennisRichard Dennis
70, American
Floor trader

Robert MichelsRobert Michels
60, German
Sociologist, University teacher
Elliot AronsonElliot Aronson
87, American
Psychologist, Sociologist, University teacher,

John Jervis, 1st Earl of St VincentJohn Jervis, 1st Earl of St Vincent
Politician, Officer
Kurt TucholskyKurt Tucholsky
45, German
Journalist, Poet lawyer, Satirist, Poet, Writer,

Bruce BoudreauBruce Boudreau
64, Canadian
Ice hockey player
Amir KabirAmir Kabir
45, Iranian
politician, diplomat

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 9th

Extremely goal-oriented and dedicated by nature, those born on this particular day are very ambitious, even though at times they may be a little indecisive and confused. Through their perseverance and hard work, they can overcome any obstacle and can bounce back from even the knottiest of situations. However, these individuals can be a little ruthless which may earn them lot of enemies, therefore it is very important for them to learn how to control their temper. Fearless by nature, people born on this day can achieve a lot in their life if they can keep their calm.

Extremely career driven, these people can go to any length to achieve what they aspire to, even if it takes putting their health and happiness at stake. These individuals are susceptible to stress related problems and may also suffer from fatigue and a weak immune system. It is essential for them to inculcate a healthy and nutritious dietary habit into their lifestyle.

Hardworking and ambitious by nature, those born on this day attain financial stability in their lives, even though they dislike being bogged down by day to day financial matters and investments. However, at times they tend to overspend, especially during their youth and thus need to organize their finances well.

They love exciting job opportunities which offer them enough growth. They have a knack for business and advertising and usually do well in these fields. Some of them can be interested in media and politics as well. However, they have a tendency to experiment with a variety of career options.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
Shy by nature, these people share intimacy with only a few of their trusted friends. However, once they find their soul mate, they tend to open themselves emotionally and are prepared to settle down. As parents, they are very friendly and like to spend time with their kids. However, at times they can be extremely protective as well.

Lucky Colors:  Red & Gray
Lucky Numbers: 1 & 9
Lucky Days (of the Month): 1st & 9th
Lucky Days (of the Week): Tuesday & Saturday