Driven by a sense of social justice and a very kindhearted nature, people born on 11th of January are very idealistic. A little less ambitious than the other Capricorns, these are emotional individuals, who love helping others in whatever ways possible. Known for their trustworthiness and strong will power, people born on this day however, have a tendency to be a little stubborn and opinionated. However, with age, they learn to adapt to difficult situations and grow a little more tolerant. These are intelligent individuals, who owing to their focus and determination achieve great heights in their career. They are very optimistic who believe in fairness and justice, and attract a lot of friends with their charm and cheerful personality.

Alexander HamiltonAlexander Hamilton
49, Saint Kitts And Nevis, American
Economist, Political Philosopher, Former U.S.
Jamie VardyJamie Vardy
33, British

Amanda PeetAmanda Peet
48, American

Rachel RileyRachel Riley
34, British
TV Presenter

Cody SimpsonCody Simpson
23, Australian

Shareef O'NealShareef O'Neal
20, American
Shaquille O'Neal's Son
Mary J. BligeMary J. Blige
49, American

Jason ConneryJason Connery
57, British
Actor, Director

Albert HofmannAlbert Hofmann
57, Swiss
The First Person to Synthesize LSD
Devin RatrayDevin Ratray
43, American

Leroy SanéLeroy Sané
24, German, French
William JamesWilliam James
68, American
Philosopher, Psychologist

Son Ye-jinSon Ye-jin
38, South Korean

Rod TaylorRod Taylor
84, Australian, American

Marc BlucasMarc Blucas
48, American

Theodosius ITheodosius I
48, Spanish, Ancient Roman
Emile HeskeyEmile Heskey
42, British

Kailash SatyarthiKailash Satyarthi
66, Indian
Child Rights Activist

John A. MacdonaldJohn A. Macdonald
76, Canadian, Scottish
Former Prime Minister of Canada

Jean ChretienJean Chrétien
86, Canadian
Politician, Lawyer, Diplomat
Alice PaulAlice Paul
92, American
Suffragist and Feminist

Tom WardTom Ward
49, British, Welsh
Möngke KhanMöngke Khan
50, Mongolian
Khagan of the Mongol Empire

George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of KedlestonGeorge Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston
66, British
Former Viceroy of India

Matteo RenziMatteo Renzi
45, Italian
Prime Minister of Italy
Aldo LeopoldAldo Leopold
61, American

Lil TwistLil Twist
27, American
Abraham Joshua HeschelAbraham Joshua Heschel
65, Polish

Lindsay ArnoldLindsay Arnold
26, American
Professional Dancer

Rebal DRebal D
21, American
Zoe QuinnZoe Quinn
33, American
Video Game Developer

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Lauren GiraldoLauren Giraldo
22, American
Scotty CranmerScotty Cranmer
33, American
BMX Rider

Yolanda FosterYolanda Foster
56, Netherlands Antilles, Dutch, American

Roger GuilleminRoger Guillemin
96, French

James PagetJames Paget
85, British
Founder of scientific medical pathology.
John PiperJohn Piper
74, American
American pastor
Samantha SpenoSamantha Speno
38, American
Randy Orton's Ex-wife

Julie FrankeJulie Franke
11, American

Jania BaniaJania Bania
20, American
Instagram Model

Robbie BurlewRobbie Burlew
19, American
TikTok ( & Instagram Star
Aaron FunkAaron Funk
45, Canadian
Electronic Musician

Sigh MikeSigh Mike
21, American

20, American

Eve BennettEve Bennett
20, British

Carroll ShelbyCarroll Shelby
89, American
Formula One driver, Automotive designer, Racecar
Shibu SorenShibu Soren
76, Indian, British

Rahul DravidRahul Dravid
47, Indian
Kyle RichardsKyle Richards
51, American

Diana GabaldonDiana Gabaldon
68, American

Fatima Sana ShaikhFatima Sana Shaikh
28, Indian
Aja Naomi KingAja Naomi King
35, American

Clarence ClemonsClarence Clemons
69, American
Naomi JuddNaomi Judd
74, American
Nurse, Motivational speaker, Musician,

Evan GoldbergEvan Goldberg
38, Canadian

Arthur ScargillArthur Scargill
82, British

Phyllis LoganPhyllis Logan
64, British

Harry Gordon SelfridgeHarry Gordon Selfridge
91, British
business magnate
39, British

Rockmond DunbarRockmond Dunbar
47, American

35, Indian
Singer, Composer

Bryan RobsonBryan Robson
63, British
Association football player, Association football
Christine KaufmannChristine Kaufmann
72, German
Ballet dancer, Stage actor, Film actor, Television

Abdullah the ButcherAbdullah the Butcher
79, Canadian
Melanie HillMelanie Hill
58, British

Malcolm D. LeeMalcolm D. Lee
50, American

Lionel StanderLionel Stander
86, American
Judith ExnerJudith Exner
65, American
Writer, Memoirist

Darryl DawkinsDarryl Dawkins
58, American
Basketball player
Max LucadoMax Lucado
65, American
Theologian, Writer

Daryl BraithwaiteDaryl Braithwaite
71, Australian

Tony HoareTony Hoare
86, British
Computer scientist, Engineer, Programmer, Writer,
Sandali SinhaSandali Sinha
47, Indian

Mark HalperinMark Halperin
55, American
Matt MullenwegMatt Mullenweg
36, American
Entrepreneur, Programmer, Computer scientist,

Max KennedyMax Kennedy
55, American

Grant TinkerGrant Tinker
90, American
Television producer and executive

Jérôme KervielJérôme Kerviel
43, French
Trader, Banker
Adepero OduyeAdepero Oduye
42, Nigerian, American
Lee RitenourLee Ritenour
68, American
Jazz guitarist

Eva Le GallienneEva Le Gallienne
92, British, American

M. J. AkbarM. J. Akbar
69, Indian
Journalist, Writer, Politician

Ezra CornellEzra Cornell
67, American
Rafael CavalcanteRafael Cavalcante
39, Brazilian

Paddy MaynePaddy Mayne
40, British
Solicitor, Rugby union player, Military personnel,

Eva HesseEva Hesse
34, German
Sculptor, Painter

Felix SillaFelix Silla
83, Italian

Konstantin KhabenskyKonstantin Khabensky
48, Russian
Alfonso ArauAlfonso Arau
88, Mexican
Television actor, Film director, Screenwriter,

Alan PatonAlan Paton
85, South African
Writer, Autobiographer, Screenwriter
Adrian SutilAdrian Sutil
37, German
Formula One driver

Kazuki NakajimaKazuki Nakajima
35, Japanese
Racecar driver
Edward B. TitchenerEdward B. Titchener
60, British, American
Philosopher, Psychologist, University teacher
Andrea BertolacciAndrea Bertolacci
29, Italian
Association football player

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on January 11th

Those born on this particular day are extremely focused, composed individuals who can go to great lengths to achieve whatever they seek. With moon as their ruling planet, these individuals are extremely creative and instinctive. Blessed with artistic skills, these people are however, a tad low on their confidence and a little insecure in their relationships. These Capricorns are very good with assessing situations but tend to be a little inflexible at times.

While being compassionate and taking care of others, these people often tend to overlook their own physical and emotional well-being. These individuals need to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, and also need to inculcate a daily exercise routine into their lifestyle.

Those born on this day are experts when it comes to managing their finances, which is basically due to their good judgment skills. They earn well and at times tend to show off their riches.

Being compassionate and kindhearted by nature, these people tend to prefer career options which offer them a chance to help others. The best suited career options for these people are teaching, counseling and psychology. They also thrive in fields like politics, social work and astrology.

Relationships, Marriage & Children
People born on 11th of January are extremely loyal and devoted in their relationships and tend to be drawn towards partners who inspire them. However, due to having a practical outlook towards life, these people are very picky when it comes to choosing a partner. They value tradition and culture and thus tend to make loving yet a little strict parents.

Lucky Colors:  Black & Brown
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3
Lucky Days (of the Month): 2nd & 3rd
Lucky Days (of the Week): Saturday & Monday