People born on February 2 share the Aquarius zodiac sign. This particular zodiac sign is known as the “water bearer”. The ruling planet for this particular day is the Moon, which gives added sensitivity to the individuals born on this day. They are less headstrong than the typical Aquarius, but thrive on independence, and can seem aloof to some. As an Aquarius, they hold the typical characteristics of being creative and innovative. Many Aquarians beat to their own drum, and this is true for this particular water bearer as well. These Aquarians have an abundance of creative ideas and are very charming and sweet natured. Like all Aquarians, these individuals thrive on intellectual stimulation, and are known to be witty and sarcastic.

42, Colombian
Gemma ArtertonGemma Arterton
33, British

Duane ChapmanDuane Chapman
66, American
Reality TV Star

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett
62, American

Gerard PiquéGerard Piqué
32, Spanish
Football Player

Ayn RandAyn Rand
77, American, Russian
Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Developer of a
Christie BrinkleyChristie Brinkley
65, American
Model, Actress, Businesswoman

James JoyceJames Joyce
58, Irish

Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark
62, Greek
Son of King of Greece and Denmark, King George I

Jennifer WestfeldtJennifer Westfeldt
49, American
Trayvon MartinTrayvon Martin
17, American
Shooting Victim

Carol Ann SusiCarol Ann Susi
62, Italian, American
Park Geun-hyePark Geun-hye
67, South Korean
11th President of South Korea

Millvina DeanMillvina Dean
97, British

Hong Jong-hyunHong Jong-hyun
29, South Korean
South Korean Actor, Model
Michael KomanMichael Koman
42, American
Screenwriter, Producer, Husband of Ellie Kemper

Khushwant SinghKhushwant Singh
84, Indian
Novelist, Lawyer, Journalist & Politician
Barry DillerBarry Diller
77, American
Chairman of IAC/InterActiveCorp

Victoria SongVictoria Song
32, Chinese

Oz PerkinsOz Perkins
45, American
Marissa Jaret WinokurMarissa Jaret Winokur
46, American

Michael T. WeissMichael T. Weiss
57, American
Alaina MeyerAlaina Meyer
22, American
Johnny Galecki's Girlfriend

Rick DufayRick Dufay
67, French, American
Musician, Songwriter

Peter FreuchenPeter Freuchen
71, Danish, American

Deng ChaoDeng Chao
40, Chinese
Actor, Singer
Havelock EllisHavelock Ellis
80, British
Ingrid NilsenIngrid Nilsen
30, American
YouTuber, Beauty Guru & Makeup Artist

Natalie HalcroNatalie Halcro
31, Canadian
Model, Reality TV Star

Barbara MoriBarbara Mori
41, Mexican
Film actress

Pope Benedict XIIIPope Benedict XIII
81, Italian
Servant of God
Heather SandersHeather Sanders
29, American
CEO of Sorella Boutique

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Abba EbanAbba Eban
87, Israeli
Politician and Diplomat

Soni Nicole BringasSoni Nicole Bringas
17, American
Actress, Dancer

Andrej KiskaAndrej Kiska
56, Slovak
Former President of Slovakia

Malique Thompson-DwyerMalique Thompson-Dwyer
21, British
William HopkinsWilliam Hopkins
73, British
Mathematician, Geologist

Alexandre Auguste Ledru-RollinAlexandre Auguste Ledru-Rollin
67, French
French Politician
Tyler Brown JrTyler Brown Jr
17, American
TikTok ( Star

Kathryn EastwoodKathryn Eastwood
31, American
Actress & Screenwriter

Chad FrankeChad Franke
14, American
29, Mexican
YouTube Star

Stanley GetzStanley Getz
64, American
Aisha MorrisAisha Morris
44, American

Anisha PadukoneAnisha Padukone
28, Indian
Professional Golfer, Sister of Deepika Padukone,

Jontavian BarberJontavian Barber
20, American
Instagram Star

Sam CollinsSam Collins
23, American
YouTube Star

Judy TravisJudy Travis
33, American
Spencer ElmerSpencer Elmer
19, British

Universal SamUniversal Sam
16, American
TikTok star

David JasonDavid Jason
79, British

Eva CassidyEva Cassidy
33, American
Singer, Jazz musician
Graham NashGraham Nash
77, American
Singer-songwriter, Guitarist

Brent SpinerBrent Spiner
70, American
Blake ClarkBlake Clark
73, American
Stand-up comedian

Ina GartenIna Garten
71, American
Chef, Writer

Shamita ShettyShamita Shetty
40, Indian
Alex SharpAlex Sharp
30, British

Christine LampardChristine Lampard
40, Irish, British
Television presenter
Zosia MametZosia Mamet
31, American

Rich SommerRich Sommer
41, American

Jenny LumetJenny Lumet
52, American
Duncan BannatyneDuncan Bannatyne
70, British
Entrepreneur, Investor, Presenter, Television

John CornynJohn Cornyn
67, American
Political Leader
Geoffrey HughesGeoffrey Hughes
68, British

Ellie BamberEllie Bamber
22, British

Elaine StritchElaine Stritch
89, American
Theater Actress

Didius JulianusDidius Julianus
56, Italian
Stan GetzStan Getz
64, American
Saxophonist, Jazz musician
John BeileinJohn Beilein
66, American

Lauren LaneLauren Lane
58, American

Les DawsonLes Dawson
62, British

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-PérigordCharles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord
84, French
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and
Todd BertuzziTodd Bertuzzi
44, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Melody GardotMelody Gardot
34, American
Singer-songwriter, Jazz musician, Singer,

Tony JayTony Jay
73, British
Actor, Singer, Dub actor, Stage actor, Television

Arfa KarimArfa Karim
16, Pakistani
Computer scientist

Yasuko NambaYasuko Namba
47, Japanese
Bo HopkinsBo Hopkins
77, American

George HalasGeorge Halas
88, American
American football player
Tom SmothersTom Smothers
82, American

Hughie GreenHughie Green
77, British
Television presenter, Actor, Television producer

Adam FerraraAdam Ferrara
53, American
Jascha HeifetzJascha Heifetz
86, Lithuanian, American
Music educator, Violinist

Callum RobinsonCallum Robinson
24, British
Association football player
Barry FergusonBarry Ferguson
41, British
Association football player, Association football

Jonathan ReaJonathan Rea
32, British
Motorcycle racer

Kusal MendisKusal Mendis
24, Sri Lankan
Sri Lankan cricketer

Chips KeswickChips Keswick
79, British
José Guadalupe PosadaJosé Guadalupe Posada
60, Mexican
Caricaturist, Illustrator

Zhang JingchuZhang Jingchu
Jordin TootooJordin Tootoo
36, Canadian
Ice hockey player

Danna GarcíaDanna García
41, Colombian
Konstantin von NeurathKonstantin von Neurath
83, German
Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer

Dana InternationalDana International
47, Israeli
Singer, Songwriter
James I of AragonJames I of Aragon
68, French

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 2nd

An individual born on this day is very loving, and has no issue in expressing that love to others. February 2 natives wish to be liked by everyone; therefore, they have a tendency to avoid conflict at all costs. Due to this, many individuals have difficulty in saying no in order to please everyone. They are highly compassionate and sensitive to others around them; going above and beyond to help anyone in need. They are more sensitive than most Aquarians, but possess the same need for independence, which is a popular Aquarian trait. They have an intense imagination and are widely creative, which spurs them to be deeply curious. They have an appreciation for beauty and art, and put an abundance of effort into their outward appearance.

February 2 natives have a tendency to put others before themselves, therefore neglecting their own health and well-being. Due to this, these individuals are often down with a cold or sickness. They need to take time to care for themselves, and eat a well-balanced diet. It is important that they get enough sleep and rest. They would benefit if they take time to relax. Recharging their batteries, will help them maintain optimum health and raise their moods.

Finances are not an important aspect of these people’s life. They will happily accept any paycheck, as long as, they can easily pay their bills. They are wonderful with numbers and figures, and have no issues with maintaining their finances and investing. These Aquarians are not careless with their money, and spend money judiciously.

These individuals do not do well by working according a set schedule; thus, they would rather work on their own terms, and not be accountable to anyone. A high paycheck is not as important to them as their freedom and happiness. These individuals would benefit from careers such as a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, or blogger.

Relationships, Marriage And Children
These Aquarians hold the standard detachment that Aquarians are famous for. They are not overly romantic, and choose to look at a relationship from a more practical standpoint. They will still express their love thoroughly, but do prefer a relationship that allows for independence. February 2nd natives, yearn for a relationship based on intellect, and expect deep meaningful discussions with their soul mate. As a parent, they may bring baggage from their youth into their child’s upbringing. It is important for them to be able to separate their past, from raising their own children. It may take a while for these Aquarians to have a family, but once they do, the family will be the top priority for them.

Lucky Colors: Cream and White
Lucky Numbers: 2
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky Days (of the month): 2nd, 4th