Ingrid Nilsen Bio

(YouTuber, Beauty Guru & Makeup Artist)

Birthday: February 2, 1989 (Aquarius)

Born In: Rowland Heights, California, U.S.

The spread of Internet has built a number of careers. Young experts in various fields can make a brilliant career on the internet by giving advices to their followers. One such youngster is Ingrid Nilsen. She was a fashion and beauty enthusiast from a very young age. She started a YouTube Channel called ‘Missglamorazzi’ in the year 2009 in order to educate other young girls regarding the latest trends in fashion. Doing this also helped her overcome her fear of public speaking. In the videos she creates, Ingrid Nilsen covers a wide range of topics like make-up, self-confidence for women, latest fashions, and lifestyle. The channel is very well received and has a total of over 4 million subscribers.
Quick Facts

Nick Name: Missglamorazzi

Age: 34 Years, 34 Year Old Females

Height: 5'4" (163 cm), 5'4" Females

U.S. State: California

The Meteoric Rise to Stardom
Buoyed by the success of her first channel, she started her second YouTube Channel called ‘TheGridMonster’ which had more candid content regarding the relationships that teenagers and adults have with other people. Her popularity increased when she got endorsement offers. She got an offer to represent the prestigious ‘CoverGirl’ brand in the year 2014 becoming the first YouTube personality to win the honor. After she came out publicly regarding her sexual orientation, Ingrid Nilsen entered the public arena and started appearing in public television and street shows in which she started making appeals regarding tax reforms. She got a career changing chance to interview the American president Barack Obama in January 2016. In the interview with the then President Obama, she appealed for the repeal of the controversial Tampon Tax. In the interview she also discussed some of the major issued that were creating controversies in America like freedom to gays, gun violence, and fake news. Barack Obama gave favorable responses to all her questions and assured that he would look into the issue of reducing taxes. The interview was conducted in the White House and live-streamed all over the world through the Internet. The interview with Obama raised the image of Ingrid Nilsen overnight. From being a host of a YouTube Channel which gave beauty advice to women, Ingrid Nilsen became a diva. Many media analysts said that her performance during the interview and her grasp of public issues could make her the next Oprah Winfrey.
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What Makes Ingrid Nilsen So Special
The multi-talented Ingrid Nilsen is indeed very different from the other YouTube stars who are just skilled in one area. She can give a lecture on the public issues in the USA like elections and gun culture with the same ease as she could advice young girls and housewives regarding beauty and fashion. Being a multifaceted personality and her ability to build the right contacts and partnerships with other big YouTube stars is what makes Ingrid Nilsen so special. In the view of her wide range of interests, there is no doubt that she would not be a flash in the pot but has a bright and glorious career ahead of her.
Beyond Fame
Ingrid Nilsen’s professional career is totally free from all kinds of controversies. She is also said to maintain a clean relationship with other stars with whom she has worked together in the past. However, in the year 2015 a major controversy broke out regarding her sexual orientation. In a video posted in June of that year, she made a confession that she was gay. This created a major furor among her fans. As homosexuality is now being increasingly accepted in the USA, many of her fans got quickly reconciled to the fact. However, many media organizations started to criticize saying that she had deliberately hid the fact to build a favorite image among her conservative fans. Moreover, Ingrid Nislen had also entered into fake relationships with her male stars to build a fake image. YouTube stars like Luke Conard and media executives like Christopher Erwin were among her past fake boyfriends. The controversy made a big dent in her fan following. But the controversy subsided when she gave an unconditional apology to her fans for creating a false impression of her sexuality. The video in which she confessed about her sexuality titled ‘The Coming Out’ video got a total of 16 million views and earned her a lot of money in the form of advertisements.
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Behind the Curtains
Ingrid Nilsen had a difficult teenage. Her father was of Norwegian origin and her mother is from Thailand. Initially she had a comfortable childhood in a loving family with caring parents. Her father was an architect and provided her family well. However, trouble started in her life when her father died when she was in her teens. Her family faced some financial difficulties upon the death of her father and her mother had to work extra hard in order to sustain the family. Being brought in a conservative environment made Ingrid Nilsen a very compassionate person. She was a major voice in the short film ‘We the Voters’ made during the presidential elections in 2016 in which she educated the American citizens regarding the importance of voting.

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