February 19 individuals fall under the water sign of Pisces, which is ruled by planet Neptune. Such individuals have a warm heart and tend to be very emotional. They sacrifice their own needs for the welfare of their loved. They are dreamers, romantic, optimistic and sensitive.

Millie Bobby BrownMillie Bobby Brown
15, Spanish, British
Prince Andrew, Duke of YorkPrince Andrew, Duke of York
59, British
Son of Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip

Victoria JusticeVictoria Justice
26, American
Actress, Singer

53, Indian

Jeff DanielsJeff Daniels
64, American

Mauro IcardiMauro Icardi
26, Argentinian, Italian

Smokey RobinsonSmokey Robinson
79, American

Joey DiazJoey Diaz
56, Cuban, American

Lee MarvinLee Marvin
63, American
Ray WinstoneRay Winstone
62, British

Arielle KebbelArielle Kebbel
34, American
Haylie DuffHaylie Duff
34, American

David MazouzDavid Mazouz
18, American

Cristina Fernández de KirchnerCristina Fernández de Kirchner
66, Argentinian
Former President of Argentina
Camille KostekCamille Kostek
27, American

Conrad MurrayConrad Murray
66, Grenadian
48, Ukrainian, Russian

Bill BowermanBill Bowerman
88, American
Co-founder of Nike, Inc.

Immortal TechniqueImmortal Technique
41, American
Hip Hop Singer
Merle OberonMerle Oberon
68, Indian, American

Svante ArrheniusSvante Arrhenius
68, Swedish
Cynthia BaileyCynthia Bailey
52, American
Reality TV Star, Model

Big John StuddBig John Studd
47, American
Professional Wrestler

Amy TanAmy Tan
67, American

Henry Frederick, Prince of WalesHenry Frederick, Prince of Wales
18, British, Scottish
Prince of Wales
Carson McCullersCarson McCullers
50, American
American novelist
Dan FogelmanDan Fogelman
43, American

Constantin BrancusiConstantin Brâncuși
81, Romanian

56, British

Andrew BuchanAndrew Buchan
40, British
Royalty JohnsonRoyalty Johnson
32, American
Instagram Star

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Geoff MorrellGeoff Morrell
61, Australian

Tray RushTray Rush
30, Canadian

Claudia SulewskiClaudia Sulewski
23, American

Jeff KinneyJeff Kinney
48, American
Author, Cartoonist
Sven HedinSven Hedin
87, Swedish
Geographer, Explorer

Ben J. PierceBen J. Pierce
20, American
Destery MooreDestery Moore
28, American

Claudia TihanClaudia Tihan
22, Canadian
Instagram star

Sori NaSori Na
27, South Korean
Choreographer, Dancer, YouTuber
Joanne BeckhamJoanne Beckham
37, British
Sister of David Beckham

Andre BretonAndre Breton
70, French
Founder of Surrealism
Twan KuyperTwan Kuyper
24, Dutch

Edwin BurgosEdwin Burgos
21, American

Christine RowlandChristine Rowland
41, American
YouNow Star

Joe MawJoe Maw
22, British

Luara FonsecaLuara Fonseca
14, Brazilian
TikTok (Musical.ly) star
Big MarvelBig Marvel
25, South Korean

Jesse BongioviJesse Bongiovi
24, American
Jon Bon Jovi's son

Lisa FaulknerLisa Faulkner
47, British

Justine BatemanJustine Bateman
53, American
Tony IommiTony Iommi
71, British
Guitarist, Composer, Musician, Songwriter

Bellamy YoungBellamy Young
49, American
Carolyn MaloneyCarolyn Maloney
73, American

Leslie David BakerLeslie David Baker
61, American

Cecilia HartCecilia Hart
68, American
Ryan WhitneyRyan Whitney
36, American
Ice Hockey Player

Ophelia LovibondOphelia Lovibond
33, British
Steven FurtickSteven Furtick
39, American

Homer HickamHomer Hickam
76, American
Aerospace Engineer

Roger GoodellRoger Goodell
60, American
Sports Commissioner
David GandyDavid Gandy
39, British

Beth DittoBeth Ditto
38, American
Luke PasqualinoLuke Pasqualino
29, British

Panchen LamaPanchen Lama
50, Chinese
Tenth Panchen Lama

Andrew Ross SorkinAndrew Ross Sorkin
42, American

Saparmurat NiyazovSaparmurat Niyazov
66, Turkmen
Justin FashanuJustin Fashanu
37, British
Association football player
Dwight FreeneyDwight Freeney
39, American
American Football Player

Jennifer DoudnaJennifer Doudna
55, American

Gianluca ZambrottaGianluca Zambrotta
42, Italian
Association football player

Josh TrankJosh Trank
35, American
Film director
William III of the NetherlandsWilliam III of the Netherlands
73, Belgian
Politician, Judge

John FrankenheimerJohn Frankenheimer
72, American

Ezra LevantEzra Levant
47, Canadian

Richard BlaisRichard Blais
47, American

Aurora QuezonAurora Quezon
61, Filipino
Pim FortuynPim Fortuyn
Writer, Columnist, Teacher, Politician,

Scott ConantScott Conant
48, American
Azhar AliAzhar Ali
34, Pakistani

Phil CoulterPhil Coulter
77, British
Musician, Composer, Songwriter, Pianist

Luigi BoccheriniLuigi Boccherini
62, Italian
Composer, Cellist
Muhammad Tahir-ul-QadriMuhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri
68, Pakistani
Linguist, Politician, Translator, Writer

Daniel AdairDaniel Adair
44, Canadian
Drummer, Composer, Musician
David GarrickDavid Garrick
61, British
Actor, Playwright, Film producer, Writer,

Jon FishmanJon Fishman
54, American

Lisa McCuneLisa McCune
48, Australian

Tim HuntTim Hunt
76, British
Biochemist, Chemist
Dave WakelingDave Wakeling
63, British

Kasinathuni ViswanathKasinathuni Viswanath
89, Indian
Film director, Actor
Sara MoultonSara Moulton
67, American

Hana MandlíkováHana Mandlíková
57, Czech
Tennis player
Massimo TroisiMassimo Troisi
41, Italian
Film director, Actor, Screenwriter

David GrossDavid Gross
78, American
American physicist
Todd La TorreTodd La Torre
45, American
Drummer, Singer

Personality Traits & Characteristics of Famous People Born on February 19th

These people love to engage in activities that include adventure. They like to explore their surroundings and are always eager to learn new things. They are very passionate about what they do, and they put all their energy and effort until they do it right. Displaying affection to others is one of their best qualities, although they are very sensitive to criticism. Another great attribute of people who are born on this day is their generosity and compassion. Their most challenging vulnerability is that they tend to have low self-esteem and are always seeking the love and approval of others. Individuals who are born on February 19th are commonly described as: charming, helpful and kind-hearted.

Due to their fearful nature, people born on February 19 find refuge in food and sometimes in drugs in order to feel more empowered and self-confident. Unfortunately, their over reliance on food in some cases may turn into a dangerous dependency that leads to potentially serious problems. When these people see food in the same context as others, they are able to function normally in life. In addition to this, people who are born on February 19 are more prone to suffering from accidents. In order to maintain a good health, these people must exercise regularly and drink plenty of water. In essence, people who are born on February 19 must learn how to deal effectively with their fears and must not utilize food as a tool to feel better about them.

Due to their great sensitivity and outstanding creativity, individuals who are born on February 19 are good candidates for working as: teachers, counselors, social workers, writers or artists.

People who are born during this time are excellent at generating money. Many of them enjoy a good lifestyle, and their finances are often secured with savings. However, these people also like to spend as much money as they earn. Therefore, they must be cautious when they don’t manage their finances wisely, and they start using credit money to supplement their maladaptive spending habits.

Realtionships, Marriage and Children
People who are born on February 19 strongly believe that the past plays a key role in their present lives. These people need to have a good understanding of their past in order to be able to raise their children in a healthy family environment. Family is very important for them, and they tend to show a lot of affection to their children because they feel as if they are nurturing themselves. People born during this time tend to have long-lasting marriages and divorce is not commonly seen among them. These people like setting a good example for their children by being good parents, husbands, wives, sons, and daughters. Overall, they believe that family values are the pillar for living in a better society.

Lucky Colors: Light blue, Pink, Yellow.
Lucky Numbers: 3, 6, 9, 12
Lucky Days (of the week): Thursday, Saturday, and Tuesday
Lucky Days (of the month): 1st, 2nd