Died On November 8th

Discover the most famous people who died on November 8. The list includes people like John Milton, Jahangir, Norman Rockwell, Napoleon Hill, Cesar Franck. Famous personalities featured on this list, include actors, poets, philosophers and economists and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, France, Russia & United Kingdom and many more countries.

Doc HollidayDoc Holliday
14 August 1851, American
Gambler, Gunfighter
Norman RockwellNorman Rockwell
03 February 1894, American
Painter & Illustrator

31 August 1569, Indian
Mughal Emperor

John MiltonJohn Milton
09 December 1608, British
Poet, Polemicist, and Civil Servant for the

Vyacheslav MolotovVyacheslav Molotov
09 March 1890, Russian

Napoleon HillNapoleon Hill
26 October 1883, American
Writer of personal-success literature
Dorothy KilgallenDorothy Kilgallen
03 July 1913, American

Charles Kingsford SmithCharles Kingsford Smith
09 February 1897, Australian

Ivan BuninIvan Bunin
22 October 1870, Russian

Cornelis DrebbelCornelis Drebbel
1572 AD, Dutch
Inventor of world’s first navigable submarine
Leon ŠtukeljLeon Štukelj
12 November 1898, Slovenian

Cesar FranckCesar Franck
10 December 1822, French
Composer, pianist, organist and music teacher
Heavy DHeavy D
24 May 1967, American
Actor, Musician, Rapper, Television actor, Record

Louis VIII of FranceLouis VIII of France
05 September 1187, French

Martin of ToursMartin of Tours
0316 AD, French, Hungarian
August von MackensenAugust von Mackensen
06 December 1849, German
Officer, Military leader

Jean MaraisJean Marais
11 December 1913, French
Film actor, Actor, Sculptor, Painter, Theatre
Basil PoledourisBasil Poledouris
21 August 1945, American
Composer, Conductor, Musician, Film score composer

Madame RolandMadame Roland
17 March 1754, French
Salon-holder, Writer

Elisabeth Förster-NietzscheElisabeth Förster-Nietzsche
10 July 1846, German
Wilfred BionWilfred Bion
08 September 1897, British
Psychiatrist, Psychanalyst, Psychologist

Abraham KuyperAbraham Kuyper
29 October 1837
Journalist, Theologian, Politician, University
Lam Ching-yingLam Ching-ying
27 December 1952
Actor, Film director

Harold InnisHarold Innis
05 November 1894, Canadian
Economist, Historian, Philosopher, University

James BookerJames Booker
17 December 1939, American
Pianist, Songwriter

Yvonne de GaulleYvonne de Gaulle
22 May 1900, French
Wolf MessingWolf Messing
10 September 1899, Polish, Russian
hypnotist, mentalist
Bil KeaneBil Keane
05 October 1922, American

Francisco Jiménez de CisnerosFrancisco Jiménez de Cisneros
1436 AD, Spanish
politician, translator, Catholic priest, cardinal

Francis ParkmanFrancis Parkman
16 September 1823, American
Horticulturist, Historian, Writer

Pope HormisdasPope Hormisdas
0450 AD, Italian
Xu GuangqiXu Guangqi
04 May 1562, Chinese
mathematician, astronomer, writer

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Mordecai KaplanMordecai Kaplan
11 July 1881, American
essayist, rabbi, translator, philosopher, diarist

Vitaly GinzburgVitaly Ginzburg
21 September 1916, Russian
physicist, astronomer, inventor, professor

Vesto SlipherVesto Slipher
11 November 1875, American

Pope Adeodatus IPope Adeodatus I
Pope Agapetus IIPope Agapetus II
0900 AD, Italian

Masten GregoryMasten Gregory
29 February 1932, American
Formula One driver, Racecar driver
Margaret HassanMargaret Hassan
18 April 1945, British

Edward ArdizzoneEdward Ardizzone
16 October 1900, British, Vietnamese

James Mark BaldwinJames Mark Baldwin
12 January 1861, French, American
Philosopher, Psychologist, University teacher
Melozzo da ForlìMelozzo da Forlì
08 June 1438, Italian

Jon EliaJon Elia
14 December 1931, Pakistani
Linguist, Philosopher, Poet, Literary critic
Jack LevineJack Levine
03 January 1915, American
painter, engraver, artist

Napolean HillNapolean Hill
26 October 1883, American

Lică NunweillerLică Nunweiller
12 December 1938, Romanian
Association football player