Died On March 20th

Discover the most famous people who died on March 20. The list includes people like Isaac Newton, David Rockefeller, Henry IV of England, Muhammad bin Tughluq, Ferdinand Foch. Famous personalities featured on this list, include emperors & kings, physicists, journalists and political leaders and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, Germany & France and many more countries.

Henry IV of EnglandHenry IV of England
15 April 1367, British
King of England
David RockefellerDavid Rockefeller
12 June 1915, American

Khushwant SinghKhushwant Singh
02 February 1915, Indian
Novelist, Lawyer, Journalist & Politician

Lev YashinLev Yashin
22 October 1929, Russian, Russian
Football Player

Muhammad bin TughluqMuhammad bin Tughluq
1300 AD, Indian
Sultan of Delhi

Ota BengaOta Benga
29 February 1883, Congolese
Congolese Mbuti Pygmy
Olive OatmanOlive Oatman
07 September 1837, American
White Girl Abducted By Native Americans

Big John StuddBig John Studd
19 February 1948, American
Professional Wrestler

Ferdinand FochFerdinand Foch
02 October 1851, French

Brendan BehanBrendan Behan
09 February 1923, Irish
Irish poet
Girija Prasad Koirala Girija Prasad Koirala
04 July 1924, Nepalese
Former Prime Minister of Nepal

Albert, Duke of PrussiaAlbert, Duke of Prussia
17 May 1490, German
The First Monarch of the Duchy of Prussia
Jim StynesJim Stynes
23 April 1966, Irish
Australian Rules Footballer

Polykarp Kusch Polykarp Kusch
26 January 1911, German, American

Juliana of the NetherlandsJuliana of the Netherlands
30 April 1909, Dutch
Politician, Judge
Beverley CrossBeverley Cross
13 April 1931, British
Screenwriter, Librettist

Giuseppe ZangaraGiuseppe Zangara
07 September 1900, American
George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of KedlestonGeorge Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon of Kedleston
11 January 1859, British

Malcolm FraserMalcolm Fraser
21 May 1930, Australian

C. Wright MillsC. Wright Mills
28 August 1916, American
Matthias, Holy Roman EmperorMatthias, Holy Roman Emperor
24 February 1557, Austrian

John of NepomukJohn of Nepomuk
1345 AD, Czech
Chet HuntleyChet Huntley
10 December 1911, American
News presenter, Television presenter, Journalist

Ibn al-KhattabIbn al-Khattab
14 April 1969, Saudi Arabian

Carl Theodor DreyerCarl Theodor Dreyer
03 February 1889, Danish
Film director, Screenwriter, Film editor

Lewis GrizzardLewis Grizzard
20 October 1946, American
Ilya Ivanovich IvanovIlya Ivanovich Ivanov
01 August 1870
06 April 1820, French

Georges DelerueGeorges Delerue
12 March 1925, French
Composer, Film score composer

Lina Bo BardiLina Bo Bardi
05 December 1914, Brazilian, Italian

Zillur RahmanZillur Rahman
09 March 1929, Bangladeshi, Singaporean
Former President of Bangladesh
Julius von MayerJulius von Mayer
25 November 1814, German
Physicist, Physician

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Albrecht RitschlAlbrecht Ritschl
25 March 1822, German
Theologian, Philosopher, University teacher

Thành TháiThành Thái
14 March 1879, Vietnamese

Helvius CinnaHelvius Cinna
0085 BC, Ancient Roman

Pope Clement IIIPope Clement III
1130 AD, Italian
Albert I, Duke of PrussiaAlbert I, Duke of Prussia
17 May 1490, Russian

Mary I of PortugalMary I of Portugal
17 December 1734, Brazilian, Portuguese
Alfred DouglasAlfred Douglas
22 October 1870, British

Lincoln HallLincoln Hall
19 December 1955, Australian

Lajos Kossuth de Udvard et KossuthfalvaLajos Kossuth de Udvard et Kossuthfalva
19 September 1802, Hungarian