Died On June 9th

Discover the most famous people who died on June 9. The list includes people like Charles Dickens, Nero, M. F. Husain, Robert Donat, Birsa Munda. Famous personalities featured on this list, include novelists, actors, composers and emperors & kings and from other domains of life. This list includes people from United States, United Kingdom, India & Germany and many more countries.

Charles DickensCharles Dickens
07 February 1812, British
15 December 0037, Ancient Roman
Emperor of Rome

Philippe I, Duke of OrléansPhilippe I, Duke of Orléans
21 September 1640, French
Son of Louis XIII of France

Rik MayallRik Mayall
07 March 1958, British

Allen LuddenAllen Ludden
05 October 1917, American
Game Show Host

Birsa MundaBirsa Munda
15 November 1875, Indian
Tribal Leader Who Revolted Against the British
George MalloryGeorge Mallory
18 June 1886, British, Tibetan

M. F. HusainM. F. Husain
17 September 1915, Indian

Friedrich Robert Donat Robert Donat
18 March 1905, British

Alexis SmithAlexis Smith
08 June 1921, Canadian
Edith Dircksey CowanEdith Cowan
02 August 1861, Australian
Social Campaigner

Jan TinbergenJan Tinbergen
12 April 1903, Dutch
Nobel Prize Winner in Economics
William CarreyWilliam Carey
17 August 1761, British

George Wells BeadleGeorge Wells Beadle
22 October 1903, American

Miguel Ãngel AsturiasMiguel Ãngel Asturias
19 October 1899, Guamanian
Len BiasLen Bias
18 November 1963, American
Basketball player

Iain BanksIain Banks
16 February 1954, British
Science fiction writer, Novelist, Writer
Ananda MahidolAnanda Mahidol
20 September 1925, German, Thai

Carrie NationCarrie Nation
25 November 1846, American

Kan MukaiKan Mukai
16 October 1937, Chinese, Japanese
James LastJames Last
17 April 1929, German
Composer, Conductor, Jazz musician, Pianist,

Jacob LawrenceJacob Lawrence
07 September 1917, American
Frankie AbernathyFrankie Abernathy
21 December 1981, American

Ephrem the SyrianEphrem the Syrian
0306 AD, Turkish

30 April 1839, Japanese
Engraver, Painter, Poet

Alain LeRoy LockeAlain LeRoy Locke
13 September 1886, American
teacher, philosopher
Dost Mohammad KhanDost Mohammad Khan
23 December 1793, Afghan
Ion Luca CaragialeIon Luca Caragiale
01 February 1852, Romanian
linguist, poet, writer, journalist, playwright

Lois Mailou JonesLois Mailou Jones
03 November 1905, American
Painter, Educator

Jeanne III of NavarreJeanne III of Navarre
16 November 1528, French
Queen regnant

Rudolf ArnheimRudolf Arnheim
15 July 1904, German
Writer, Art historian, Psychologist, University
Philippe de VitryPhilippe de Vitry
31 October 1291, French
Composer, Priest, Music theorist, Writer

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José de AnchietaJosé de Anchieta
19 March 1534, Spanish

Ugo BettiUgo Betti
04 February 1892, Italian
Poet, Writer, Playwright, Judge

Adolf Otto Reinhold WindausAdolf Otto Reinhold Windaus
25 December 1876, German
German chemist

Carry NationCarry Nation
25 November 1846, American
Victoria Claflin WoodhullVictoria Claflin Woodhull
23 September 1838, American
Died at 89 (1838-1927)

Émile FriantÉmile Friant
16 April 1863, Salvadoran
French artist